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  1. Maxthon 4.9.4 64 bit

    Doğrusu geçmiş sürümü nasıl yüklediniz anlamadım. Resmi site sadece son sürümü servis ediyor. Bakalbilsem cevap verecektim.
  2. I found the solution to my problems!


    You have to set different cache folder.

    Mine is :


    Default , like : c:\users\appdata\temp  is incorrect, this cause this problem.

    Works perfectly.

    Thank MAXTHON support team.

    1. Emreskopi


      Thank you for sharing SEER. I missed it. However, problem not occuring for months.

  3. I have the same issues for a long time. Have the latest version which is v5.0.2.1000 DNS changes have no effect. Can not verify if the ABP is the reason. It seems yes, but doesn't affect always. Experience in Gmail or Facebook or other websites too. Randomly.
  4. wrong turkish translation

    Hi Sasha, I would like to be a part of translation projects but this link no more works. Can you check please why? (Turkish user)