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  1. I have at the default settings at 100% the exact same distortion of the window when installing.
  2. If you open or create a new tab (Ctrl + N), you can not scroll through the list of sites for quick access using the mouse scroll. To scroll with the mouse scroll, you must first click anywhere with the left mouse button, and then you can scroll - it's very inconvenient. This problem was already on previous versions, but it was fixed, but this problem returned again.
  3. 5.2.X Font Rendering issues

    I confirm. Problems with the fonts, indicated in the last post Caligula73 (increased gap between the letters), appear if the settings disable the use of DirectWrite for drawing fonts.
  4. Please note: immediately after creating a new tab, the cursor is in the address bar (request to enter an address or search). Therefore, probably, there is no scrolling ...
  5. How can I sort an existing list of proxy servers? For example, do I need to move up the list of 2-3 most frequently used servers?
  6. Double click to close tab (mxone)

    Yes, that's right - I pressed the "Synchronize" button just mechanically. You can not click anything at all and just close the tab even during synchronization.
  7. Double click to close tab (mxone)

    I did everything as you described. There are no problems with closing the tab - with a single click on the cross - the tab is closed.
  8. zork Thank you very much! (А вообще - пускай сами правят Русский перевод, нечего им расслабляться. ;) )
  9. Not translated into Russian (Context menu when you right-click a mouse.):
  10. Double click to close tab (mxone)

    No problem - you click on the cross and the tab closes. And the context menu of the tab you have, if you right-click?
  11. Built-in Maxthon translator.

    Magdalene, thanks for the link to the extension! I'm currently using the same extension to translate to Yandex: However, in these extensions (using the translators from Yandex and Bing) the translation does not work when extracting text from quotations in this forum. In any case, it is much easier for the browser developer to add a Yandex translation script to its built-in native translator.
  12. Built-in browser text translator offers a choice of 3 resources for text translation, and 2 of them are purely Chinese. It is necessary to add at least an interpreter from Yandex. Translator text from Yandex is good because it offers as an alternative two more resources - google and bing. From myself, I can add that the interpreter of Google crookedly translates into Russian. Yandex gives much more correct translations.
  13. It's very strange, why do developers stay idle on this issue? Expansion of the program's functionality should always be in priority.
  14. By the way, this is a good question. It would be very good if Maxthon had the opportunity to clean the cookies separately for certain sites. This is the desired function.
  15. Windows taskbar problem

    Is it meant to maximize to full-screen size? By pressing the F11 key?
  16. Freeze

    However, check whether the mining takes place while watching the video ....
  17. Tabs do not fit the screen boundary

    And the area to capture and stretch the window as in the screenshot above has not been increased. At the top of the browser window, it's just scanty compared to the bottom and side parts ...
  18. Maxthon Cloud Browser

    A trip to the developers of the Vivaldi browser for sharing experiences?
  19. Freeze

    And a big processor load can not be connected with crypto currency mining?
  20. After 3 months Roskomnadzor unlocked 8 million IP-addresses
  21. Tabs do not fit the screen boundary

    My opinion: developers need to simply increase in this place the area under the grip for stretching the window. After all, at the top of the window this area is the smallest and is literally a couple of pixels.
  22. Here on this site , if you go to the tab with photos, select and enlarge any, and then click the icon with the image of the printer (print). An attempt is made to open the standard print dialog, but it immediately closes, and the page of the open site crashes. An entry is also created in the C: \ TEMP \ MaxthonCrashData directory,
  23. V In this version, it worked - no errors when printing a picture. Thank you!
  24. What we managed to find out lately: If you uncheck "Allow all sites to run plug-ins" in the settings, then the print dialog opens, but nothing works. When you click on the button "Print using system dialog" - the page freezes and nothing happens.