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  1. In (Windows 10 x64), I find that a Private window still has full cookie access and I remain logged in to anything and everything. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  2. It hasn't worked properly on Facebook for a very long time, due to their own JavaScript mangling the functionality. In v5.3.8.500, drag-and-drop on a link does correctly open a new background tap with the URL location in, but also opens the URL in the active tab. If I press Esc before the load has been completed however, it then doesn't do it for any further drag-and-drops on the present page load. Windows 10 x64.

    Ditto. This had been finished in the previous release, but is broken again in this newest beta.
  4. Ah! Thanks, disabling YouTube Center does indeed solve that. However, I'm still experiencing non-loading elsewhere. Here's docs.google.com, which should show up a list of existing files but instead just gives an infinite loading animation. Google_Docs.mp4
  5. Windows 10 Pro x64. v5.3.8.300. Is anyone else finding that some AJAX content doesn't load? Currently I have YouTube completely crippled, as per the attached video. The page initialises but then other things don't come in. I'm having similar problems elsewhere - but weirdly, it seems to be only Google services, such as Docs. Any thoughts? YouTube.mp4
  6. HTTP AUTH dead in

    I'm happy to provide a video, but not to publish URLs publicly. Can I send the video privately somewhere?
  7. I am also experiencing the image partial-load problem.
  8. Is anyone else finding this? I have a local media device that uses HTTP AUTH for authorising access to a web control panel, and rented space on a server for file download/storage that also uses HTTP AUTH for authorisation to a web panel. In both cases, Maxthon just sits with the loading icon spinning infinitely. Nothing appears to happen. No status alert that it's resolving the host or attempting to connect. No change from the new tab quickdial page. Nothing at all. The spinning tab icon is the only hint anything is happening at all. (Windows 10 Pro x64.)
  9. I gave up and did a clean install of Windows. Now working fine. Interminably frustrating.
  10. IPv6 is indeed enabled. I had a temporary breakthrough last night, with the Internet Properties function 'Reset all zones to default level' as described in point 2 here. This seemed to fix Maxthon but had no effect on Chrome. This morning however, it's back to being broken. (I've checked everything else on that page and nothing else has any effect.) In fact, sometimes Maxthon does seem to access SSL successfully upon initial launch, but then grinds to a halt. Don't know if that's coincidence with the sites I happen to be opening to try to check connectivity though.
  11. Aha! It is secure sites - https - that are blocked. No closer to finding a fix though. Insecure, non-SSL sites seem to be loading. Perhaps slightly slowly, but they do work.
  12. No luck. :-( Ah, thanks. I'll try that next, however... I've just installed Google Chrome and that is experiencing that same behaviour, which suggests it's wider than a MX problem. Yet all other apps seem fine, it's restricted to browsers. I can't even log in to Chrome due to the intermittent ability to access google.com. But again, maxthon.com works fine, and everything is still working in Edge. I had no separate anti-virus/security software installed when the problem first occurred. I've now installed Avira and no change. I've also tried disabling the firewalls in Windows Defender, and making sure both Chrome and MX have access. Again, no change. Baffling. I can confirm I've pinged various of the inaccessible sites and they all return with 0% loss. I've also run netsh winsock reset, which I saw suggested elsewhere to a similar problem, with no luck.
  13. Hi all, I've just had to reinstall Windows and after a few false starts am finally properly up and running. However, Maxthon (latest, v5.2.7.400) is behaving very oddly: websites on maxthon.com (such as this, which I'm using through the browser right now) work fine, but everything else, including the obvious likes of Google and the BBC, returns "Error code 7 (net::ERR_TIMED_OUT)". I did briefly have my Gmail inbox loading (although no pictures in any of the emails would load), and got a CSS-less page from the MSI website, but now nothing works at all. Additionally, I was going to un- and re-install Maxthon before posting this, but find it's not in the Windows apps list. So I can't. I'm not using a proxy or VPN of any kind. Other devices all work fine. Edge on this same computer works fine. Windows (10 Pro x64) and all drivers are fully updated. Help!
  14. Finally fixed in Thank you!