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  1. Tabs do not fit the screen boundary

    And the area to capture and stretch the window as in the screenshot above has not been increased. At the top of the browser window, it's just scanty compared to the bottom and side parts ...
  2. Maxthon Cloud Browser

    A trip to the developers of the Vivaldi browser for sharing experiences?
  3. Freeze

    And a big processor load can not be connected with crypto currency mining?
  4. After 3 months Roskomnadzor unlocked 8 million IP-addresses
  5. Tabs do not fit the screen boundary

    My opinion: developers need to simply increase in this place the area under the grip for stretching the window. After all, at the top of the window this area is the smallest and is literally a couple of pixels.
  6. Here on this site , if you go to the tab with photos, select and enlarge any, and then click the icon with the image of the printer (print). An attempt is made to open the standard print dialog, but it immediately closes, and the page of the open site crashes. An entry is also created in the C: \ TEMP \ MaxthonCrashData directory,
  7. V In this version, it worked - no errors when printing a picture. Thank you!
  8. What we managed to find out lately: If you uncheck "Allow all sites to run plug-ins" in the settings, then the print dialog opens, but nothing works. When you click on the button "Print using system dialog" - the page freezes and nothing happens.
  9. status bar

    All fine works:
  10. How long will this way be?
  11. CrashReport from HomePC:
  12. Checked on the home computer (also Windows 7 64bit) - the problem is repeated, also crash-reports are created.
  13. Who does the printing work for - do you use the portable version of Maxthon? Tried with soft printers - also does not work. Printing does not work exactly in Maxthon, in Chrome and Opera it works without problems. Я тоже грешил на сетевой принтер, однако перебрал все, в том числе и софтовые - никаких изменений. Права доступа дал всем папкам... да и, наверное, не в этом дело - с самой печатью никаких проблем и из любой другой программы или даже в самом Maxthon просто страницы с этого же сайта печатает без проблем - не работает именно при попытке отправить на печать именно картинку как на gif-анимации. Непонятно почему крашится начинает?
  14. When will this problem finally be solved? Already all browsers are able to display Russian characters in the address bar, but Maxthon does not know how to do it!
  15. For example, when you go to the site http://фабрика-подарков.рф/ or http://мы7я.рф/ in the address bar there is a transformation of the names of sites from the Russian character set into the symbols of Punycode: http://xn----7sbabcjm3ase5bdiji6c.xn--p1ai/ OR http://xn--7-wtb9br.xn--p1ai/ In other browsers (Opera, Chrome, IE11), the names of sites in the address bar look correct.
  16. V5.2.3.1000 stuck on install

    Why create new topics? Read at least the names of nearby on the list, already there is such a topic:
  17. I, too, have the same problem - the installation froze by 5%. Windows 7 64bit
  18. MaxthonJeff You at least just go periodically to the forum and leave a couple of comments. Immediately some kind of movement begins. In your presence, the "bugger" even with all the newcomers was rewarded.
  19. Вам спасибо, теперь будем знать какой именно пункт и что не от кукисов зависит. Хотя данное не отменяет косяки Maxthon/
  20. В основном меню - "Стереть данные" - галка стоит "Удалять при выходе"? Может сам очищаешь перед выходом принудительно?
  21. This is reality.
  22. Now again, for some reason, the folder path from different computers (working and home) is synchronized while saving pictures. I think this information should not be included in the synchronized list at all; The name and location of the folders is confidential information!
  23. And on Twitter too
  24. @MaxthonJeff LAST VISITED 4 May Strangely, he does not even look in here and is not interested in what the community is living.
  25. Через прокси какой-нибудь НЕ Российский попробуй зайди.