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  1. Site icons update errors

    By the way, this is a very good idea - you need to create something like "key changes", but only on the part of users. It is necessary to create an appropriate thread and make it in the cap forum. And it turns out the key issues "smeared" on selected topics, and then go to the archive and they are forgotten. When there is a clear list of everything that a simple user wants and the developer has not fulfilled-there is no turning away!!!
  2. Cool algorithm: users in the release reveal a bug, the developers in the beta fix the bug, the next release the bug reappears... The development team is provided with work for years to come! Congratulations!
  3. This is true. The translation function in the pop - up "cloud" is especially admired-this is exactly what you need! It would be great if the development team implemented this feature in the built-in Maxthon translator.
  4. Lucky You! And we became very bad with the weather, pouring rain and cold!
  5. That's right, I, as a Russian-speaking user, I know that I need to translate Internet pages into Russian, but I use the English browser interface (to make English screenshots settings)... Well, I chose the Russian language in the translation settings - everything works and everything is translated - well. However, if I temporarily switch to the Russian browser interface, and then return to the English interface, the translator setting will also reset back to English ("Translate into English"). The point is: the settings of the built-in translator should not be reset due to changes in the language of the browser interface.
  6. I had a similar problem. Only, on the contrary, on a new page, the default cursor was in the address bar and therefore it was impossible to scroll the quick access list, for this it is necessary to click the mouse on the page and then scroll. By the way, this was confirmed as a bug, but so far nothing has been decided....
  7. I will join: my old February theme (already even got to the archive) also concerned the site In its Russian version (ru-ru) everything is much sadder than in the English (EN-EN) - it seems from its creation, none of the developers did not even look.
  8. Hello, BugSir006! Thanks. I hope that this problem will be resolved soon. Maxthon was almost the only browser that does not support Russian characters in the address bar. Thousands of Russian-speaking browser users are waiting for these changes.
  9. Yes, I often switch to English in the browser settings to make, for example, a screenshot in the English version. And I was very surprised that the browser language settings affect the translation language settings... this is wrong. Or at least the user should be able to force a different language for the built-in translator and this language should not be reset due to global settings..
  10. Strange thing: for some reason the selected language of the built-in translator is reset when you switch the language in the main browser settings. For example, I have set "translate to: Russian" and in the browser settings selected Russian language. However, if you change the language in the browser to English, the translator will also translate into English. Why is it done? It shouldn't.
  11. In the spring of this year asked a question on the display of site names (in the address bar) in Russian: Summer raised this topic again and still there is no reaction from the developers. In Russia, thousands of sites have names in Russian. Maxthon, in this regard, remains an ancient dinosaur against the background of other browsers! When Maxthon will display in the address bar, the names of sites in Russian? P.S.: There is another problem associated with this: in the Adblock plus when editing filters, I can not understand where what site, because the names are displayed with a set of Punycode characters.
  12. It's a good news! Thanks to the development team! However, there is a small bug: for some reason, in the window with the original text, there are two texts at once - in large print in the form of a background and on top of it in fine ordinary type. It would also be nice to add the ability to change (stretch) the size of the window with the translation.
  13. Hmm, that's a great idea! Only the selected piece of text should not be replaced by the translated one, but the translation should be shown in the pop-up window, just as Google does (see the screenshot). However, you should not abandon the standard translation window. The same window is often used for reverse translation, for example, to translate the text from Russian to English for publication of the post on the forum.
  14. That's exactly the way it is - this is the advantage of this feature: I selected the necessary piece of text with the cursor, then I pressed the button on the panel - and here's the translation ready for you. This is a very convenient and very popular function in the browser. And if they had added the possibility of choosing the engine for the translation ... in addition to the Google translator, they would have added Yandex translating ( ) - that would have been absolutely gorgeous !!!