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  1. MX5 - Android - my researches

    Yes, I had already tried this version even before it was officially distributed (via where you can not find it now. I also tried "old" versions, but always the same. I think it's on my Android7 phone, the LenovoB is getting used to it.
  2. MX5 - Android - my researches and after creating a new folder and adding three files nothing more happens and then a pop-up "browser does not stop or wait?" I do not know now how I should make a video of it.
  3. I have to add something here myself, was only noticed again: The function in Chrome "Super Sorter Extension" ignore Bookmarksbar you have to run extra; that's better with MX, because the standard is that he packs the last notes backwards. I would be glad if there was a feature that could be executed extra: Do not ignore FavoritesBar.
  4. Meanwhile, the PC version is so good that I prefer only MX5. But I've always had trouble with the Android because I have a Lenovo B phone. Probably this is a lame crutch, because whenever I have saved 3 notes, MX hangs up. So I went to mostly use the guest account, so I did not log in. Then I uninstall uumail. At Adblog, I do not accept unobtrusive advertising either. In apps, I have to manually clean the cache again manually. And if nothing else helps: delete browser data. Then you just have to confirm the data guidelines again 4x and on it goes. Sometimes I have no patience, but without login, so guest, it is actually quite fast and who needs MX - notes, if he rages and searches through the www? Hey man, do not you have memory in your brain? I have created this thread here so that I may be able to communicate with other users who can already present research results.
  5. If the MX could "umlaute" when exporting the html favorites, then you could always pull the favorites to Chrome and sort everything with Supersorter, but when it comes back we have ü for ü and so on.
  6. Quick Access - remove banner

    Exactly, I did that. Thank you very much, BugSir And now the mx5.2.5.600-beta is again the browser of the millennium.
  7. Quick Access - remove banner

    Well and a few minutes later it's back. (See the arrow up, hahahaha .................
  8. And I have this question: how do you get that thing up forever? (Please look at picture). I already have the extension.
  9. V Crashing too often

    Have 20 tabs open, all right, nothing crashes
  10. New Android-Version MX 5 "" on
  11. That's why I always sort right away, Pedant. The whole life is just an improvisation anyway.
  12. My dream is that someday, if you have the Bookmarks in alphabetical order in Maxnote, the alphabet will appear on the displayed favorites bar as well. MX4 could do it and the first versions of MX5 were able to do it. Why can not the new ones have been around for a long time? My second dream would be: When is it finally time again? And as long as it is not time: Mozilla (and everyone else) can do it.
  13. Hi and bye

    So I think the is the most stable, the reason why I found Firefox Quantum back to Maxthon. So different are the experiences.The import of bookmarks is so extremely fast, an extremely top experience.
  14. History not loading.

    The best is always clean uninstallation. I notice now where I suddenly have automatic translators after clean deinstallation.