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  1. Get Up MAXTHON !

    I stopped using Maxthon when it became a Standalone Browser, rather than a "Shell" as it started out as aka Maxthon Classic. - It became bloaty. - Extension support died, and you could no longer easily make your own extensions. - I don't like the new link selection screen on browser open, it's missing select all/unselect all links or something, can't remember now. I now have to use 360Chrome to get most of the Maxthon features I like: Drag and Drop, settings to control how Tabs and Favorites open, Tab Bar below the Address and Favorites Bars just above the page so the Tab looks like it's part of the actual page instead of on top of the browser which is a pain, you have lots of Extensions to choose from (you can use Googles Extentions), etc. Though, am missing a couple of liked features, I miss saving Notes, the Popup so you can select what Tabs/Pages you want to open on Browser Start, Sniffer, etc. I hate Google Chrome because they refuse to add the above BASIC features (at least the Drag/Drop and various Tabs/Favorites features), requiring an Extension for every little feature, which some are now gone and when they were there they made the browser more of a hog and crashy, and the Browser is just made like crap, cause it for YEARS likes to just "crash". I'm hoping that Microsoft Chromium will finally add the Basics so I can use a Western-based browser (or doesn't have the poor programmers 360Chrome has that much of the browser is still in Chinese), and then have plenty of Extensions to choose from for non-basic needs. I would like it to be Maxthon, but they went the wrong way not being a Chromium-based browser, so can't use Chrome Extensions and developers would ensure they also worked in Maxthon given there are so many. If they changed to the Chromium core, I might come back even if Microsoft adds most of the needed features to their browser, Maxthon would still just be BETTER due to their few extras. So, if Maxthon is going to be saved THIS is what they are going to have to do. Anyway, I pop in on occasion to see how they are doing. But just sad now. I've tried Maxthon Classic over the years, it's amazing how FAST it is. They likely should have stuck with it. So, I think I echo many people as to what I've listed why Maxthon is dying and what would save it.