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  1. works fine here (france)
  2. when I type yahoo.com into the address bar, the site that opens is https://fr.yahoo.com/?p=us and all pages work. no issue with us.yahoo.com but i can't access it directly from france did you try to disable ABP +
  3. MX5 PC official Release

    this issue should be fixed once and for all !
  4. both issues are fixed here (status bar and tool bar)
  5. MX5 PC Beta Release

    works here as well....
  6. MX5 PC Beta Release

    quite a mystery.. Bugsir asked me to ping the server, which shows no problem. They didn't experiment any issue on their side, therefore they didn't re-upload anything yet
  7. MX5 PC Beta Release

    both are corrupted here too... can you please post the files again ?
  8. you' re right ! my notes look the same as his
  9. not sure why but it looks different here :
  10. but it did not last long.. today both issues are back...
  11. for some reason, although i have not changed anything, it didn't happen today (neither status bar, nor tool bar)... first time in several weeks, everything works as intended
  12. I performed a total clean install a few versions ago : this issue was already there and it didn't fix it ; but I will try again. but I just realized that maxthon file in app data is "read only" ; could it be the reason ? it was created on june 9th (latest clean install) and modified on june 16th ???? I change my settings every morning when I restart my computer, latest modification should be today...
  13. I have a lot of work and I don't know for sure when I am at home or not. unless you work during the week-end...
  14. When I just close / open maxthon my settings remain, but when I close windows, the next time I open maxthon my settings are gone : system info in status bar does not show no matter how long i wait . to make it show I need to uncheck then check "system info" again in the menu. tool bar : settings are inconsistant : I need to hide several of them and add several others every time I restart windows.
  15. still present in (and toolbar icons issue as well)
  16. confirmed !, but not only this : icons in toolbar are inconsistent too (snap, translate and ABP don't show, while I have to hide several other ones)
  17. I don't think so... Let's say the truth : My biggest concern was the future of maxthon in Jeff's mind. It seems Jeff didn't give up, this is good news to me, because I had reached a point of discouragement which made me look for another browser . Maxthon is not the most popular browser in the world, developers team is probably not very big so progress is slower than we wish. But I'm not sure other browsers communicate with users more than maxthon team does, the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. in the end, it's still the browser I use because I couldn't find another one that suits me. Of course I would like to get back some more Mx2 or Mx3 had, for example it should be skinnable in a easier way than it is now ; I used to send links by sms unfortunately it's no longer available , and a few more things.. But generally speaking, it's a good browser, although devs are in a hurry to post buggy updates without enough testing, and as a result thre are some compatibility issues and it crashes more often than it did in the past, this is the main issue IMO. I'm glad to believe that maxthon still has a future. Thank you Jeff for letting us know you are still here. Communication has never been maxthon best skill; hopefully it will improve.
  18. when even old time users are about to give up, then it's time to worry about the future of maxthon
  19. hopefuly ! question is : why did you publish buggy hardly usuable versions without any test ?
  20. I have merged all related threads access to secure sites routers banks online purchase etc don't work this is a major bug which should be fixed very soon, hopefuly....
  21. confirmed, but works fine in retro mode...