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  1. UUMail Problems

    No. I am talking about the username and password generated by UUMail. In any case it is in neither Passkeeper or registered in UUMail.
  2. UUMail Problems

    Thank-you for the replies. There is still the problem of using UUMail to generate a password and it not registering with UUMail in MX5. As it has not saved I now have a gmail account that I do not know the password for!
  3. My UUMail doesn't seem to work. 1. It doesn't forward emails to my designated address anymore 2. I've just used it to generate a password for my gmail account and it hasn't even appeared in the MX5 UUMail section. Any ideas would be nice.
  4. That all worked, thank-you. Looking forward to MX5 now.
  5. Hi -ody- Thanks for that! I will do this and let you know if I have any problems. Thanks. : )
  6. I have had a few issues recently, I wonder if anyone could shed some light on any of them? 1 The last week MX crashes a lot. 2 Embedded videos, such as n Twitter, are 'unsupported'. 3 Creating a new tab or opening a link in a new tab opens a blank screen and MX has to be restarted to get it to work: this happens often. 4 A new tab flashes up with a black box before it loads the speed dials. Also, how do you change your main password on Magic Fill (I realise this isn't a bug )?