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  1. I have clean uninstalled and have now again the official version: "V" Do not feel like testing beta momentarily But as we know, I am a plaything; For more than a day I can not keep my intention. Above all, the MX 5 and Android Marshmallow can tolerate
  2. And then that too: 1.) QA already back to default 2.) When I am in Gmail it constantly reloading page Oh, now it is again that I always find something new at MX5; I do not dare to write anything about it here in the forum. It was said once, now MX5 starts fast, but I wait and wait ....
  3. V - Download-Link

    Well I have it, thank you heartily. Yesterday happened a big misfortune, my phone with Android 4 crashed into the toilet. Do not ask me how this could happen. Now I have a new phone with Marshmello. And an MX5 with quite a lot of fun.
  4. At v-5053039-r71/ We can find the Info: Maxthon Browser V download. But the link does not work.. You will be redirected from the download page to GooglePlay and will get the 3038.In the description stands 3032 But nowhere is there the 3039th Hello, what is wrong with Maxthon?
  5. This 5 runs with me with all functions; A defenseless drop: My whole QA is back on default. I do not have much on the QA or search engines, because every few days is everything again on default.
  6. Of course they want us to use Passkeeper. LastPass should be only the vault, from where we get the passwords, but not for Autofill. It's also quite pleasant to have it on handy with Passkeeper. I have a premium account from LastPass, so you can take LastPass as a browser or Yandex with Extension LastPass or immediately the MX5. You need then no longer pay 14 euros for a year subscription LastPass but have the passwords now free.
  7. and last but not least: Again LastPass Problems, Autofill no function
  8. LastPass

    I use the "KeePass 2" service instead of LastPass. Since you have your passwords not in a cloud but on your PC. I find that safer.
  9. And you can klick on to know which Flash-Version you have..
  10. To be honest, I do not really understand the discussions about the qa. Already the Fuktion:mark as a favorite does not need some qa-attitude. Favorites is much faster. But everyone has their own priorities.
  11. LastPass

    I have a question: LastPass, I have a Premium Account, but why pay for that ? If MX5 has the PassKeeper. My Question is: Can you manually add passwords to Passkeeper?
  12. With me everything is ok and great jubilation: Animated backgrounds
  13. LastPass

    Whether mx4 or mx5: Lastpass does not work anymore. I want Autofill he wants to give new password.