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  1. I guess so. Thanks! I guess so. Thanks!
  2. Does this look like the right useragent string?
  3. no i am. It is the customise user agent string setting was set to "Maxthon" when i unchecked to box. Githubs seems to work again. That's interesting.
  4. clearing the cookies on site did not change the situation, however I have not cleared all of my browser cookies yet
  5. How do i clear cookies for a specific site?
  6. i downloaded maxthon portable from the site and discovered something new that may put some light into this issue. I first just used the guest mode and when using the guest mode it works! however when i logged into my account, it stopped working. The I tried it on the non portable version and got the same result. Github seems to work fine on guest mode but not when i am logged in.
  7. No errors appear in the console tab. I also found that i would not be able to load files through the site either. I also am unable to fork a repository but when i press the fork button "#fork-destination-box" is added to the url.
  8. I tried using with all extentions off and get the same problem. When i click the "clone or download" button, the dialog box that gives me to option to open in desktop or download ZIP does not work. I get the same issue with maxthon nitro . It works fine on chrome and edge. Thanks
  9. When i click the button i get nothing. even with adblock disabled...
  10. I just started using github, and i find that i can not "clone or download" on maxthon. It works on other browsers though. Am i doing something wrong?
  11. Passkeeper

    the problem was that browsers usually store passwords in plain text, maxthon 5 encrypts them
  12. Passkeeper

    A browser with a native password manager!? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I could not be bothered with getting one my self so i saved it as cookies on google chrome, which was not a good idea because google chrome stores passwords in PLAIN TEXT. Thankyou Maxthon team for making it so much more convenient!