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  1. Youtube new design

    You have the older design. I mean the new, which you can try at If you want to try this new design, try it without YoutubeCenter and in Incognito mode (because I don't know how to switch to the older design after you activate that new )
  2. Youtube new design

    Do you mean Userscript? What version of YoutubeCenter userscript do you have?
  3. Youtube new design

    I've just noticed this is caused by YoutubeCenter extension. Sorry for that
  4. UPDATE: It's caused by Youtube Center extension. If you're experiencing this, disable it. It is some time since new Youtube design ( ) was released, and MX has still problems with it. The top bar doesn't load ( marked with the blue rectangle )

    It works for me with disabled HTML5 player on MX5

    Thanks for reply I'm looking forward to a new version of Maxthon.

    I have a problem with Twitch, too ( Video is stuck on loading. I've also tried disabling addons (Violentmonkey, FB Purity, ADBlock Plus, ImageView+ and YoutubeCenter). User agent is default. However, if i disable HTML5 Player, it works. Developers should fix HTML video playing.