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  1. it was not a question AS ! It was an approbation
  2. but it did not last long.. today both issues are back...
  3. for some reason, although i have not changed anything, it didn't happen today (neither status bar, nor tool bar)... first time in several weeks, everything works as intended
  4. I performed a total clean install a few versions ago : this issue was already there and it didn't fix it ; but I will try again. but I just realized that maxthon file in app data is "read only" ; could it be the reason ? it was created on june 9th (latest clean install) and modified on june 16th ???? I change my settings every morning when I restart my computer, latest modification should be today...
  5. sorry I'm not at home at 1:00 pm.
  6. I have a lot of work and I don't know for sure when I am at home or not. unless you work during the week-end...
  7. When I just close / open maxthon my settings remain, but when I close windows, the next time I open maxthon my settings are gone : system info in status bar does not show no matter how long i wait . to make it show I need to uncheck then check "system info" again in the menu. tool bar : settings are inconsistant : I need to hide several of them and add several others every time I restart windows.
  8. still present in (and toolbar icons issue as well)
  9. websites not opening

    both work fine here. try to disable ABP and see if it works ?
  10. MX5 PC Beta Release

    thank you status bar and tool bar issue are still there...
  11. confirmed !, but not only this : icons in toolbar are inconsistent too (snap, translate and ABP don't show, while I have to hide several other ones)
  12. window task bar

    fixed with latest update (
  13. status bar

    turning them off and on did it ! thank you
  14. when maxthon is open my windows task bar does notshow (set to auto hide)