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  1. Lastpass has icon in sidebar only
  2. setings-clear browser data, check what you want cleared and check clear on exit.
  3. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Have the same problem.
  4. Updated User Agent

    Left click somewhere outside of the box to set the saved settings.
  5. Updated User Agent

    copy the user agent you want to use, open settings, advanced, scroll down, paste in the shown box.
  6. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Spelling mistake - show/ hide sidebar, you forgot the "h" in show chrome skin Can I get Chrome with the searchbar back on the QA please Wisler.
  7. Chrome automatically blocks redirects. Would like Maxthon to do it as well.
  8. Black screen with

    Link works BugMiss006
  9. Quick Access not work in Mx4

    Try turning zoom back down to 100%.
  10. Updated Flash here to latest with no problems.
  11. Get the following error- Win 10 pro x64 latest MX 5 version
  12. Any Text Highlighter Extension

    I use Clipmate.
  13. Problems with running a program

    In what way?, seems ok to me. Can you do a screenshot if it's a display problem.
  14. WebGL content

    Confirmed here.
  15. no problem here opening site.
  16. Maxthon logging system

    Despite the popularity of its Clean Master Android App, it was reported in 2014 that ads promoting Clean Master manipulate Android users with deceptive tactics when browsing websites within the app's advertising framework. In April 2014, Ferenc László Nagy from Sophos Labs captured some pop-up ads that led to Clean Master, warning the device had been infected with a virus.[25] In July 2014, Cheetah Mobile encouraged users to uninstall Google Chrome and replace it with Cheetah Mobile's own browser during Clean Master's "clean-up" and "optimization" process. This rogue practice allowed Cheetah Mobile to gain unfair position in the marketplace and led to a Google crackdown
  17. Maxthon logging system

    Probably a battery saver app.
  18. Need a Maxthon-compatible password manager

    Update to the latest version- http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/17454-maxthon-cloud-browser-for-windows-v4473000-released/ Try deleting extension then reinstalling, if that fails try a clean install of browser and extensions Roboform works but only in RETRO mode..
  19. Where has the ultimate chrome skin topic gone?
  20. What's wrong with this website

    No problem here either with ABP enabled.
  21. This is what I get using latest version- 12733