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  1. I guess so. Thanks! I guess so. Thanks!
  2. Does this look like the right useragent string?
  3. no i am. It is the customise user agent string setting was set to "Maxthon" when i unchecked to box. Githubs seems to work again. That's interesting.
  4. clearing the cookies on site did not change the situation, however I have not cleared all of my browser cookies yet
  5. How do i clear cookies for a specific site?
  6. i downloaded maxthon portable from the site and discovered something new that may put some light into this issue. I first just used the guest mode and when using the guest mode it works! however when i logged into my account, it stopped working. The I tried it on the non portable version and got the same result. Github seems to work fine on guest mode but not when i am logged in.
  7. No errors appear in the console tab. I also found that i would not be able to load files through the site either. I also am unable to fork a repository but when i press the fork button "#fork-destination-box" is added to the url.
  8. I tried using with all extentions off and get the same problem. When i click the "clone or download" button, the dialog box that gives me to option to open in desktop or download ZIP does not work. I get the same issue with maxthon nitro . It works fine on chrome and edge. Thanks
  9. When i click the button i get nothing. even with adblock disabled...
  10. I just started using github, and i find that i can not "clone or download" on maxthon. It works on other browsers though. Am i doing something wrong?
  11. I hovered over a link on google and on the bottom left corner of my screen i see that it is sending my contacts on discord somewhere. Why is it doing this and more importantly why in plain text? Other browsers do bit have this issue. Maxthon chrome This happens when i searched u "3.4 million undocumented immigrants" and hovered over "feedback" for the new google fact checking thing
  12. Wow maxthon Snap is amazing

    One example is the CAM system monitoring tool, it strange because it is just seems just like a normal window and maxthon Snap detects it as such when it is in the background. You can find it here :https://camwebapp.com/ if you are interested in trying it yourself. It also does not work in some games.
  13. I've tried a have of similar tools so far but maxthon's implementation is just so amazing. It has some kind of black magic application context detection. I can hover over the task bar and it will "focus" on it, i can hover a text box inside a window and it can take a snapshot of just that textbox with one click, i can hover over over an application window and it will be able to just take a snapshot of the application window. It is just so amazing! Unfortunately it does not work for some applications, and need to have maxthon open for it to work but it what it can do is absolutely amazing! Thank you maxthon team for maxing such an Amazing tool!. This is one of the reasons why i love this browser so much!
  14. Passkeeper

    the problem was that browsers usually store passwords in plain text, maxthon 5 encrypts them
  15. Passkeeper

    A browser with a native password manager!? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I could not be bothered with getting one my self so i saved it as cookies on google chrome, which was not a good idea because google chrome stores passwords in PLAIN TEXT. Thankyou Maxthon team for making it so much more convenient!