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  1. When quickly scrolling facebook I can momentarily get the cpu to %40 usage but then returns to about %5 usage(total Maxthon % usage is at less than 1). It probably depends on what sites you have loaded. With 5 youtube videos loaded it jumps to maybe %10 but then returns to maybe %2, Maxthon itself isn't hard on your cpu when idling.
  2. Hangouts work with MX5?

    When switching to retro I got a popup asking whether to allow loading a plugin, which it did. On subsequent tries in ultra mode it seemed to work but I could not test it. The video icon loaded in the address bar and the cam turned on. I just didn't have anyone to test it with. Edit: I just tried again, there appear to be problems in ultra mode(camera isn't turning on, can't make a phone call) but everything seems fine in retro on win10b15048(standard rendering mode). The video opens in a background tab which can't be popped out(it's not flash). I got an answer from an automated voice saying the call I tried was unavailable.
  3. MX5-Quick Access V1.6 is online

    I think you will be with v4.9 for a long time. The new design can at least match every positive you can list for the old, and adds even more. This is only the first version, I'm sure better options are coming too. Uhm, yes you can add a webpage image as a tile. And uhm, yes you can edit any tile, if you don't like a suggestion change it, not too difficult.
  4. MX5-Quick Access V1.6 is online

    Titles can still be edited. Edit: on a surface tablet there is no cropping until zoom is set at 139% or above What isn't so easy is accessing QA on 2 pc's at the same time...??? Edit: Closing pc version and rebooting second pc M5 fixed this and is accessible on 2 pc's simultaneously.
  5. MX5-Quick Access V1.6 is online

    When folders you've named are opened they display a blank page with a Chinese character in the name. any unnamed folders open and display properly.
  6. I've had issues accessing the settings page on both Jelly Bean(4.1.1) and Marshmallow(6.0.1) On my Nexus 2013 running Marshmallow the personal button on the right only opened with My account, Maxnote, Passkeeper, uumail,history and download taking up the whole page. Settings and Close the Browser were not visible, nor was it possible to scroll the page. After a couple reboots the size of each settings(Maxnote, passkeeper,etc.) became smaller and all fit on the page including settings and close the browser. On my ZTE phone running Jellybean, same thing happened, but reboots didn't fix it. I can't access settings
  7. Maxthon 4 crashes constantly

    Welcome to the forum! Could you please provide some sites that are giving you issues?
  8. Worked fine after running as administrator, thanx
  9. Quick Access not work in Mx4

    Unfortunately, Bugmiss is on weekend so your official reaction will have to wait until Monday.
  10. They appear identical to me, maybe because I'm using Win10b14955???
  11. Switch to retro mode, it displays fine(M4.9.4.1000). It also displays fine in ultra mode with M5.0.1.3000. It may just be the user agent, but I'm not sure. Edit: Updating user agent didn't help in
  12. Bugmiss006 asked you which version of windows you are using............but obvioulsly win7
  13. mx5 błędy,problemy,opinie,sugestie

    Skrót ciąg ???
  14. PushBullet for Maxthon? Or Like Extension?

    M5 has a built in QR reader as did M4. M5's is buried in the more menu whereas M4's was directly to the right of the address bar.
  15. Page Rendering

    Check your proxy settings and maybe UA