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  1. Maxthon Snap Whole Page

    The cause was actually the program I'm using is using iframe to display the page I'm previewing which makes it look like I'm viewing the whole when I'm actually not. Sorry for the bother.
  2. Maxthon Snap Whole Page

    Oh, probably seems to be working except on some pages. Tried the portable version of the latest Beta version and got the whole page of Maxthon Now. Just don't know why it doesn't work on this but worked on It's a web page I built for my class. I was trying to snap the whole page to send it to my group.
  3. Maxthon Snap Whole Page Also tried on Clean Portable Versions and Only got the Whole Page with Portable Version
  4. Maxthon Snap Whole Page doesn't seem to be working the same way as the old one where it completely snaps the whole page. The current snaps only what is on view. I'd prefer the old one.
  5. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    Still an UNFIXED Issue
  6. v5.2.2.3000 has wrong link

  7. ABP needs an upgrade

    If you're talking about the ABP between Maxthon and Firefox, The interface is completely different.
  8. ABP needs an upgrade

    I was just using ABP on Firefox and just noticed a slightly big difference with Maxthon's ABP. I was browsing video streaming sites and noticed a mirror that doesn't play unless you turn off the adblock (both Firefox and Maxthon). I had the mirrors link whitelisted with wildcards (*.domain.*), It worked on firefox's but wildcards aren't allowed on Maxthon's whitelist. The video player is embedded so it can easily be whitelisted with wildcards but it's hard on Maxthon(can't do it). Additionally, you can block elements easily on firefox while you need to type it manually on Maxthon. The only advantage I see on Maxthon's ABP is the custom filter which is not on Firefox's, aside from that, those in firefox are probably better.
  9. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    Nope, it's just missing from the recently visited sites dropdown menu
  10. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    The New Tab Bug is really bothering me right now, I've already made a number of relaunch today. Kindly fix it
  11. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    Found another bug related to new tab. This time when I browsed for Maxthon Forum since I spotted one before this Once I opened Maxthon Forum, same bug from before appeared but now, when I click on the page, it switches to the tab on the left of this tab The other bug is I have some missing Recent visited sites. After closing the tab, I tried restoring some and noticed that it wasn't on the list
  12. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    I have Facebook and Animes TV open upon the launch of Mx5 but it caused a bug where Facebook is only shown in the browser. If you take a look at my tabs, Facebook tab is closed and AnimeTV has the facebook icon. I kept switching tabs but facebook is the only page shown. I tried refreshing the page but it doesn't refresh the page shown(tab refreshes but page doesn't). Browser crashes then after.
  13. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    Just installed Mx5.1.4.1700 and really liked the new design though there are some issues to be expected, some of which are already posted. Since I've just installed this version, I only encountered a few issues and will probably encounter more as I explore using the browser. Here are some of the issues: The new tab opens a tab refreshes once clicked, unlike the previous versions which has it preloaded and doesn't have to open a new tab. This issue slows down the browsing speed because you have to wait for the new tab to load. It's better if it was like the previous version's. The address bar doesn't have the feature as the previous version where it only shows the website address and aligned center. In addition, entering an address on the new tab only searches it on the search engine(as already mentioned on another thread). Maxnote is opened in new tab when it can just be opened as notes mode where it is easier to use instead of switching tabs. Additionally, instead of just Maxnote, why not add the other tabs of uu.me too since the user tab on the upper left side from previous versions is removed in this version. It will be easier to access this way. I have no problems with the smaller icons, sidebar, and status bar because it gives more space to the window That's all I can find right now. Will be posting more if I encountered more
  14. Add me on telegram https://t.me/DARKSTORM369

    Though I'll be asking questions first. And one concern would be the transaction to be ETH



      Just did a review about articles and threads about LVT
      Missed reading the placement threshold :(

  15. UA Switcher

    I am looking for a UA Switcher because Firefox already has some and it is really handy if you want to access some websites that has different appearance on mobile.