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  1. Thanks, need clean install of
  2. was working, like fb banner, but i supposed was with fb problem, in fact happen just once, sorry
  3. Anyway , if you want cancel banner in the session just push F5
  4. Here too,so we have to wait fix, or we can try older version? Mx
  5. MX5

    yes we are try to fix web site too, i'll tell when is finish, thanks
  6. MX5

    No way, unfortunately i cannot see my website as usual
  7. MX5

    so i'll try older version of maxthon and i'll let you know
  8. MX5

    ah you can see video? ok i'll up again
  9. MX5

    Hi i just formatted pc, and fresh MX5, but i got this problem with my web site, as you can see no problem with EDGE, my friend in iotaly they see in properly , and me too with Maxthon 4 on my Cell, how can be? Thanks mx5.mp4