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  1. you may be right : it works fine, until now
  2. yes, it's random. sometimes it works, but then you can't access the next page or you can, but you can't go back... not the same issues with edge.
  3. I'm unable to access several pages of my electricity provider account, although it works fine with edge does not work in retromode either https://particulier.edf.fr/fr/accueil/connexion/mon-espace-client.html#
  4. this is IMO a big issue : when maxthon server is off, QA does not load : there should be a local version ! I thought this issue was fixed
  5. lost a year of history too... jumps from 2016/7/29 to 2017/9/26
  6. works fine here too ( I updated flash 2 days ago, don't think it changes anything in this case)
  7. MX5 PC Beta Release

    noway to donwload it... url not found
  8. which version of windows and maxthon ? did you try with another browser ? if you perform a search you'll see many people report invalide certificate issues with all browsers, and usually it's not an issue related to the browser itself (mostly windows Xp users). did you perform a clean install of maxthon ?
  9. make sure windows is up to date and the clock (computer clock) has the right time you may also take a look at this http://lockergnome.com/2005/04/06/how-do-i-fix-invalid-or-expired-security-certificate-errors/
  10. Passport not signing in

    this is a real issue : I could not access my QA, and privates note were unreachable either, so i could not access my online banking ( two steps password, which are kept in private notes). cloud limitation, local storage should be available at any time.
  11. Problem with a website

    try to disable AB+
  12. not sure why this thread was marked as resolved as it is not : renaming the file to png is only a workaround. Bugsir could you take a look at this please ?
  13. for my understanding : why do you say it's a .png ? my own screencapture using maxsnap, saved as "test.bmp", and opened in paintshop ; properties : looks like it's really a .bmp
  14. I don't have photoshop, but it works fine in paintshop