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  1. Hi. Just wondering how I clear the resource sniffer? I cant find the delete for topics that are in there. How can I shut that off? Thanks
  2. multiply tabs

    Thank you
  3. multiply tabs

    HI. Can you please tell me how to close this thread?My issue is fixed.
  4. multiple tabs

    Thank you for your help. That did the trick.
  5. Hi. Ive been using Maxthon as my browser for years now. All of a sudden when I open maxthon up,it loads with the same 3 tabs that I had previously closed out of. How do I prevent that from Happening? Thanks
  6. Hi. Ihave been a maxthon user for awhile and suddenly when i open maxthon up,3 tabs open up with it. Youtube,the homepage and google search. How do it stop that from happening? I close out all tabs when I exit, but they all come back. Thanks.