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  1. Download Dropdown

    Can anyone confirm that this problem still exist with new version (v5.2.6.1000)? Apparently, I still see the problem on my side with latest version.
  2. Clearly that's not a solution. It is better to resolve the actual issue rather than giving alternatives.
  4. I think that's not working for past few years now. Once a while, it does provide an update popup. I don't know if that has something to do with notification setup or something.
  5. Download Dropdown

    Thank you gudkov, Also, like mentioned before, it doesn't save last used folder target/address as default. So if I have to download multiple files and save them to another specific folder, I have to assign that folder each and every time. This was not an issue with previous versions.
  6. Problems: Download Save to: Option doesn't remember last folder Download Save to: Dropdown only shows 3 locations. Missing last folder used as well. Quite annoying.
  7. Website not deleting

    Yeah, I can't use built-in screenshot. Address bar dropdown disappears. About your screenshot, I basically checked all those boxes removed the maxthon from everywhere on the disk cleaned temp folder cleaned internet history from other browsers used ccleaner so pretty much everything, I even checked my favorites ....nowhere I could find this website's trace and yet it still pop up under address bar suggestion.
  8. I have this website that always appears when I start typing matching characters like any other website. I want to get rid of this website suggestion but I can't. This website is not in favorites or anywhere. I have cleared my cache and everything. If I logout and use maxthon, but if I login and use maxthon it reappears. So it is basically attached to my account. If I do a fresh install on a completely new desktop and login into my MX account, it reappears. Where is this website stored? It is stored somewhere on MX cloud. Help figure this out please
  9. Any Text Highlighter Extension

    I am looking for a text highlighter extension that can remembers highlights next time when you open the page again; something like One that can saves and export highlights. Any suggestions. Thanks