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  1. 5.3.8 branch

    A new beta today - - and it's back to being incapable of reading not only previous versions', but its own cookies and cache. Rubbish. What has Maxthon become?
  2. This error has reappeared in I also agree with the above about the version numbering. I've been using Maxthon for about 15 years now and have never previously noticed the numbers going up and down like this.

    Ditto. This had been finished in the previous release, but is broken again in this newest beta.
  4. Finally fixed in Thank you!
  5. HTTP AUTH is still dead in new release :-(
  6. Not that there seems to be any doubt, but just for the record HTTP AUTH is also dead (401) for me in on Win 10 x64.
  7. Maxthon on SSD?

    Thanks for your thoughts, Oliver One. Much appreciated. I have indeed now installed on the SSD - fingers crossed!
  8. Hello! I have just built myself a new computer, complete with SSD boot drive. My question is, just how regularly does Maxthon 4 (and Nitro, for that matter) write data to the disk? I seem to recall it wrote really quite regularly in M2 and M3; is that still the case? In short: would the Maxthon developers advise on installing Maxthon on a traditional HDD, or will an SSD be fine? Thanks!
  9. Magic Fill not saving

    Thanks 7twenty. I do indeed use Passport, and removing the files worked perfectly.
  10. Hello, I've had a problem for a couple of months now (with all beta/preview M4 versions), where my user data is not saving in Magic Fill, and previously saved data has disappeared. I suspect that whatever file Maxthon stores this data in has become corrupted, but I'm not entirely sure which file it would be, and whether deleting it would allow Maxthon to create a fresh one in its place? Any assistance greatly appreciated.