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  1. Mx6 questions and discussions

    As for me, I still want to retain the Features: Sidebar Status Bar (Especially System Info for Up & Down Speeds) Night Mode (Possibly Improve) Developer Tools Resource Sniffer (Especially! Barely used but helps BIG time) Snap (Frequently used. Useful at all times). Lastly... Gmail Notifier Extension (Not sure if Chrome has a similar/better alternative but this is very useful to me) I'd probably still stick to Maxthon as my all around browser no matter the changes. It carries most of my browsing data and I feel more secured with Passkeeper than Chrome's. One concern would be LivesOne & LivesToken. As Mx6 will support BSV, LivesOne will probably be left out. Hope the feature is still the same, Reward for Browsing, but please, no eating away CPU usage. Browsers already consume a large amount of RAM. Don't make it harder.
  2. Mx6 questions and discussions

    What is lost? What is gained?
  3. Forgot to update on this but I'm already receiving codes just fine. One most significant change I had is that I switched phones (lol) but hopefully that's not the actual fix because I can receive sms just fine with the old one.
  4. I just received the codes in one go earlier after receiving an sms from my telecom
  5. Hi there, please check the screenshot and try to contact your local telecom provider.


  6. I can't receive again today
  7. I just read the updates and was about to contact my service provider but tried to connect my contact number again. Had to resend again but I'm already receiving codes. Will try again tomorrow if I can still receive fine.
  8. +639486257033

    1. BugSir006


      Hi there,

      We have checked the records of your messages, the messages have been sent properly. Please try to contact your local telecom provider.


  9. My Area Code is (+63) Philippines. Replying the whole contact number here might affect privacy.
  10. I've been trying to access my Passkeeper but I haven't been receiving SMS Codes no matter how many times I resend.
  11. Gmail Notifier Broken

    Try installing the one I uploaded on this forum. (2nd Reply)
  12. Gmail Notifier Broken

    Outcome is still the same. Maybe we should postpone this conversation for now since I've got mine working and there's no other user who has the same issue. I would probably revisit it if I ever format my laptop again.
  13. Gmail Notifier Broken

    Still the same. Did you try checking the addon in the Extension Center and the one I uploaded? There's 1 line missing on the one I uploaded. Left: Extension Center Right: Uploaded
  14. Gmail Notifier Broken

    Already did that a number of times before posting this
  15. Gmail Notifier Broken

    Not sure what happened but it's broken in mine. I used the latest portable version for this video: Gmail Notifier.webm