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  1. M5.1.3.200 did fix certificate errors I was having.
  2. Have you tried double clicking text box? Available accounts should appear in a drop down box.
  3. Works fine in retro on win10.
  4. Fixed version M5.1.3.200
  5. Maxthon & Adobe Connect

    You might try retro mode.
  6. Maybe because the portable version doesn't have access to spotify web helper???? Edit: If I disable Spotifywebhelper on start up, I can't get Spotify to play.
  7. Tried Spotify with M5.1.3.100 without issue. Closed the tab and tried again, did not run when clicking play on the album cover, song tittle or song list. Turned off AB+ and refreshed the page manually and it again had no issues playing using any of the methods used to play a song.
  8. M5 didn't display accounts when clicking on the first text input box of On the second box clicking the text box displayed my accounts but didn't insert the password. I deleted my cookies so that when I visited outlook I wasn't automatically logged in. At this point passkeeper failed. Subsequent visits I was auto logged in.
  9. I'm not having any issues with cpu usage displaying. Since I didn't do a clean install for Mx5.1.3.100, I didn't have to allow them in view either.
  10. Well after visiting, every time I go to mail I am now seeing the certificate issue. But I'm quite sure it will eventually fix itself(???).
  11. You are seeing Ultra to Retro because you are in Ultra mode. You can activate the switch core button from the view menu to better see which mode you are in. Click the button to switch mode.
  12. Mx5 does display most pages using ultra mode until you last close that site after changing to retro mode. Mx5 remembers whatever mode a site was last closed in. MX5 can also be forced to only use ultra mode(settings > advanced > browsing > Always use Ultra Mode (Some websites might be displayed incorrectly)). You can't force it to use only retro. I have no issues with certificates on but I do have the certificate issue on but I don't frequent it either. I have had issues on in the past after cleaning cookies. This might be an issue you are having too.
  13. Why is the extension review process so slow?

    Harvest moon, they are on vacation.