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  1. Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out?

    itsmenx replied at 2015-1-30 05:12 If the problem still persists you better downgrade Maxthon to version! Nowdays the most a ... I totally agree the problem usually shows up in later versions. Doing a fresh install seems to have solved it for now though, but I want to keep watching it to see if it's a permanent fix or if I will start having the issue again after a while.
  2. Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out?

    I will update this thread after testing it out a while but so far it seems to be working fine.
  3. Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out?

    okay I will try this, thanks
  4. I posted this issue hear before and I still have the issue, whenever I use Facebook on Maxthon it is always continuously loading and after a while it tells me I need to sign in but if I use another browser it works fine, is there a fix for this now?