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  1. Que version 4.9 es mejor?

    No solamente a mi me ha decepcionado, si no muchos en esta comunidad, sé perfectamente que es un beta o alpha, pero hay errores que se repiten. Me quedo con la versiones 4.X cinco no la voy instalar la version 5 ni yo ni mis amigos del todo el mundo. Dije las cosas que no me agradan incluso algunos de aqui mismo me dieron la razon, pero bueno ya no escribo o no doy critticas porque no las toman en cuenta, perdida de tiempo. Maxthon tiene potencial, pero ahora bajo su target.
  2. What the hell did you do?

    come back to mx4.9 mx 5 is not productive yet !
  3. Alguien que me diga que version de maxthon es la mejor desde la 4.9 se que existe una version que es buena es la , o la cual es mejor Ya que maxthon 5 la ultima version me decepciono por completo no solo a mi si no a miles de usuarios. Gracias !
  4. With so much modernity maxthon is lost

    Return this quick acces please ! I do not like the new one of maxthon 5 are uglllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  5. With so much modernity maxthon is lost

    I got the last version of maxthon 5.0.1. 3000
  6. With so much modernity maxthon is lost

    English version ! Look: ody sorry you do not understand the option that i want is save a website as image or file Where is that option? sorry encondiing not is the point sorry this image was download from internet, the point is save website as image or file. Where is that option ???
  7. With so much modernity maxthon is lost

    Wrong , is this one look !
  8. With so much modernity maxthon is lost

    Another important thing, where is the option save as "Image web" or html something like that? I work with it, it´s very need in my job and university
  9. With so much modernity maxthon is lost

    thank you ! Ody .- the history icon where is?
  10. With so much modernity maxthon is lost

    here is the answer number 7 and where is the cpu icon , Ram icon, ect?
  11. With so much modernity maxthon is lost

    great invironment Another thing is it possible to put on the url the icon of facebook and outlook, maxthon commnunity, ect ect ect ??? It would be very fancy. Hope you understand my reason. See you the nex official version !
  12. I am depply dissatisfied with maxthon 5 for this reason I didnt not login in no more with maxthon 5, some features Some bugs and things that do not please me already of maxthon. I like maxthon, but now this very modern there lost its powerful simplicity. 1.- Anyone tell me what is the reason to not display the complete url? just display me just facebook.com but no facebook.com/user/picture /ect ? what is the propuse, any smart answer??? 2.- where is the option "save as" """"picture web """ or """html ""? 3.- in the circle up it would be correct to put the icon of the "max" friend 4.- We dont need to put a lot of quick accees looks horrible, ugly, soo bad It is completely frustrating OMGOSH ! no sign in 5.- The operational environment is not friendly to me or my friends who used maxthon 5 5.- maxthon note or infobox It is a complete salad letters and folders. i prefer the same way of maxthon 4 6.- Is it possible to add the new features on maxthon 4 with the same feature of max5 , it would be great more clean ! 7.- Where this capture video, magnifier looked at the tools bar? 8.- Where is the history icon ??? Here let you my reasons why i am not to courage to sign in with maxthon 5.
  13. VeryVery disappointed

    I´ve installed the latest version of maxthon some problem are solved, not all. Thanks for read my post.
  14. VeryVery disappointed

    I am very discouraged, the browser has lost that beautiful simplicity, and I do not see comfortable at all. By creating new things, they destroy their essence. I have a 220 hp mini looks awful, horrible 100 percent. This fault I have reported several times, but ignore these details. Some features are of more, put Quick on infobox (short cuts) it seems ridiculous. but now part IMPORTANT.- ¿This browser requires you or forces you to have a passport account?, ¿if it does not? goodbye !!!. ¿Does not give you option to navigate without an account?, it seems to me crazy. A browser that does not practice democracy. Sugestions.- It would have been more comfortable with the same presentation maxthon 4 including the new features of mx5 browser. It would be perfect. Good Luck!
  15. fatal error

    The same problem here, i can not synchronization. Mx4 and M5 the same problem