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  1. Hello is there a way or tool to save my current session (all my open pages) and save them that way afterwards i may open them up all again?
  2. Hello when i'm using facebook, and i want to use the option "mostrar en pestaña": "show in tab" for spanish(on any publication) it simple does nothing while in other browsers it shows the publication with options to re-publish it again please check it out Other thing: you removed the option: save as image, from the menu, please restore it!! thanks
  3. Font Facebook

    i just installed the last version (V and this seems to be fixed.. fortunately thanks for your concern
  4. Font Facebook

    thank you but the first issue i told about is important pls check it out
  5. in Maxthon Browser V it states: Optimized the displayed style of translation dialog box but the dialog is incomplete, it lacks the sound button and all the complemtary info for the words or phrases please, dont miss include them all thanks in advanced
  6. well i have to say i'm grateful with maxthon and its browser, but i would like them to notice some little points which make it better, since the last version: 1.- the scrolls bars still are very MUCH thin 2- the favs menu, are very slow and sometime nevers responses 3- the window lags in show contents, it is annoying 4- in making a javascript app, maxthon browser, always reports very wrong viewport width please hlep us!!! thanks in advanced camilo
  7. i dont know why my maxthon 5 crashed! so when i reenter.. i didnt find any of my quick access links!! i tried reinstalling delete all temp files i dnt know what else to try please how can i restore them? thanks in advanced! elnoos
  8. lost quick access links!!

    no problem,.. thank you