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  1. Too Many Tabs - Crash?

    Attached Popup Error I get every time I open or refresh any tab. Attached the Crash Folder.
  2. Too Many Tabs - Crash?

    Next time this happens. I update this along with crash report.
  3. After opening too many tabs using different windows - so I have 2 windows open with at least 15 tabs in each window for at least 1-2 days, I find Maxthon crashes/bugs out. At some point, when I add a new tab and try to open the website, it will give me Msgerror window with some gibberish (I should have snapshotted it). This has happened at least 5-6 times in last few months (regardless of different versions and clean install).
  4. Any Text Highlighter Extension

    I am looking for a text highlighter extension that can remembers highlights next time when you open the page again; something like One that can saves and export highlights. Any suggestions. Thanks