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  1. no site icon either on tabs (hanjie, cakebox, dropbox... ) and below you can see hanjie and dropbox site icons on Edge...
  2. beta issues

    1) can't say.. those I tried work fine here. Can you provide a site that doen't work fine with magic fill please ? 2) snap works fine here (both ctrl + F1 and ctrl + F2) 3) another user reported this already, it works fine here.
  3. videos

    Confirmed but works fine in retro mode
  4. missing icons may also be related to this (numerous posts about this issue): cakebox, hanjie and dropbox have site icons, and they show using Edge.
  5. Skynote

    I see.. I performed a test : at first there is no category and you have to create manually the first category, once created it's called "default" and you can't delete it. neither can I delete the empty folder (untitled-1) in this default category. If it's by design, I would consider it a "bug by design" lol although I can imagine workarounds to make it "disappear" in case it gets useless, it would be nice if we could delete it !
  6. Skynote

    as far as i can see, there's no default category : when I open maxthon as a guest, skynote is blank, and there is not such thing as "default category"
  7. Skynote

    how do you know which category is the default one please ? Below is a blank skynote and I can't see any (default) category...
  8. Skynote

    @BugMiss006 does your "like" mean you will take this bug in consideration ? it's not solved !! I edited the tag
  9. Maxthon logging system

    does not mean much to me : people rating 5 stars useless apps is not something new
  10. Skynote

    you're right, there are some categories I can delete and others I can't (to be sure, I checked that no note was locked inside the category, and sync was done) : "delete category" is grey
  11. see below for updated user agent string
  12. Violentmonkey

    works fine here too
  13. Updated User Agent

  14. Updated User Agent

    Go to advanced settings, and you can change your user agent to an already existing one or a customized one (see list top of this thread). Be aware that this changes are for all tabs, and unless you encounter some troubles with the display of a particular site, I recommend to use the default user agent (no UA checked in settings), different user agents may cause some sites to not dilsplay properly
  15. Adobe Flash and Maxthon

    In order to replace the flash dll, you can download and run this very convenient tool (By Truuuc) : http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/2583-maxthon-flash-language-updater/ There are 2 versions : a french version which also updates the french language files and removes all language files but english and french, and an english version No installation but you need to run it after each maxthon update.
  16. thanks for your tool, it's very convenient and I use it after each maxthon update...
  17. Can't login to extension.maxthon.com

    it's in "reported content".. but it looks like issue is now fixed.
  18. Inoreader - RSS Sidebar extension

    another nice one ! thank you !
  19. Feedly - Sidebar extension

    thank you for this !
  20. http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/14596-spellchecker-in-facebook-comments/
  21. Text size

    patiently waiting ! in the meantime it would be wise to remove this useless feature from settings !
  22. Text size

    bug is still present !