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  1. Quick Access 1.7

    I completely agree to this! I remember when windows 8 firstly came out. It had that metro page loading when booting up pc. Lots of people didn't like that and they were posting (a lot) in forums for a solution to allow them to automaticaly boot into desktop and not on that metro square thing. Here with maxthon, it's almost the same idea. But, apart from that, i really want to know an opinion of some developer. Somebody who develops maxthon, may give some though about it.
  2. great tnx now also the download and upload speed is working... finally!!
  3. Quick Access and Address bar

    But the question here is: Why copying something like that ?? Or at least if you want to use in your browser something like that, then let the user the possilbiity to disable it if he/she doesn't like it. Am i right? Who cares if the first who implemented were microsoft or apple... right ? I don't know if i made myself clear on that one... I like old fashioned web browser. If i want to go to another web page, before everything else i just want to have a blank page (with ctrl-t or whatever) and then type the destination url to go to. It's something as simple as i also do with other browsers. So why changing this only because i have to deal with some feature that can slow things down... ? In maxthon opening a new tab with ctrl+t implies going to qa. So i want a new clear tab to type the url but i don't want to deal with qa. Get it? I'm only asking here: since i'm not the only user who does this kind of "web browsing style", please, may you devs make things more easy and confortable and fast for us old schooled web browsing guyz? That's what i'm asking here.. And if you (devs) can do it, that would be great, otherwise i'll stay with qa and that's it. I didn't say "get rid of them". I did say: do the possibility to the users who do not need those extra unedeed feature, to fully disable those if they do not want to use them: that doesn't mean of course remove them from maxthon, just make them be turned off on demand.
  4. hello there is no CPU USAGE addon to show on statistics on status bar, like memory usage, ip address, Global Mute/Unmute, Split Screen, and so on. Those are really useful information and features. Also in previous version and previouses this one, the download speed and upload speed always show 0KB/s.
  5. Quick Access and Address bar

    Again I really don't get why you are blaming microsoft for having the same feature of edge in maxthon: what's the connection ?? I'm talking because i don't have edge nor windows 10, so this is a feature maxthon devs added by themselves by copying what has been done in edge and some users (like me) did not like. I read that there is a way in edge to pin adress bar on top of the page by modifying certain registry value. I also read this article where at point #5 it explains the exact improvement that should be done in edge as well as i think it should also be covered in maxthon. But of course that's my opinion. I use F4 to focus on status bar as predefined hotkey (or F6), but in new tab section first i have to click on top to move the status bar from the center: and that's the thing who is annoying. Basically what I think is that maxthon should let users to be able to turn off quick access, because not everyone needs it and not everyone uses it. Take me, for example. I use the portable version of maxthon (because portable versions are easy to maintain and to move to other machines), and i do not need either Maxnote, passkeeper, and so on... What i need is only the bookmark section that, by the way, it has a NOT RESIZABLE window where there is the description and the link to the website!!! (WTF??). I think that all those uneeded feature should be fully disable if someone do not want them. But again this is my opinion....
  6. Quick Access and Address bar

    I'm talking serious web browser, not safari . no offense to anybody using apple or its software. i hate apple I don't get this. I never used edge so i don't know anything about it and i'm still using windows 7. By the way if it's possible to save the position of the url alignment in the adress bar, why it's not possible to save the position of adress bar itself? (that's not a complaint, that's just an observation) That's indeed the problem, when opening a new tab it would slow down because of the loading of quickaccess. By the way this is how my quick access look as simple as possible. tnx
  7. hello is there an option to disable quick access? Because it's slow on first time when opening maxthon and it's slow when you close and reopen maxthon. Basically you have to wait the quick access to load to be able to enter an url. This is annoying as it never happens on version 4 of maxthon. In mx4 you can disable this thing. Why is not possbile on mx5 ?? Also i always like to see the complete url in the adress bar aligned to left (like every available browser out there is able to do), so i really like the option to use the "Use the classic address bar,display full url". The problem is that when i click on new tab, it moves the adress bar down in the page and it become smaller. I found that if i click on where it should be the adress bar, the next time i open a new tab, it will stay there where it should be. The problem is if i close and restart maxthon, this setting is not maintained and have to reclick on the adress bar to move it on its place. That's annoying. Is there a way, in this version or in future version of maxthon, to have this setting saved when closing and reopening maxthon? tnx.