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  1. Thanks a lot!! That does the job!
  2. Sorry, but I don't see the point of posting a video. When I open the browser, I want to login in Google. Maxthon remember my username and password, then I've got the security check which send me a code by SMS to effectively connect to my account. Then I close the browser. next time I open it, I am no more connected in google, and have to restart the whole procedure. The same thing is happening with facebook, linkedIn, ...
  3. for now, I'm using I tried the latest Beta version (both, in fact and, tried also Impossible to stay connected to Google or Facebook. This is occuring since I first tried I cannot post screenshot as there is no error... just I am not connected in google... No VPN, or anything
  4. I everyone. Since some days, I can't stay connected in Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google in Maxthon, for PC only; on Android its working nicely. I uninstalled, wiped the filed, reinstalled older versions, ... I still can't stay connected... My usernames and passwords are well stored in maxthon, But I have to connect everytime I launch Maxthon, meaning receiving an SMS code to unlock my accounts... this is quite painful. Can anybody guide me on to to recover a "normal" behavior? Thanks.
  5. Favorites doesn't Sync

    yes. still the same problem. Moreover, since last update, every time I want to use a favorite (downloaded from wifi), nothing happens, and after 10 secondes, the phone freezes... I have to hard reboot... I'm being more and more deceived by maxthon...
  6. Favorites doesn't Sync

    Hi ! I've the exact same problem... My internet connection is strong, no doubt. but impossible to sync favorites over MOBILE NETWORK only. This problem occurs from the beggining of maxthon mobile, on different phones and networks. I've nerver been able to sync favs on 2G, 3G, or 4G. it occurs also on all the android versions, up to Lollipop... Everything else is great. please, help / fix!!