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  1. I just received the codes in one go earlier after receiving an sms from my telecom
  2. Hi there, please check the screenshot and try to contact your local telecom provider.


  3. I can't receive again today
  4. I just read the updates and was about to contact my service provider but tried to connect my contact number again. Had to resend again but I'm already receiving codes. Will try again tomorrow if I can still receive fine.
  5. +639486257033

    1. BugSir006


      Hi there,

      We have checked the records of your messages, the messages have been sent properly. Please try to contact your local telecom provider.


  6. My Area Code is (+63) Philippines. Replying the whole contact number here might affect privacy.
  7. I've been trying to access my Passkeeper but I haven't been receiving SMS Codes no matter how many times I resend.
  8. UUMail Not Forwarding

    Thank you very much
  9. UUMail Not Forwarding

  10. UUMail Not Forwarding

    That's great to hear, though I'm still receiving emails minutes late.
  11. UUMail Not Forwarding

    What a bummer. How is the mitigation going? I hope it goes well. I'm using UUMail a lot.
  12. UUMail Not Forwarding

    I just received the email but it took hours to be forwarded
  13. Some of my UUMails are not being forwarded. The switch is On. I tried switching it On and Off but still nothing. In the past, the mails in the past are being sent 5 minutes late but I'm not receiving any now.
  14. Gmail Notifier Broken

    Try installing the one I uploaded on this forum. (2nd Reply)