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  1. Here, I recorded the video: It is interesting that the dialog for saving the screenshot appears only after clicking on the title of the active tab
  2. Ah-a-a-a-a-a !!! I understood the reason! I have installed and applied the theme "Classic" in the Personalization settings of Windows 7. If you choose and apply the theme "Aero", then everything works! Probably the developers did not consider that someone will use the classic theme Win7 - for me, for example, it is more like it, this should not suffer from the functionality of the browser!
  3. I have the latest version of V Released 06/13/2017 Well, now I'll try to reinstall anew.
  4. I do not even have this dialog box. I described in the screenshot: after selecting the desired region on the page - you click the icon with the "bee" and nothing happens (only the copy is saved on the clipboard).
  5. I confirm. Site for example:
  6. How does this work? Where is the screenshot saved? (in what folder is it maxnote?)
  7. By the way, in RetroMode it is displayed correctly!
  8. Прошу подтвердить (или опровергнуть) некорректное отображение главной страницы Яндекса при выборе темы оформления. Тему в Английском разделе создал, но, боюсь, Американские или Китайские версии сайта Яндекса(автогеолокация) не отображают суть проблемы. Там всё дело в том, что разработчики Яндекса у нас в России добавили снизу ещё какую-то панель информационную - из-за неё, похоже, и все проблемы.
  9. It is necessary to choose any Russian city, for example, Moscow. And then install the theme from the Yandex website. Screenshots are attached.
  10. Some themes of the main page of Yandex ( are displayed incorrectly: they are aligned on the left side of the page, but should be centered and expanded to the full page. (The first picture from GoogleChrome 59)
  11. MX5.1.01400 Does not work Youtube

    The reason in the extension "YoutubeCenter"( ), when you disable this extension, new features) works without problems. While back to the classic version of I apologize for the trouble.
  12. does not work in mode "Test new features"( NEW mode:
  13. Разработчик, похоже, тот же что и у Youtube center, по крайней мере на него about ссылается: