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  1. Annoying Top

    By the way, at me this advertising line appears after clearing of the data of a browser - to clear all except cookies. After restarting the browser.
  2. Ok ok! The team uploading updates to the server.
  3. 4 official releases in less than two weeks! This is something incredible! What happens in the development team?
  4. I'm terrified! How did it happen? My topic about the problems with the default search in Maxthon somehow got into this topic completely unrelated to mine! What's happening?
  5. A bug with floating tips.

    Here, look, the animation is visible. By the way, bug is also preserved on other tabs, but if you close the tab with the Maxthon forum, the this bug disappears.
  6. I found a funny bug with pop-up hints. First you need to move the cursor to the profile of any user on this forum and wait for the pop-up window with the information. Then click "Add to Maxnote" on the command line. Here, when you hover over the various buttons, the "Add to Maxnote" window disappears.
  7. Maybe this is due to the invalid certificate ""? Link to the topic: They never updated the date of the certificate. My antivirus program (Kaspersky) still produces messages about the invalid certificate "" (MX v5.2.1.1000).
  8. Nothing has changed here either!
  9. The problem has not been fixed yet!
  10. Is anything being done now to solve this problem? All known browsers can display sites in the address bar in the national language, why can not Maxthon so far?
  11. Big LAG cutting screenshot

    I also confirm that there are no more problems with friezes when creating a screenshot on version The author of the topic - well done, proved to the developers that the problem really existed and did not depend on the configuration of the computer and the operating system!
  12. The site does not work

    No. The site does not work correctly. MX v5.2.0.2000 + Win7 64bit
  13. Big LAG cutting screenshot

    I confirm! It seems that the developers have not yet managed to fix this problem.
  14. Да всё больше и больше сайтов стало появляться в зоне ".рф" - раздражают уже эти кракозябры в адресной строке... только у Maxthon такая фигня.
  15. For example, when you go to the site http://фабрика-подарков.рф/ or http://мы7я.рф/ in the address bar there is a transformation of the names of sites from the Russian character set into the symbols of Punycode: http://xn----7sbabcjm3ase5bdiji6c.xn--p1ai/ OR http://xn--7-wtb9br.xn--p1ai/ In other browsers (Opera, Chrome, IE11), the names of sites in the address bar look correct.