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  1. is very strange that the developers will spawn a new version just for the chromium core.

    I think all of us (users) would go with the stable version.

    I hope that the 5.3 version gets all the code from the 5.2 version or better yet when ready reapply the new core on the 5.2 version and call it 5.3 something

  2. I see that the developers are working , for sometime now, on two parallel releases the latest of which are versions & 

    Each release lists different changes.

    What do we suppose to do? which version is the latest? and will the two be consolidated in the feature?

    Thank you

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  3. I still use MX ver

    The reason is the video fast forward button, which I love.

    I do understand why Maxthon removed the button and will not include it in future releases.

    I'm writing this to find out if its possible to copy the specific DLL of the video player from version to the latest version of Maxthon.

    If yes, then what is the specific DLL?

    This will allow me to be on the latest Mx Version with the feature I need, without making Maxthon liable to any trouble.

    Thank you.