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  1. Force Flash Player on YouTube

    That is exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much.
  2. Force Flash Player on YouTube

    Thanks, I'm familiar with YouTube Center, and have used it before. There are two reasons I did not continue using it: I don't need any of the features it offers other than force loading videos in Flash, and the plugin causes issues in OneDrive (specifically, I can't edit .docx documents with this plugin installed. I have no idea why this should be the case, but uninstalling YouTube Center returns all functionality to OneDrive.)
  3. Force Flash Player on YouTube

    Would someone consider making an extension that forces YouTube to play videos in flash instead of html5? Such as in this Firefox extension, or this Chrome extension.
  4. Hulu and Ad-Block Plus Beta

    I have only the default filters enabled, and have only added hulu.com to the whitelist. Before I tried that, I had already disabled ad-block entirely and the problem persisted.
  5. Hulu and Ad-Block Plus Beta

    Sorry, I should have been more clear when I edited my post. But no, adding Hulu to the whitelist did not solve my problem.
  6. Hulu and Ad-Block Plus Beta

    I see this thread was marked as resolved, but the issue I'm having persists. Adding Hulu to the exceptions of ABP does not solve anything.
  7. It seems that the beta release of Maxthon prevents ads from loading on Hulu, regardless of whether ABP is disabled. It also blocks the 60 second warnings that ask users to disable ad blocking software, which means that the video stops playing altogether. When I relaunch Maxthon, Hulu behaves correctly for a short while, but soon it completely stops playing videos again. So now I'm using Firefox only for watching Hulu. -- Also, can we expect to be able to disable ad-block for specific websites in the stable release? Edit: Just discovered it's already possible. Edit*2: If anyone else comes here with this problem, it was being caused (for me) by Adguard. I uninstalled it and everything works fine now.