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  1. This is really a madness: However, I currently ignored the insane many bookmarks to save in the browser. It is so: All we need is a qa. Everything else we cry, that we would need it: it accumulates in one day as much, which we do not need in the next week any more. Since the new function is remarkable: If I want to take something on the label tells me MX5 that I've ever done this once. But a cloud of 5 - 30 MB is really insane. Look what you get in a secure cloud (seen at Strato 1,90 € per month Facility 10,-- Cloud 50GB) And at Maxthon you get it for free. I have now tested the new Vivaldi for 2 days. He also has such a WOW, but he is also cumbersome. And you have a lot of duplicate records afterwards. He also has gestures, not a problem, but I always come back to Maxthon, because MX5 is simply much more handy. And with less, so only the one I really need it will work better with the MX5 Android.
  2. Maxthon V5.0.5.3031

    Phone: GT-I8190 Tablet: Cat Nova I use the mobile phone continuously, the tablet with its gingerbread (2.3) crashes forever, but I rebuild the system as quickly as others write a letter. I already had a tablet where you could use the Chromebrowser, so the version, which also has the mobile phone, but that crashed and I could never start it again. The Gingerbread is such an old dog, but it runs (something like C64 ), but it does not work with MX5. MX4 - 2837 is the version, which I can still use optimally, with all higher versions I do not go into the settings. I just love oldtimers, and I still love MX4 desktop. For me still the best browser. OK, I test MX5, but the new beta version on my hand often hangs up. Often I have to wait a long time for a link to open. With MX4 I can synchronize over all 3 devices. Immediately without waiting. MX4 desktop, sort bookmarks: Open in Maxnote, it is very cumbersome. The function: MX4 delete old buttons before import New I find very nice. MX5 is fast and new, but I always come back to MX4, because it has everything I need.
  3. Maxthon V5.0.5.3031

    My Tablet has still Android Gingerbread ;)
  4. Maxthon V5.0.5.3031

    @Jus On tablet I still use the good old machine MX4, since I am old-fashioned. MX5 is something for hurried users, for example on the mobile phone.
  5. Maxthon V5.0.5.3031

    I've considered it, the new MX5beta shared quite extraordinarily fast now, BugSir. Previously, this was only jerky. I have 3151 items on Google bookmarks. And on the desktop MX5 I have now only 3, those things that I want to think today. 3 out of 4000. What more need to have in the book than the ones you have to think about the day. There is also a memory (human head) . Google allows you to sort better with different labels and shortcuts. No, I just want to get away from the 1000-4000 upkeep in the browser. On the phone I have only Google News Many things I have also on the QA and I have also created my own QA on my website . MX - that is: To think again. Although, now synchronized mx5_5.0.5.3032 straight and you can see many, which I currently do not have at all. My cloud must be huge. I like to compare MX5 with the Opera before it became a Chrome (it is not synonymous lingering) sync synonymous synonymous for a long time, as long as the cloud was not synchronized, so when the sync arrives, delete individually until the Cloud finally shrank again Is.
  6. Maxthon V5.0.5.3031

    I have now reduced Bookmarks (Desktop) from 4300 to 1000. It is now running 5 minutes but still not synchronized to Android Phone.
  7. [BUG] Reset of search engines

    Every year again: All my hundreds of search engines were automatically set to default. I want to know how to protect myself. I had this already 5 times. But "Maxthon Multisearch" everything is still preserved; I should just take that.
  8. Well, a matter of what priorities you put to life.
  9. Gestures control

    Maxthon Browser V : Gestures work perfectly
  10. Gestures control

    To make these gestures: You have also to click RIGHT BUTTON and drag a line.
  11. Every Morning my first action is to look at Even before brushing teeth or drinking coffee Because Maxthon Browser is the only browser that is constantly improved and with which users have a voice.
  12. Gestures control

    It is about the pure gesture control without clicking on a tab. And yes, it works often. But often it does not work immediately. Unlike MX4, it always works. I use with all main browsers (except Opera and Vivaldi, which have something on board, but not as good as MX4) MX4 is the best. If you are used to making certain gestures and you are on the road with the MX5, then you are irritated. OK, you can also improvise: Press the right button for a little longer and then pull. In MX4, the right press is so short and then comes the pull. Makes it with MX5 longer it goes of course synonymous. I wonder, however, why I should improvise again? So if I want to be fast in the www I am still with the MX4 on the road, that is so. MX4 has really quality. When I read that it worked excellently with another, not more, then I always feel that the opinion exists: Ah, again this naggler, this particular case. I got used to the MX gesture control. On Android, there was an addon for gestures (not the 2 - 3 on board) in the old versions of MX4, because there were more than 10 gestures that could be set. "Advanced Gesture" This is no longer foreseen today but is also missing. Gestures are just as important as Bookmarks and Maxnotes. It is what makes this browser, just like the cloud.
  13. V5.0.3.2000 Use gesture: Right mouse button - gesture does not react until the second time. --------------------- I know it's just a small problem, not worth mentioning
  14. Chrome is what it is.Firefox is a lame duck, Opera is a Chrome, Vivaldi is a lot of gadgetry, not all Chrome extensions work. And others ? Maxthon has the most important addons already on board, see screenshots.
  15. Yes, but in this particular case, I did not have the bookmark myself. I had it in the past once.