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  1. New Version COMING SOON: Please look Picture
  2. Only the sync of MX5 and Maxnote on the internet is still out of sync. Please see picture
  3. So far no problems: Everything works, even Youtube. Update page, very fast.A GREAT PRAISE to the team.
  4. I was on and saw: New Maxthon Mobile. Auf Google Play you can read: Version: " ", my newest on the phone was: mx5.0.7.3105.apk. Dear Maxthon-Team: Everything is very confusing, even when I'm on Where was the hint that there was a 1-version? Ok, list desktop version: latest above. List Mobile, newest below. As I said: Everything is very confusing. What I like about MX-Mobile: When sharing a link: It would be nice if the link name were saved instead of the link. That was the case with MX4.
  5. I just looked at UU and that's the result. With my actually MX5 is no date. So the whole thing is not up to date. And that's probably clear, what I want out. Am I the only one who realizes that the MX5 cloud is not up-to-date? In addition, my MX5 is currently sync error, and 2017 is already a lot.
  6. And MX4 is the browser where the cloud works on PC and mobile. Please look Picture and Date.
  7. Passkeeper - network error

    Unfortunately, everyone has their own problems with MX5.
  8. I also have a page s Gmail account that I do not find in the passkeeper. Whenever I sign up for Gmail, I get the login I had 3 years ago. Even if I save the login again: When logging always comes the old.
  9. Old-Style Maxthon Multi-Search

    My Multi search is as always, whether 4 or 5.
  10. Of course you're right, but I just wanted you to explain it to the Maxthon team again.
  11. and Favorites Bar

    Trotzdem: Dies ist meine version nach dem "mx4.9.2.600-beta"
  12. and Favorites Bar

    @7twenty: Please remember the Name of this Threat: and Favorites Bar. Even if I delete LastPass as an extension: The error that the imported bookmarks all arrive in the wrong order sequence is still given. And if I change the order in Maxnote: At the Fav Bar, this has no effect. If you argue over my question it does not get better with Trouble Shooting. In addition, the passkeeper does not work properly. Even if you have humor: .".. the way it's been for ages before that. " Maxthon has still worked, as it was the version "V4.9.2.600", after all, there are only points of criticism.
  13. How can I call specific logins directly from Passkeeper? LastPass does not work anymore and the passkeeper has logins that I used 3 years ago. Can I clear all passwords all at once and start over? Or do I need a new account?
  14. and Favorites Bar

    If Passkeeper at least would work properly, no issue. But there are logins in it that I used years ago. Multiple logins for an account in parallel, so he does not recognize the login. I can not always delete everything manually, which is twice as.
  15. and Favorites Bar

    The problem is, if something does not work for Maxthon, then it will not work for all versions. I can not even log into LastPass yet. I already accepted that the addon does not work anymore, but at least I would have to log in. Well, now separate our Maxthon. They were nice years. That I would have to do as a user troubleshooting is not acceptable to me, but you know 7Twenty always with his utterances.