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  1. mx5.0.2.1600-beta - First Impressions

    There are many problems with understanding because of the many nationalities and translate in English best with Google, which is indeed a real Babylon. Sometimes, however, lately, I feel that I do not want to be understood. It is also so: I have not necessarily the necessity to write here in the forum, which tasks every new version of Maxthon has. There are browsers that have all the features that Maxthon developers have been exploring for a long time. So the MX5 is nothing but an Opera 12 or even less. On some days I have fun here in the forum to try to make me understand. That trains my superior mind. On other days, I only ask myself why I actually do this.
  2. 5.02.2000 the endless story of 5

    Windows 10 does not come into my house; If it only goes with Windows 10 then I keep my MX4 and good is it. MX4 works with all Android versions and all PCs. MX4 is anyway the best browser on the market. But I will try your "Have you tried using another PC? eg when you sign in on another install do you get the same issues? Have you tried using a guest account and does it also show the same problems?" - proposals ALL THE SAME.
  3. mx5.0.2.1600-beta - First Impressions

    " f you want to save to a file use the extension, if you want to save to Maxnote use the bee icon. " Yes, that is clear to me, but how often I repeat it: It just does not work the way you say it! Bookmarklets I'm starting from Favorite Bar (Bookmarklets = Fav Lets) . A.S. Has also an extension for "Gmark This" built, but there the link name is not transferred.
  4. 5.02.2000 the endless story of 5

    100 MBit/s, Flat + Windows 7 " to your account or as guest. " ACCOUNT
  5. Very funny, actually I wanted to write more here: today I'm traveling without bookmarks with MX5, I want to store a bookmark that I had when I was on the go bookmarks, but now there is not, but still at 5 me shows that I have it. If I edit and want to take it all, it indicates that esy stored has, but there is nothing. Very curious. At V it still worked properly. I had 3 days ago terribly excited and wanted to give 5 still a chance today, but the browser is getting worse from release to release. The best is still the "mx4.9.2.600-beta" dafter it goes downhill.
  6. mx5.0.2.1600-beta - First Impressions

    V Likewise, the function SCREENSHOT via MAXNOTE is a worse modification of the extension SCREENSHOT (in the case of the extension you can at least name the image immediately). Java for bookmarklet "GmarkThis" no longer works. As a resume: Other browsers see Vivaldi also bring this feature with it and also work with Chrome Extensions. The Maxnote administration is cumbersome. So Maxthon is no longer an option for me personally. What also irritates me is that the developers no longer respond to customer requirements. That was different before.
  7. mx5.0.2.1600-beta - First Impressions

    Would I have done that alone so beautifully ? Are you usingan account? YES Did you do a clean install? NO Why is it no one else has these issues? But probably I am just imagining that there were hundreds of entries.
  8. mx5.0.2.1600-beta - First Impressions

    I can not do anything for that I'm repeating: this morning the browser is opened and qa all back on beginning (using the new 1600) so you really do not make friends, which creates dissatisfaction.
  9. MX5 Android beta - My Firsts

    This one functions And know my handy crashed, too.
  10. mx5.0.2.1600-beta - First Impressions

    Just my PC crashed and when I go back up the whole QA is back on standart I rebuilt it, and "zack" everything back on standart. Someone would like to annoy me Always something else, yes MX5 is always good for a new surprise In German, we say: "Alles neu macht der Mai" = "Everything is new in May" Unfortunately, it is still February Today only with MX5-mobile. No more desire to crash on desktop PC and re-create QA. There is in the legend somebody called Sisyphus. The one with the stone he rolls up the mountain. And when he is up, the stone rolls down again.
  11. mx5.0.2.1600-beta - First Impressions

    JS Bookmarklet Gmark This is now no matter, because I use anyway now only the extension for it. It was also the only JS bookmarklet, which I use as a MaxNote bookmark, everything else now works at 1600 after clean install.
  12. Yes, the predecessor took a long time for everything. Since I had no more desire, but this version works with everything. Galactic THX to the team. Finally a version where I'm not nagging around. In German we say "nörgeln" or "Meckern". After translating with Google everything gets a different sense.
  13. mx5.0.2.1600-beta - First Impressions

    I think we are talking about each other, @7twenty, Because it does not work "MX note (snapshot function) for saving in Maxnote with me. It worked at" V ", but in the betas no longer. bookmarklet "Gmark-This" code: javascript:(function()%7Bvar%20a=window,b=document,c=encodeURIComponent,,%22bkmk_popup%22,%22left=%22+((a.screenX%7C%7Ca.screenLeft)+10)+%22,top=%22+((a.screenY%7C%7Ca.screenTop)+10)+%22,height=420px,width=550px,resizable=1,alwaysRaised=1%22);a.setTimeout(function()%7Bd.focus()%7D,300)%7D)(); At Maxthon Browser V Released 02/09/2017 we can read: Bug Fixed: Bookmarklet with JS script caused address bar error but at Maxthon Browser V Released 01/19/2017 Everything had function, at least javacrips for bookmarklets
  14. mx5.0.2.1600-beta - First Impressions

    Achso: One more thing about MX5 and sync: Recently I was with the laptop, because I also have the MX5 on it. However, this is not synchronized yet, which means that the standard search engines still have. And when I sit again on the desktop PC are all my hundreds of search engines back to standard synced. Good is that I had that many times and everything has stored on Excel, but it is nevertheless a tedious small work. The MX5 I now removed from the laptop and use there again Yandex. Yandex syncs da madly faster. And now I am back on "mx4.9.2.600-beta" THE BROWSER what has normally funtions in javascript, insert links in forums and and and All things, which one had to say goodbye in mx5. OK, I could also choose the Opera 43 or Yandex 17, chrome 55 but I like MX4 because of its gesture control and optimal button management, e.g. "Delete old bookmarks before insert new". All things missing at MX5. Yes, the good old MX4. The family limousine among the browsers. What do I need a racing car?
  15. mx5.0.2.1600-beta - First Impressions

    Bookmarklets do not work either. I have the feeling every new beta feature always brings more smears. I am getting used to the fact that the MX note snapshot function does not work properly for the advantage that you can now see if you have already saved a bookmark. Double favorites already recognize is already an advantage, but not that my bookmarklet "Gmark-This" with 1600 does not work. MX5: The browser that teaches you to improvise. After one day MX5 I'm fast back at "mx4.9.2.600-beta" the browser, which could still do everything.