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  1. New UI design in

    I mean small area above tabs, few pixels where you can point your mouse and grab whole window. It wasn't there until now. Could use only small area on right side of current tabs. I really like this redesign.
  2. Guys, wow, I did not expect any design changes but, this is just, I like it so much! Thanks, there are some minor issues but finally: 1. I can grab window in tabs area above! Yaaaaay! 2. I really like that you trasnferred Maxnote etc.. from tab area into menu. 3. UI is cleaner and easier to work with Way to go guys! Many thanks!
  3. V - open all records bug

    Have this problem as well. Sent bug report. Thanks for confirming, looking forward new version.
  4. When clicking on translate icon, I am redirected to translate.google.cn site which is completely chinese. Not really convenient for users outside China. And I cannot change this in options.. MX5.0.1.1200