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  1. Update: With SaveTube enabled in ViolentMonkey only I have tried a few more times. (with or withoud closing Gmail and Maxthon) GMail works fine now every time. I can't even get it to reload the first time anymore
  2. First, second or more visits make no difference for me without ViolentMonkey, it reloads every time. Then I installed ViolentMonkey and installed the original SaveTube script within ViolentMonkey. With the SaveTube add on disabled and the SaveTube script in VilolentMonkey enabled GMail then behaves as you say in your UPD: it reloads the first time only, and works fine after that..
  3. Agree, I just informed the author so he can fix it. However, posting it here will hopefully be useful for others who have the problem before he fixes it.
  4. I can log into Gmail without a problem - unlike the problem Chantao described here http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/22400-v-5104000-gmail-login-again-and-again/#comment-118802 Once logged in, whatever action I click it will do it, and thenn immediately refresh once. So if I click Sent Items it will open my Sent Items and straight away refresh to open the Sent Items again. It does this only once, so after that I can do something with my sent items, but it is still frustrating, especially when I want to create a mail. Since Chantao suspected SaveTube to be causing it, I disabled (not even removed) that. Chantao is right, that is the cause. Gmail works fine now in I post this here just to inform people who may also experience this problem. And to say thanks to Chantao of courseJ