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  1. SkyNote

    Hi all. Sorry to say again. My SkyNote is not syncing. On the phone it says sync complete. On my pc browser ity syncs. But the note on my phone is not synced to my p for over 2 days now
  2. SkyNote

    Good day, thanks for the reply. Everything working fine now :o Maybe because of the electricity load shedding in south africa. Thanks for replying all. Love my Maxthon. If I may, can anyone use maxthon for Do whatsapp on your pc
  3. SkyNote

    Hi all. My PC Maxthon browser skynote and the one on my android does not look the same. The Samsung phone says sync successful and the browser gives no errors. But they don't look the same. I created 7 notes on my phone and my browser is empty Please help. I would love to use it on my phone and my pc