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  1. To give an update, I got all of my last session back :-). Disconnecting network made open all tabs easy, however, it gave a this page cannot be displayed instead of the title of each webpage in the links of Last Session page (which would make searching hard and not easy to scroll to jog memory). Open all did crash browser (but it is 718 tabs on 8gb ram). However, what worked to get my last session exactly as it was before was clicking open all and then right clicking the refresh icon and clicking stop all immediately (not waiting til they all opened). Links continued to be opened. I don't know if this also helped but I kept clicking stop all again and again throughout the opening of all pages. Once done, I added all pages as favorites as well and then closed to get my last session. Thank you sooo much to 7twenty and cicoz again!
  2. Thanks so much 7twenty and Cicoz! I don’t know how I didn’t think about that disconnecting network idea and then open all before, great idea, I'll try and report back. This problem has happened before, it usually does a valiant job with networking on of opening like 50 but it crashs and then only those 50 are saved to last session. I’ll try it with it off and report back. I do have a passport account (that I autologin 22,633 hours level 105 baby! lol, I don't know levels, but I hope that's a little respectable as I really have been using Maxthon for almost 15 years) so I think everything else is saved online. I will try the ideas to get them back into Last Session and then I will try to be better at saving them all to favorites just in case for the future.
  3. Although I don't have the icons visible as they are in lastsession, THAT WORKED! THANK YOU SO MUCH 7TWENTY! I really appreciate as this is basically like losing all my favorites. Now I have my option as you said of whether to save as favorites, open it up daily, keep the same way with Last Session. I might just keep the same way with Last Session because it has been my habit for years and although it has the very negative as you said of the risk of losing it/not saving, it is so convenient, almost intuitive that I have this list of most the links I'd like to save all on one page, without organizing (which I'm not the best at and never seem to make time for), in order of when I visited them, and searchable (ctrl f) to find a link. I was wondering if you had any advice for how to do this?? Because I know if I click "open all" my browser will crash opening the hundreds of the only way I know would be to manually open like 20 links and then close the browser, open browser (with those 20 links in last session now) and notepad list again, and click on 20 more, repeat. In addition, you referred to saving a copy of my userdata and I'd be able to get it back pretty simply, are you referring to having the lasttabs.dat file? I do try to save a copy of that every few months, but it had been a long time this time. I've never had to do it before, but I will try to replace my lasttabs.dat file with my old one this time. Would there be any way to combine the links from two lasttabs.dat file into one? Maybe the smartest thing to do would be to have all my last session links back first and finally find a way to use favorites how I use last session. I am going to hold off on starting in order to possibly hear from you first. I really appreciate your help/and possible future help.
  4. I did a forum search and although I saw others that use Last Session how I use it, I was unable to find anyone with same problem. Basically I don’t use favorites much for a lot of links I don’t want to add/organize on a daily basis. I set my browser to open up with Last Session and at the end of the day, I have last session tab open and just keep whatever tabs left to add to the last session list for the next time I open Maxthon. I’ve done this for so long and have hundreds and hundreds of tabs in the Last Session. Now my problem is I accidently closed a session without having Last Session tab open so my Last Session list is just one tab I had open at the time……HOWEVER, the last session “Earlier Session” still has my precious list of tabs. I won’t close Maxthon because that will eliminate the “earlier session”, hopefully there will be a solution. I believe the lasttabs.dat file will only have that one tab now, the config.ini file only has that one tab. I’m just hoping that with the tabs still all there in “Earlier Session” someone will be able to tell me how to save these tabs either back to “Last Session” or favorites. Maybe with “inspect element” there is a way to do it by copying certain html but I would need instruction in what to do because I am not savvy with code. I have used Maxthon for almost 15 years now. The Maxthon I use is PLEASE HELP!