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  1. Somehow I have the feeling that we both pass each other, that the one does not understand what the other means and therefore I had also written above: Forget my question and do not test more. I solve it differently
  2. @7twenty after a clean deinstall/install (installing v5.1.1.100) I had no self-created search engines anymore. And @chz(232466) Well, Which I have also, but 200 pieces, which I created myself are no longer there. Is my english really so bad that nobody knows what I mean. Those of picture ONE should stand there: Picture TWO. So that I can immediately search and not always this detour via "Mulitsearch". I mean, now everything is gone for the 20th time and I could actually ask myself why I'm doing it again and again. But this question is irrelevant: the question should rather be why my data are always gone, right?
  3. And now I have reset default clicked and now they are synonymous all gone, but I can edit it again And now all on MultiSearch are here again hahahaha. It's really irritating. Forget what I wrote before.
  4. Please look picture: If clicking "manage search engines" . As Seach Engine I have only MultiSearch. Hahaha, and now only Google Search I had it several times, that my search engines were away, then I had it but still all on Multisearch. But now MultiSearch does not work any more or better: All I had on MultiSearch are now also gone. Somehow I lose so slowly my desire to Maxthon, to be honest.
  5. Edit Search engines no longer works; By the way no longer on MX4. This morning it worked normally. It's always something else. After clean install it worked for 2 seconds, but now the same error.
  6. And it shows that I never give up when I have a job with my favorite browser. So other browsers like Firefox or Vivaldi, if problems occur I do not have such a patience, even if Firefox because of bad trends now advertises that one can open with FF 55-57 1700 tabs without much time. Please look here: Maxthon ALLWAYS my Favorite.
  7. Well, I said it: I am the only one that is disturbing, so why in the future still ask? Either occurs with a new version amelioration or I am able to really get rid of Maxthon. So, I am mostly with the 4.9 on the way, since I have quality, which remains, except that I can not rename Google Bookmarks since V4.9.2.600 , but it was synonymous with the bugs. 4.9 is the same quality. 5 is always only experiment and so cumbersome (open in Maxnote to sort alphabetically) like an Opera 12. @7twenty: Clear Cookies or Clean Install, that are always the first things you do as "Old Rabbit" in www It is also by Google's Calendar: I can not change an entry, because he goes again and again in the update. And now I am sorry again. Uninstall MX5. At least V or 3000 and back to Version which works. I then tried all versions, with all versions, I could not edit my Google Calendar even though cleanly uninstalled. And now I'm back at MX 4.9 And now I have discovered the switch core bast for me, in this particular case if I want to edit Google Calendar I switch to the other core, then it goes. Nevertheless, I will continue to research the reason why it always went and suddenly not more. SENSATION: I have disabled all extensions and now it works. Strange: For months I have not loaded new extensions. Now I have to find out which extension is the villain. And because I was impatient I now have all the extensions re-activated and it is no longer. Now I'm going down, and have now only those I really believe that I need them, And everything works again. Hello Mods, you can close or delete this thread. According to the motto: Small Cause - GREAT EFFECT. That something in an extension alone, I had already synonymous with Chrome, so that is nothing extraordinary. If someone is interested: Perhaps A.S. The "bad guy" is "SaveTube by A.S." I activated I have the above described errors
  8. As favorite from bookmarks bar. @PHYR
  9. Now the phenomenon reappears, which I have already seen with a previous version (I do not know any more). At that time I said nothing, because I did not always want to criticize. I thought, somebody will already point out: With GoggleMail the browser always reloads and it always logs in again. I have changed back to 3000, with which I am satisfied. ------------ And now it does the same with 3000
  10. The Maxthon community is the only browser forum that is really active and working. The fact that we are all in English language is really not too much. In addition, in times of Bing or Google translator.
  11. Everything seems to work so far, only in the download folder is it not yet to find abwer on the download page, which I just accidentally noticed. So it is synonymous with the mobile: I have and not 3040.
  12. [] default browser

    It is not as if it is bad, but always, when one logs on with the browser, he wants confirmation that he is the main browser and then every time pdf or png is switched to Maxthon. If you have then changed everything by hand everything is then automatically changed all at once. So: Maxthon NO MORE THE MAINBROWSER:
  13. [] default browser

    I wrote about this on my Blog. So far, it's all I've found. I think you can live with it.
  14. I have clean uninstalled and have now again the official version: "V" Do not feel like testing beta momentarily But as we know, I am a plaything; For more than a day I can not keep my intention. Above all, the MX 5 and Android Marshmallow can tolerate
  15. And then that too: 1.) QA already back to default 2.) When I am in Gmail it constantly reloading page Oh, now it is again that I always find something new at MX5; I do not dare to write anything about it here in the forum. It was said once, now MX5 starts fast, but I wait and wait ....