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  1. Status Bar Missing Tools

    if it's my OS' problem, the bug shouldn't occur on my friends laptop. That laptop was formatted a few months ago and has been clean of viruses as scanned by Avast and Malwarebytes. The tools get turned off by default. Once you turn them on, it should still be on once you run the browser again but no! Switches are turned off, System Info only displayed, and You have to turn it on all over again but this time, you have to click twice on every tool. It's bothersome to do that everytime you open the browser don't you think?
  2. Status Bar Missing Tools

    Bug is also in the portable version. I didn't login my account but the bug is still there.
  3. Status Bar Missing Tools

    I'll try using the portable version. I've updated to version and the bug still persists. I checked on my friend's laptop and it has the same bug. No additional extensions are installed except for Mining Go.
  4. Status Bar Missing Tools

    No good. Bug Persists.webm
  5. Status Bar Missing Tools

    Reproduced the issue after a number of relaunches. Check this video. Missing Tools.webm
  6. Status Bar Missing Tools

    Bug still persists on version
  7. Status Bar Missing Tools

    Bug applies to me too but this issue I'm reporting is when I start Maxthon. I'm using a theme so it might have some connection
  8. Status Bar Missing Tools

    Those get turned off by default upon starting Maxthon and you have to tap each twice for it to show up again. Like they were initially on but were shown as turned off so you need to turn it off and on again to show up.
  9. I've noticed the Status Bar Tools not showing up since Mx5.1.6.3000 update. I noticed that Upload/Download Speed only is shown so I fixed it and found out that none of the tools are checked but Upload/Download Speed is shown. Also, I never turned those off, it did on its own.
  10. Video Float Always on Top

    Bug recreated. Mx5.1.6.3000 Check the second screenshot for the Always on Top Unpinned Icon.
  11. Video Float Always on Top

    In my case, I'm streaming then pause at times then switch to other tabs to check something
  12. I've been streaming videos and been using the video float feature of Maxthon. Recently, I'm experiencing the video float to be set always on top without knowing. I've been setting it off but same bug occurs when streaming often. Current Maxthon version is I think the "Always on Top" icon is also getting mixed up the bug occurs. Showing the "unpinned" icon, when "Always on Top" is on and vice versa. These snapshot is taken without the bug, I'll be adding the photo with bug whenever it occurs again. Meanwhile, you guys try if same bug occurs on yours
  13. Maxthon auto-update

    It's updating automatically in some versions if you haven't noticed, probably when it's idle or when updates are pushed
  14. ABP needs an upgrade

    If you're talking about the ABP between Maxthon and Firefox, The interface is completely different.
  15. ABP needs an upgrade

    I was just using ABP on Firefox and just noticed a slightly big difference with Maxthon's ABP. I was browsing video streaming sites and noticed a mirror that doesn't play unless you turn off the adblock (both Firefox and Maxthon). I had the mirrors link whitelisted with wildcards (*.domain.*), It worked on firefox's but wildcards aren't allowed on Maxthon's whitelist. The video player is embedded so it can easily be whitelisted with wildcards but it's hard on Maxthon(can't do it). Additionally, you can block elements easily on firefox while you need to type it manually on Maxthon. The only advantage I see on Maxthon's ABP is the custom filter which is not on Firefox's, aside from that, those in firefox are probably better.