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  1. UUMail Problems

    You mean the one that's generating shadow mails? or the Password Generator?
  2. UUMail became Crap!

    Thank you very much for the response BugSir006. So, is the issue on receiving or also sending mails to shadow mails?
  3. UUMail Problems

    Look here
  4. UUMail became Crap!

    UUMail seems to work after I posted this. Thanks for that, whoever did it. Anyway, Can I get a proper explanation about this?
  5. First of all, sorry for the title but is actually what's running on my mind right now. I've been trying to mail some of my Shadow mails but it loops back. (Images attached) I've reported this on troubleshooting days ago but I still didn't get any response. The mail said: So I tried forwarding it to MAILER-DAEMON@postmaster.uu.me but I don't think I will be getting any response soon. Kindly do something with this.
  6. uu.me mail

    Try emailing it using your email or another
  7. UA Switcher

    I am looking for a UA Switcher because Firefox already has some and it is really handy if you want to access some websites that has different appearance on mobile.
  8. Apologies, Didn't think that Extension actually has something to do with videos
  9. AdFilter: AdHunter - AdBlock Plus [Rules for International Domains] Version: 1.8.7 Final The videos In anime4you seems to have come from googlevideo.com The problem must have come from this extension: http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=1301 After I disabled it, The video seems to be playing normally now. Kindly check if the problem really came from this extension. This is what happens if I disable ABP
  10. I actually have ABP disabled before playing the video but it seems to be running background(some ads before playing videos detected the ABP) I signed in my account and synced my data, then tried playing the video and it doesn't have any issues, Next time I tried playing a video, The problem occurred again!
  11. Did a Clean Install and still the same(No Passport), Tried the portable and it works but It can't recognize my Passport(LVL0, Account Name is in numbers, And no Account pic) , The site also works on other browsers but It doesn't work in my installed Maxthon
  12. I deleted the folders where Maxthon's files are commonly found(Program Files, Program Data), Then I installed the latest version. When I watch a video, After I click the play button, The video buffers then the buffering image blinks then when I scroll down or up, The page becomes black due to the frame of the video.
  13. Well... most of my Extensions are disabled, And I already performed a Clean Install long ago after this happened.
  14. Sorry for the late reply, I haven't had notifications about this... Maxthon Version: As reply to 7twenty's post The page becomes messed when you try to play the video the it suddenly reloads when Ultra Mode is used.
  15. Resource Sniffer can't be used while in Retro, Ex: http://anime4you.net, Watch a video in retro and it won't be detected by Resource Sniffer, And if you watch using Ultra Mode, It reloads. Kindly find what's causing this.