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  1. Yes, if the time went, I would advocate.
  2. We need MX Nitro Updated!

    Do you mean a Maxthon, who finally works like a Chrome, Alex? *********** Nice, of course, would be an MX5, which works constantly with each new version also functioned correctly. Meanwhile, so much has accumulated with me, that I do not even criticize and wait, that another is doing. for example, that the adblog does not work properly, and the image always bounces back and forth until everything is done, what should filter Adblog.
  3. We need MX Nitro Updated!

    Please look Picture Source is
  4. And with me it has worked, the automatic update, Hopla.
  5. When I've learned one thing at Maxthon the last few months: you have to store: history, bookmarks and search engines. Perhaps the snapshots are gone, but somehow sync again, then these are back. Yes, sync, anyway. That was different with MX4.
  6. The MultiSearch always remains, even if the other search engines are always gone, so I am no longer in the standard search engines, but choose only Multisearch and all problems are fixed and you read of no problems with me more , Is it an offer, 7twenty ? The standard search engines are also more like the painter's painter on his pallet when he paints a certain picture. I always compare our MX5 with the multi-tool of an artist.
  7. But I can not manage the search engines. Once again
  9. LastPass and Maxthon 5

    The only thing: automatic completion no longer works. So you need to go to LastPass to edit and copy your data from LastPass and paste into MX5 logins and then save it in Passkeeper. Maxthon's team is likely to favor Passkeeper with this method. It annoys me for a long time. Meanwhile, I'm more with Opera than with awkward MX.
  10. Notes and images are not imported, they can not be exported. When I import the pure html arrives. With server: I spoke of other browsers, which seem to have no problems with the server.
  11. Importing bookmarks takes so damn long. With other browsers is fast like a flash.
  12. Maxnote issues!

    And delete old Bookmarks before inserting new Bookmarks (Favorites) was nice. On the other side: This is a better feature
  13. Lost passwords after update

    Do you log into your browser with your email address? Or are you in guest mode?
  14. Now Maxthon 4 and Gmail goes also no longer and it is no Extension. I hope it will continue at 5. I think it is Gmail that there are security measures, because I had already synonymous over my Smartfone log. Ok, I'll test the addon again, THX Alex.