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  1. MX5 - tabs under the address bar

    The problem occurs if you change the size of the system font
  2. MX5 - tabs under the address bar

    Thank you
  3. MX5 - tabs under the address bar

    I do not know the programming language, I just want to make tabs under the string like mx 4
  4. MX5 - tabs under the address bar

    This is very very bad
  5. is there any plans to return the tabs under the address bar, as it was in the MX4? ...tired already with a mouse drag on the top of the screen.
  6. 5.2.X Font Rendering issues

    ! need to turn off DirectWrite to see the problem 1. win7x64 / mx5.2.3.4000 2: Font settings are default, never changed them 3 gtx1060 with the latest drivers. 4: Unchanged. 5
  7. 5.2.X Font Rendering issues

    ! confirm bag with fonts !
  8. Stop MX5 open PDF files

    I agree - it is very annoying ...
  9. I install on top of mx5.2.2.3000 win7x64
  10. mx5.2.2.3000 - corrected
  11. I'll try, but this is not an option. should only work with EasyList ...... - did not help, it still hangs
  12. What are the filters?
  13. mx5.2.2.2000 + adblock plus ( filter lists EasyList) + win7x64 when the site is opened hangs forever