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  1. It's a good news! Thanks to the development team! However, there is a small bug: for some reason, in the window with the original text, there are two texts at once - in large print in the form of a background and on top of it in fine ordinary type. It would also be nice to add the ability to change (stretch) the size of the window with the translation.
  2. Hmm, that's a great idea! Only the selected piece of text should not be replaced by the translated one, but the translation should be shown in the pop-up window, just as Google does (see the screenshot). However, you should not abandon the standard translation window. The same window is often used for reverse translation, for example, to translate the text from Russian to English for publication of the post on the forum.
  3. That's exactly the way it is - this is the advantage of this feature: I selected the necessary piece of text with the cursor, then I pressed the button on the panel - and here's the translation ready for you. This is a very convenient and very popular function in the browser. And if they had added the possibility of choosing the engine for the translation ... in addition to the Google translator, they would have added Yandex translating ( ) - that would have been absolutely gorgeous !!!
  4. A big request to the developers! Please return the "translate selected text" function !
  5. 5.2.X Font Rendering issues

    I confirm. Problems with the fonts, indicated in the last post Caligula73 (increased gap between the letters), appear if the settings disable the use of DirectWrite for drawing fonts.
  6. zork Thank you very much! (А вообще - пускай сами правят Русский перевод, нечего им расслабляться. ;) )
  7. Not translated into Russian (Context menu when you right-click a mouse.):
  8. Windows taskbar problem

    Is it meant to maximize to full-screen size? By pressing the F11 key?
  9. How long will this way be?
  10. MaxthonJeff You at least just go periodically to the forum and leave a couple of comments. Immediately some kind of movement begins. In your presence, the "bugger" even with all the newcomers was rewarded.
  11. This is reality.
  12. And on Twitter too
  13. @MaxthonJeff LAST VISITED 4 May Strangely, he does not even look in here and is not interested in what the community is living.
  14. It can be somehow connected with operation of the anti-virus program? For example, the network module of the Kaspersky antivirus, in order to be able to check secure connections (SSL), replaces all other certificates with your own.