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  1. when will they already make a fully working browser?
  2. - the problem is fixed, thank you.
  3. How can I acces my cloud storage?

    then why all this? 10GB for notes and links?
  4. How can I acces my cloud storage?

    when we can fully use the cloud?
  5. this bug occurs always if you click on the maxnote button on the same thing
  6. country Belarus, language Russian
  7. bug always happens if you click here
  8. on there are no such problems
  9. tried, the result is the same, it happens on two different accounts and on different computers under win7x64
  10. let's try it out for now without an account, so this bug looks like, I hope this video will help you figure it out. ScreenCaptureProject1.mkv
  11. I confirm. it started with V win7x64