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  1. Certificates not working? SiteDisable error

    Thank you 7twenty. That was it. I use to disable that feature as it seems to mean that the browser send the URLs I access to Maxthon, and I want to avoid that, Even more annoying and worrisome is that when that feature is disabled there is no option given to see the site´s certificate. Shoud I post a bug report about that second issue?
  2. Hi, A long time ago I noticed that server certificates are not working properly or, at least, can´t be verified successfully. Whenever I access an HTTPS site, instead of seeing a closed grey or green lock indicator on the address bar, I see a Brown indicator with the message "SiteDisableMessage" and it is impossible to chech the certificate´s atributes. I am having this issue since I upgraded to Maxthon 5 and I am up to date using version and stiill I see the same behaviour, Is there anything wrong? Regards, Ariel