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  1. you may be right : it works fine, until now
  2. I'm unable to access several pages of my electricity provider account, although it works fine with edge does not work in retromode either https://particulier.edf.fr/fr/accueil/connexion/mon-espace-client.html#
  3. yes, it's random. sometimes it works, but then you can't access the next page or you can, but you can't go back... not the same issues with edge.
  4. this is IMO a big issue : when maxthon server is off, QA does not load : there should be a local version ! I thought this issue was fixed
  5. lost a year of history too... jumps from 2016/7/29 to 2017/9/26
  6. works fine here too ( I updated flash 2 days ago, don't think it changes anything in this case)
  7. MX5 PC Beta Release

    noway to donwload it... url not found
  8. which version of windows and maxthon ? did you try with another browser ? if you perform a search you'll see many people report invalide certificate issues with all browsers, and usually it's not an issue related to the browser itself (mostly windows Xp users). did you perform a clean install of maxthon ?
  9. make sure windows is up to date and the clock (computer clock) has the right time you may also take a look at this http://lockergnome.com/2005/04/06/how-do-i-fix-invalid-or-expired-security-certificate-errors/
  10. Problem with a website

    try to disable AB+
  11. not sure why this thread was marked as resolved as it is not : renaming the file to png is only a workaround. Bugsir could you take a look at this please ?
  12. for my understanding : why do you say it's a .png ? my own screencapture using maxsnap, saved as "test.bmp", and opened in paintshop ; properties : looks like it's really a .bmp
  13. I don't have photoshop, but it works fine in paintshop
  14. "telling the world" may be a bit too much considering the number of members of the related sections, and if words matter, empty or dead sections do not provide a positive message either. there are no longer moderators in these sections, language barrier is a concern when people complain about another member's behaviour and we have only google translate to try to understand what is going on ; this is another point of our decision
  15. FB purity wrong display

    FB purity does no longer work fine with the latest version of maxthon : the display is wrong : left column is truncated.
  16. FB purity wrong display

    thank you for your tips.. I may try 1 and 2 since "hide left column" is not ticked !
  17. FB purity wrong display and test version 1400
  18. great idea ! If only english text was proof readed before publication...
  19. Quick Access extension (sidebar, toolbar)

    love it, but may I ask you something more ? it would be nice if I could resize it to the right so that I can see all the top icons without the need of a navbar
  20. MX5 skin ideas

    poor guy...
  21. Problems with running a program

    looks fine here too...
  22. Sidebar Favorites

    a better fav manager and favs in sidebar will be back in a next release (no date)... be patient and stay tuned !
  23. Cloud Push Link - Where it is

    in 4.9 this feature has been removed, it only exists in 4.4...
  24. no inconvenience.... don't worry !