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  1. Automatic Guest Login when logged out

    Issue still on mx5.1.1.300
  2. Downgrade from v5.1.0.400

    You can download and install the previous versions
  3. Feedburner Load Loop

    Pardon, I started to doubt with your replies. Checked my extensions and it was just Countdown Ads Skipper acting up. Sorry for the post. Just been disappointed lately. Anyway, I want an update about my previous issue, at least say it's underway or was it not been taken care of in any way? It has been recognized as an issue since 7twenty's reply since MX5.1.0.1900's release so why no update till now?
  4. MX5.1.1.100 I'm trying to subscribe for news feed on PCMech but it loads non-stop. I tried using Chrome and I subscribed without any problems. I'd also like to follow-up my post Automatic Guest Login when logged out. It's still on the latest version but the issue was submitted 5 releases ago. Dissapointing . I've been also trying to follow-up but still no good. *Moderators, please improve your service. One dissatisfied user can lead to more.
  5. Automatic Guest Login when logged out

    Any updates on this one?.......
  6. UUMail Problems

    BugSir, need some help here
  7. UUMail Problems

    I'd like to reopen the topic. I have one uumail on Trading View but I can't receive any mail from the site. I looked at the uumail but it has received emails but I didn't receive anything forwarded from it. mail: tradingview@darkstorm.uu.me I'm receiving forwarded mails from the other uumails but I'm not sure if all is working.
  8. MX5.1.0.1700 automatically logs in guest account when I log out my account then close the log in screen. Kindly fix. Still in the latest version
  9. UUMail Problems

    You mean the one that's generating shadow mails? or the Password Generator?
  10. UUMail Problems

    Look here
  11. UA Switcher

    I am looking for a UA Switcher because Firefox already has some and it is really handy if you want to access some websites that has different appearance on mobile.
  12. Apologies, Didn't think that Extension actually has something to do with videos
  13. AdFilter: AdHunter - AdBlock Plus [Rules for International Domains] Version: 1.8.7 Final The videos In anime4you seems to have come from googlevideo.com The problem must have come from this extension: http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=1301 After I disabled it, The video seems to be playing normally now. Kindly check if the problem really came from this extension. This is what happens if I disable ABP
  14. I actually have ABP disabled before playing the video but it seems to be running background(some ads before playing videos detected the ABP) I signed in my account and synced my data, then tried playing the video and it doesn't have any issues, Next time I tried playing a video, The problem occurred again!