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  1. MX Beta. Windows 10 x64. After updating to this release I'm suddenly getting some very odd page load stalls and crashes: no specific websites or pages, can be anything at any point. MX just suddenly hangs and won't respond. Think it's when loading a page, which could be an F-key shortcut opening a brand new tab, a form submission, a click from the speed dial new tab page thing, or a regular link. Sometimes it responds again after a wait, but usually I have to force close (if it doesn't crash) and restart the browser. I'll update/reply again if I can determine any kind of pattern, but it does seem completely at random from what I've noticed so far. I also keep getting a full crash on a page that has a toggle link to expand/contract panels and hide/show summary text in their place. It runs on the following old-school href: javascript:$('.details-block').hide();$('.compact-text').show();
  2. Ahhhh! Doi. Of course - thanks! Odd that it was working previously. All fixed now.
  3. I'm still (v5.1.6.1000) experiencing the above issue with e.preventDefault; being ignored. Can anyone advise or reproduce?
  4. Fixed in - thank you! :-)
  5. Currently running v5.1.5.3000 on Windows 10 x64. For this and the past couple of builds, I've found myself suddenly unable to copy a segment of a URL from the browser address bar, for example the ID for an IMDb entry or YouTube video. Same in both cores. Doesn't matter how I select the section of URL I want to copy, or whether I right-click and hit Copy or Ctrl+C, nothing ends up on the clipboard. Copy and paste working absolutely fine in any other program or browser. I can copy the entire URL fine, but not just one substring of it. E.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CTYymbbEL4
  6. In the last two releases I've had - and - JavaScript event.preventDefault appears to be suddenly being ignored. With jQuery, I've got the following snippet of code and HTML: $("a.tag-link").click(function(e) { e.preventDefault;// this fails $('#' + $(this).data('target')).tokenInput('add', {id: $(this).data('id'), name: $(this).data('name')});// this executes fine }); <a href="#" class="tag-link" data-target="tags" data-id="171" data-name="airport" tabindex="-1">airport</a> All the data attribute stuff works fine, that JavaScript/jQuery executes correctly and as expected. It's the preventDefault on the actual link click that is failing: the displayport jumps to the top of the page, as would normally be expected from href="#"
  7. Maxthon on SSD?

    Thanks for your thoughts, Oliver One. Much appreciated. I have indeed now installed on the SSD - fingers crossed!
  8. Hello! I have just built myself a new computer, complete with SSD boot drive. My question is, just how regularly does Maxthon 4 (and Nitro, for that matter) write data to the disk? I seem to recall it wrote really quite regularly in M2 and M3; is that still the case? In short: would the Maxthon developers advise on installing Maxthon on a traditional HDD, or will an SSD be fine? Thanks!
  9. Magic Fill not saving

    Thanks 7twenty. I do indeed use Passport, and removing the files worked perfectly.
  10. Hello, I've had a problem for a couple of months now (with all beta/preview M4 versions), where my user data is not saving in Magic Fill, and previously saved data has disappeared. I suspect that whatever file Maxthon stores this data in has become corrupted, but I'm not entirely sure which file it would be, and whether deleting it would allow Maxthon to create a fresh one in its place? Any assistance greatly appreciated.