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  1. Text size

    Hello, I was notified by one visually impaired user of our local Maxthon.cz forum about his problems using Maxthon browser. However, this problem affects also e.g. users of large screens. It seems Maxthon still doesn't support changing font size. Option in Settings > Advanced > Webpage display > Web page font is useless and confusing, because it doesn't work. It's been already discussed here (#1, #2), but nothing has changed. It's sad that even much worse browsers have a better support for this basic feature. So I would like to remind this problem and ask, if we can reckon some solution in the future? By the way, I've found this workaround: 1. Install Violentmonkey extension. 2. Go to this page and click on „install this style as a user script“. This will send an userscript installation request to Violentmonkey. Confirm that installation. 3. Done! Text size should be large now. Just to be sure, I attach that script here, if it eventually disappeared from the userstyles database:// ==UserScript== // @name Global Font Size // @namespace http://userstyles.org // @description Relax your eyes, as you can choose to have one Font Size for everything. // @author valmynd // @homepage https://userstyles.org/styles/68263 // @run-at document-start // @version 0.20130426094209 // ==/UserScript== (function() {var css = .join("\n"); if (typeof GM_addStyle != "undefined") { GM_addStyle(css); } else if (typeof PRO_addStyle != "undefined") { PRO_addStyle(css); } else if (typeof addStyle != "undefined") { addStyle(css); } else { var node = document.createElement("style"); node.type = "text/css"; node.appendChild(document.createTextNode(css)); var heads = document.getElementsByTagName("head"); if (heads.length > 0) { heads.appendChild(node); } else { // no head yet, stick it whereever document.documentElement.appendChild(node); } } })();
  2. How I Can Change My Skins !!!!!!!!!!!????

    Hello and welcome to the forum Currently changing forum skin is not available but I hope this option will be added in the future. If you are talking about skins for Maxthon browser then you have probably two options: 1. Use default skin and be satisfied with changing it's color theme in Main menu > Skins. 2. Find skin you like in this forum section or in the old forum skin section. Some skins are also available in the Extension Center, but unfortunately not for latest Maxthon 4. After download, you can simply double click the file (it's extension is *.mxskin) and then confirm you want to apply it
  3. Hi, I am experiencing very annoying, but unfortunately not so unique problem on Google + in Maxthon. When I am writing new message via Google Hangouts, the whole page automatically refreshes itself. This happens only sometimes. I think I don't have to say that there isn't any problem in other browsers… I have already tried clean reinstallation, to disable Adblock and all other extensions and also delete cookies, but it never helped. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to solve this problem? Thank you!
  4. Hello, I have problems with popular online music DJ service Plug.dj. User of this service can join a community (e.g. certain genre) and the service allows him to play and listen music, which is streamed from YouTube or Soundcloud. Unfortunately, the page doesn't work properly in Maxthon. Sometimes the YouTube video doesn't load or some parts of the web (e.g. "avatars") doesn't load. Adblock and all extensions are disabled, in other browsers isn't any problem. Plug.DJ in Maxthon v4.4.4.3000: 12819 Plug.DJ in Vivaldi v1.0.129.2: 12820 Can anybody confirm it or does know how to solve this problem? Thanks
  5. OK, I've send you that files on e-mail above, hope it will help...Thank you
  6. Problems with Plug.DJ

    Problem is that this web loads it's content dynamically, while it's address remains the same. You can test for example this link, but I'm quite sure you'll not notice the problem (or maybe yes, I don't know why it appears...). I think there could be two problems: video and avatars. I noticed that the video uses HTML5 and when it doesn't load, also the righ-click context menu, typical for HTML5 videos, doesn't appear. But I have no idea, why also avatars (crowd in front of the video) disappeared. In previous post is screenshot of the same community only a few minutes apart (first from MX, second from Vivaldi browser). Third icon in top right corner indicates that there were 63 (66) users online and every online user automatically appears in front of the video rectangle. But the community looks empty in Maxthon, even if it's not. This is the worst case: both video doesn't play and avatars doesn't appear. 12852 If already tried clean reinstallation, but it had no effect. It worked for a while, but then, after few hours or days problem appeared again. Oh and in Retro mode the whole page even doesn't load. It remains black.
  7. Red Dot - How to remove?

    Problem of custom skins is that someone has to update them continuously. I've tried some skins but I always returned back to default, because every skin had some problem (e.g. freezing, missing buttons, different layout etc.).
  8. Red Dot - How to remove?

    Hehe, but it's much easier to implement feature like this instead of fixing bugs, optimizing inconsistencies in user interface, updating core etc ...and no one can say that you are doing nothing...
  9. Red Dot - How to remove?

    Well there's probably something to download then. Who would have expected that? :lol ;P But seriously...Sometimes it appears on Snap icon too. Does it mean I can't take a screenshot on every page I want, if this red dot doesn't appear? (:
  10. Scroll bar lag

    If I disable adblock, it's a little bit better, but the behavior is still worse than in other browsers. Everytime when I open new tab with some page, I have to look on a white nothing and then wait until the page is fully loaded, otherwise it's laggy and uncomfortable to use... As I remember, this problem appears since I started using Maxthon, on every PC, with or without account. My Internet connection is fast and in other browsers is no problem. It's probably the way how MX renders pages...
  11. Scroll bar lag

    BugMiss006 replied at 2015-3-17 09:35 Hi, Sorry for this inconvenience brought to you. No. Tested on latest Chrome, IE, Vivaldi.
  12. Scroll bar lag

    This is a common problem of Maxthon, especially when you want to scroll down right after you open the page. As I remember, this problem appeared also in older versions, so I am not so sure if it has something to do with Adblock... When talking about this issue, may I ask if it's possible to turn of the "lazy mode" when opening more tabs at the background? It seems the pages in tabs, which are not active takes longer time to load. In other browsers are pages ready right after I open them, so why not in Mx? I think this problem may be related to this one...
  13. Red Dot - How to remove?

    I've already pointed on it here. I think it's annoying and it's information value goes to absolute zero. Probably it's main purpose is to inform us that there are some really cool icons in tools bar and user should click them immediately in order to see some magical unicorns which are hidden in them...stupid ;P
  14. Similar thread already exists. Try to use default skin.
  15. Hello community, unfortunately similar thread is locked so I have to create a new one. The problem is that Maxthon still freezes when moving tabs. I am not sure why, but it's really annoying. Maybe it could be in some way connected also to this bug. 10691 Edit1: Steps to reproduce this issue: 1. Enable Split view mode. 2. Open a few tabs, if you like. Also please open G+, YouTube or any other page, which takes longer time to load. 3. WHILE the web page is being loaded, try to move it to the left or right panel continuously. 4. Browser will freeze. Please, when we can expect a solution to this problem? :-) Thank you
  16. Maxthon for developing web

    Maxthon stores page content in cache, so it doesn't require downloading the page each time you visit it. (Very useful!) Try to force refresh URL -> CTRL + F5 ;-)
  17. Force Flash Player on YouTube

    Hi. You can find YouTube Center here. Also here you can get latest developer versions.
  18. Nitro UI Skin

    Really good work, thanks for hover actions! But dark skin is not dark at all...could you please change the color of favorites bar and tab bar (and also all other panels) to some darker color? Tabs could be lighter and hover color could light them up by for example blue color...
  19. Project Spartan skin

    It looks quite the same as default Maxthon skin...;P
  20. move quick extensions to sidebar?

    It has more names: "quick extension area" = "Quick Tools" = "Quick launch bar" = "Tools" It's this area: 11525
  21. Find-window disappears while searching

    Hi, I have no problem here...
  22. Yes, you are right, so as the Support desk, but I think that's related to Maxthon's website, which is managed by someone else, if I am right... Btw these strange What's New pages should be completely removed since they are outdated, annoying and their information value leads to absolute Zero :-) EDIT: Cool, Maxthon created the Maxthon Help Desk localization project three months ago (!), but it's been set as invisible for some reason. #facepalm
  23. Hello, is it possible to translate also "Developer tools"? Maxthon's user interface, the whole website, market descriptions, marketing emails etc are already fully localized, but this essential tool (not only for building AdHunter rules) is still in english language only :-( Why? Thanks! R3gi, Czech translator