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  1. about the last betas

    i have a secondary count for my work and i looked for the >> and you can see (in the image) it is not there. the scrollbar, always in the new favorites list from the star , and intermittently in other pages...well not works for me i tried hovering as you say, but nothing happen (i dont have an image for that) but well, thanks for the your answer anyway
  2. hello people in maxthon first off, i want to give you thanks for your product well, i got some troubles from a some of the new betas (not necessarily the last one) - is annoying everytime i load any webpage, it loads and then reload itself, (losing changes when facebook is the matter) - i really do miss "the star" in the upper corner for favorites (see the picture), was soooo useful, specially cause i access them in a click, and was easy for save them too, the new menu in the star has a font really small, the scrollbar there and in general is too much thin (is dificult and annoy to grab it) and i can not add new links in the new "star menu" - i felt "more mine" when i could see my avatar in the window.. but this is perhaps just a whim - when im gonna add a link in my favorites, it doesnt allow change the name or nothing before to save it - the scrollbar..again, too thin i see this a major change in the interface, looks more modern and sophisticated, good! work but dont take away the good features gmocamilo
  3. i dont know why my maxthon 5 crashed! so when i reenter.. i didnt find any of my quick access links!! i tried reinstalling delete all temp files i dnt know what else to try please how can i restore them? thanks in advanced! elnoos
  4. lost quick access links!!

    no problem,.. thank you