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  1. noads

    thank you !
  2. I never use this search bar (QA), I'd prefer to be able to change the search engines from address bar (aliases work, but I don't remember all of them, a scrool down list would be fine)
  3. Suggestion - avatar on main UI

    fixed here (avatar and QA)
  4. not fixed in
  5. exactly and that's precisely the issue : either redundant or nothing....
  6. not resolved (removed the tag) when you hide them, then they disappear from side bar too... as described in the post below
  7. Suggestion - avatar on main UI

    does not work.. still no avatar after logout, relog
  8. ghost tabs

    thank you for this video which shows perfectly the issue
  9. ghost tabs

    same issue on my side, but I'm not sure the way you report it is what I told you.. maybe you speak of a different issue anyway, it's not solved, another user can reproduce it.
  10. ghost tabs

    I encountered this issue several times and you're right, its related to "new tab" when more than one is open.
  11. ghost tabs

    for some reason, sometimes tabs don't show like if they were hidden in the background ; to make them show again you need to close the "new tab" tab.
  12. Suggestion - avatar on main UI

    it was top left in Mx5, but I miss it too
  13. Same fonctions in many places

    if you find some UI issues, you can post here :
  14. if you remove favs and notes buttons from address bar, they become inactive and grey in sidebar (no other choice than redundant or disabled...)