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  1. Can you double click tabs to close them? Can you drag and drop text to search/go to link, etc.? I need these default in a Browser like Maxthon and 360Chrome do, as well as some other little Settings that both have, how tabs are opened etc. UPDATE: Answered my own question. Edge Canary CANNOT do the above. (yet anyway, but I wouldn't be surprised if MS isn't smart enough to add those features, Chrome still wouldn't.)
  2. Donka... Crap, now I remember why I couldn't come back to Maxthon. The one Extension I absolutely need is the Google Voice Extension. Ugh Mostly loving Maxthon now, but STILL can't come back. Crap, back to 360Chrome.
  3. Like the last two are.... MX5 PC Beta Release and MX5 PC Beta Release But then the download page only gives you the first one above, but they both link to the same beta download page? (p.s. Hey all, long time, just checking out the browser again to see if I can live with the lack of extension support.) Also, two other things. Is there a way to lower the tab bar, I don't like it on the "Top" of the browser, I like it just above the page. This is one of the reasons I used to like Maxthon. Also, is there any way to "clean" Bookmarks, i.e. check for duplicates and dead pages? This is one of those lack of extensions issues I'm sure. But without that, is there a way we can access our bookmarks to like use a third party tool then?