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  1. Speed dial opened as blank in 4.4.x

    Anybody here? I think, you've got to add functionality to clear stored data from account to the UI. As I can see, the data blocks are different for MX4 and MX5, please, don't forget about this fact.
  2. Speed dial opened as blank in 4.4.x

    But I still can't use the QA
  3. Speed dial opened as blank in 4.4.x

    The original QaConfig.dat was deleted before my first post appeared here. If I can to see the normal QA without any links (blank QA) - I am pleased. It's not a problem - to fill out QA. Browser has created a new QaConfig.dat , I think - it's the same as deleted: it's a result of syncronization form the same source. QuickAccess.zip I've tested: disable synchronization for QA, delete the folder with the QA, create a new bookmark (after browser restarts, I have a normal blank QA), enable synchronization ... and I see the same QaConfig.dat that was before the experiment
  4. Speed dial opened as blank in 4.4.x

    Additional Information: 1. I was able to open QA in portable, and I removed all in QA. But it did not help me: QA can't be loaded in other versions. Also, I can see normal QA in MX5. 2. I tried to perform a clean install, including delete QaConfig.dat and the whole Maxthon's folder, Maxthon was uninstalled, local settings - was removed too. Everything remains as before... My account - in your PM
  5. Speed dial opened as blank in 4.4.x

    I am from russian Siberia (timezone: GMT+7), it is very cold in here, my cat's nickname - Zveryuga (terrible beast - not quite an accurate translation, but it is close in meaning)
  6. Speed dial opened as blank in 4.4.x

    I have a backup :-) list of urls, manually And I have a backup all of my favorites. Only value - the account itself, it was created many years ago
  7. Speed dial opened as blank in 4.4.x

    Speed dial (aka Quick-Access) lost for all 4.x: tested in 4 versions (portable, clear install) Account for browser - registered to a different address (I do not want to write it here)
  8. After MX5 testing, I can not use MX4( and several other versions): speed dial page is blank Perhaps there is a way to clean speed dial saves from my account?
  9. Очень хочется поиск, как с древних пор было в IE: панель поиска, как элемент меню (не привязана к вкладке и не забывает искомые слова, при переходе на другую вкладку. после перехода на другую вкладку - автоматом подсвечивает искомое в тексте)
  10. на туповатом ноутбуке (тем не менее - win 8.1) - начинает открывать страничку... и тишина, заголовок появился, а поле страницы - чистый белый лист, не каждый раз, но - часто. Откатил на (тот же ноут, та же 8.1) - проблема не проявляется. На XP - всё как раньше, какое-то время можно поработать, потом начинает жрать ресурсы так, что слабая машинка (XP же!) - просто ложится. Впечатление такое, что запускается какой-то фоновый процесс или браузер пытается откусить много. При закрытии, на XP, как и раньше, пачка процессов "Maxthon.exe" - надолго зависают в списке процессов; похоже - это в продолжение проблемы с затупливанием, та же задача, что тупит - она же и закрыться мешает.