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  1. It's ok. Problem disappeared with the version Maxthon just offered me this version automatically today. So I didn't take the one you mentioned. But I wonder, why Maxthon supposed as I was up to date earlier. And today it offered an update with not the last but an older version?
  2. Sorry guys, i didn't get notifications so I just saw your replies. I am from Turkey @BugSir006 A while ago Gmail started not loading even in Retro mode. And I used basic HTML if I can go through with ?nobrowsercheck parameter. However, it now works normally with Retro mode. But why retro again? Why not Ultra? By the way, is version a beta version? When I get to Maxthon About, my version is and it says up to date. tried playing with user agents (no help) tried deleting cookies or cache (no help) didn't erase use profile or uninstalled Maxthon. think I shouldn't need to solve things like that. this is surely a bug
  3. I have the same problem since a month or so. Couldn't find a solution rather than using retro mode.
  4. I found the solution to my problems!


    You have to set different cache folder.

    Mine is :


    Default , like : c:\users\appdata\temp  is incorrect, this cause this problem.

    Works perfectly.

    Thank MAXTHON support team.

    1. Emreskopi


      Thank you for sharing SEER. I missed it. However, problem not occuring for months.

  5. wrong turkish translation

    Hi Sasha, I would like to be a part of translation projects but this link no more works. Can you check please why? (Turkish user)