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  1. Any chance we be getting a solution to this issue any time issue
  2. For the last 6 months, every time I start Mx5 at work or at home I get a message that my account is ABNORMAL and that I have to re-Login. Anybody knows why is that? Also, at work I get a message to re-login to the company proxy.That it did not used to happen other than providing the proxy login info once every time I was upgrading Maxthon. Again, anyone know why is this happening, even though this could be just a change on the policy at work. But for the record this proxy re-login, it never happens when I use Internet explorer. Current version of Maxthon is Thank you.
  3. Are there any skins where the favorites have been placed on the tab bar. Attached is an example. Thanks.
  4. A skin with the favorites on the tab bar.

    where did you see this? I could not find the topic
  5. I still use MX ver The reason is the video fast forward button, which I love. I do understand why Maxthon removed the button and will not include it in future releases. I'm writing this to find out if its possible to copy the specific DLL of the video player from version to the latest version of Maxthon. If yes, then what is the specific DLL? This will allow me to be on the latest Mx Version with the feature I need, without making Maxthon liable to any trouble. Thank you.
  6. I would appreciate, if you could get us the rules to hide the PCMAG ads.
  7. My dear friend your test skin is exactly what I needed. Thank you SO MUCH...
  8. YES I have condensed my favorites to three folders. I like to move them to the window caption area (I call it the window frame). When Maxthon is maximized it should appear on the far right of the Tab bar. Next to the minimize button. When Maxthon is not maximized it should be just on the far right of the tab bar. I tried to attach two pics. Thank you.
  9. Hey, 大笨狗 Any Idea how to move the favorites to the window frame??
  10. First thank you for your post. Would it be possible to show us how would you move the favorites bar to the window frame? This would be in between the minimize button and the tab scroll of your AwesomeTabs skin. Thanks!!