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  1. All dead?

    We have nwe Update for MX5 , wich means staff is working
  2. All dead?

    Happy new year everybody
  3. All dead?

    For my use and my familiy Maxthon is just fine, cover all my needs,without any extension. what google does is not a problem for me, i don't like to be in the mass, specially if product is fine for me that's is chrome and opera vs maxthon
  4. All dead?

    Glad to hear that, thanks a lot, last version of mx5 is just fine for me, so it's just m atter of time, thanks i founded Brave Browser that looks very nice, but i can stay with mx5 and wait
  5. All dead?

    More than 2 months and no one news, no activity from staff here , no answer to any question. Time to look for something new? i hate leave Maxthon, i use in mobile too and i like, so bad if is over.....