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  1. Maxthon Cloud Browser

    The page that your link goes to only talks about iPod and iPad plus Android. But the file that I downloaded is mx5.2.3.3000.exe which is the same as the desktop version would be. Do you know if this version is only for mobile devices or will it also work on a Win 10 desktop and Win10 tablet? Just curious and can wait for an official release, either internal or public, if it's not for me.
  2. Stop MX5 open PDF files

    I also have the same settings for that one as well, Magdalene. The combination of the setting in General>Download Settings and in Advanced/ Default File Type/ File Type Association made it work for me.
  3. Stop MX5 open PDF files

    I use Foxit Reader as my default PDF reader, and have the settings just as displayed in Magdalene's post. When I click on a PDF for downloading I get a "download file" dialog and then I click on "Open", a download manager window opens but nothing is downloaded and the PDF opens in Foxit. It used to open in Maxthon until I changed that setting. But even then, I clicked a couple of times on the PDF window download arrow and it would open in Foxit. Are you all clicking on "Save" perhaps instead of "Open"?
  4. Mine as well. The solution is right there in front of them and it has been working for me for years. I run it as admin for every version installation and never have this problem. Axiom41, have you really tried the Flash updater that 7twenty posted a link to? If not, then you haven't tried everything.
  5. Adblocker?

    First time for me as well. The question now is if there is a difference between the install and portable versions since I haven't had to install it separately in my latest install version of
  6. I did a search for MX Flash Updater and that is one thread that came up, and the one you link to was not there. Thanks for coming to the rescue on the later version.
  7. I'm a tester and have been installing Maxthon releases since 2004. The Maxthon installer remembers where your last install went. I never have used the subfolders but instead install all of my versions (public and internal) into new folders with the name of the version series. I.E. Maxthon5.1.6.x, Maxthon5.2.2.x, Maxthon5.2.3.x since I see so many versions (I currently have four Maxthon versions installed), and I never install a new series over and older one. I also don't let Maxthon autoupdate itself so that I have control over where and how it is installed. ( I realize most folks just want to use it and not mess with this stuff most of the time) So, no I haven't done a total fresh install in a long time (I'm assuming that you mean that you also remove the %appdat%\roaming\Maxthon5 folder, which is the data file for all Maxthon 5 versions and installs, as well as the Program Files (x86) Maxthon5 folder when you say "fresh install") so I have seen that Maxthon wants to create the subfolder when I go to the Advanced dialog a long time ago and just eliminated it in the path line; now the installer displays where my last install went and I can either accept that path or modify it. And I have never seen anything about a request to install Flash Plugin. A while ago, there was Flash Updater utility posted by one of my fellow insiders called "MX Flash Updater_1.05" that I run after each new installation that updates the flash for Maxthon to the latest flash that Windows has installed. I'm not sure if that utility is still available on the forum but maybe it's author will read this and fill us all in on where it may be downloaded from. I will also attempt to find it myself. Edit: This thread is all I could find from 2 years ago but it is about the first edition of the utility and may be interesting for you. Maybe the author, 7twenty, can add some insight into how to obtain it: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/bug-tracker/general-support/which-flash-player-version-for-maxthon-r257/
  8. It installs in that folder because that is the last one that you installed Maxthon into, nothing to do with the release. When you install, click on Advanced in the lower right corner of the install dialog window and change the install folder name to what you want it to be.
  9. Did any of you try to install it into a new folder and not over a 5.2.2.x version?
  10. Saving bookmarks bug!!

    Just go to the main forum page, then Maxthon News, and download Mx, which is the latest official release (the one above it is a beta) and install it where you have the one you are using. Or install it into a new folder; either works. You don't have to re-install anything or uninstall anything. I have never trusted the forced installs any way and always do it this way. As long as you have a passport account and you have it set up in Settings>Privacy & Content> Auto Sync to sync everything, once you install the new version, you will find everything there. Give it a try first by installing into a new folder (Click the advanced button in the Setup dialog and designate a new folder; it should offer to install it where your current one is installed so just change the folder name) so that you don't mess up your current installation and see how that works.
  11. A quick question about advanced settings

    What version of Maxthon are you using? What you are displaying is not what my settings page looks like.
  12. Which version of Maxthon 5 (Menu>Help>About)?
  13. Apparently still freezes

    The only third party extension I have installed if F.B.Purity and it's enabled.
  14. Why this link shows blank?

    Windows 10 with latest update, Maxthon installed version and though I can't read the text, it surely isn't a blank page. 7twenty has the most reasonable suggestion to get started.
  15. Apparently still freezes

    How did you update to Maxthon 5? What did you update from and where did you install it? I am not a computer geek and do not have a high tech machine, but I have never experienced any freezing or slowness in any Maxthon version since 2004, and especially not with any of the Maxthon 5 versions, so I am at a loss as to why you folks are having these troubles since we are installing the same software into a Windows computer.
  16. duplicates current page

    To the best of my knowledge, there is no version ever named "5.1.6000". The current version is Check to make sure which one you are using and asking about as it does make a difference for those that will be trying to help you. As concerns your problem, I have nothing to help you with at this time as I have never encountered what you are describing. Make sure that all of your settings concerning tabs are what you want them to be if you haven't already: Menu> Settings> General.
  17. Permission to use Browser???????

    sorry, but this doesn't happen to me at all, except when i first install a new version, so I have to think it isn't Maxthon per se so in my mi nd there is nothing that needs to be corrected in Maxthon. That said, how did you install the MX5 version From your original post, it sounds as though you are just now upgrading to MX5 from MX4. Did you install it into a new folder or over your installation of MX4? Ideally, each new version should be installed into it's own new folder and not over an older version so it should not be installed into the same folder that a previous MX4 version was installed into. But it also applies to versions of MX5, as the Mx5.1.x versions have a different core than the MX5.2.x versions. I don't know how you have installed the various versions or how m any you have tried, but in an effort to try and solve your problem, can you install the version into a totally new folder and then sync it with your passport data? (When you install a new version, in the dialog box, select Advanced and then modify the path that it is to be installed into so that it is a brand new folder and not what it is suggesting, which is usually the last folder you installed into. For instance, name the new folder MX5.2.x.x) Since I don't have the problem of being asked every time I open Maxthon if it is Okay, you either don't have it set as the default browser or your installation isn't working. Hope this helps but I don't guarantee it will solve your problem. Maxthon must be the default browser for that dialog box to stop appearing ( I get asked that every time I open an older version which is not my default browser anymore; and as a tester I have several versions installed simultaneously but only one is set as the default browser)
  18. Permission to use Browser???????

    Windows 10 has "tampered with the default settings". Go to Windows Settings>Apps>Default apps and scroll down until you see "Web Browser". If it isn't MX5, click on it and change it. Windows sets the default browser to Edge when changes are made and I have found that simply setting it in Maxthon doesn't always make Windows 10 accept that. If you indeed have MX5 set as your default browser you shouldn't see the "permission" dialog box when you attempt to open Maxthon. BTW, that dialog shows up most times that you install new software asking if it's okay to go ahead with the setup file; it's not anything to worry about, just click yes or OK.
  19. Is it always there on the taskbar, even when Maxthon is not open? There will always be an icon on the taskbar when Maxthon is open. If it is still there when Maxthon is closed, right click on the icon and choose "unpin from taskbar" if you don't want it there. Maxthon the program does not place it's icon on the taskbar except when it is running, as every program does.
  20. He said "the icon was install on toolbar again". From his screen shot, it looks like a wide toolbar that I am unfamiliar with so it was just a possible suggestion as to why he has a Maxthon icon on any toolbar. Just what "toolbar" is he talking about? I thought maybe he meant "taskbar", so I tried.
  21. Your reply didn't address the question I asked you: During installation, do you go to the advanced section and tell it not to put an icon on your desktop? Also go to Menu> Settings>General>System Tray Icon and check or uncheck the option you want.
  22. I realize that English is not your first language, but I am not sure just what you are asking about. When you install a new version of Maxthon, do you click on Advanced in the install dialog window (lower right corner) and unclick the selection for a desktop icon?
  23. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Thanks for your quick response. Don't know what you did, but re-downloading the file and applying the extracted files solves this issue! Thank you very much.
  24. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    I'm starting a new post so as not to be lost if I edit a previous post. Wilser, I have found that applying your "Alpha Tab Bar below The Bookmarks Bar" skin to Mx causes my Maxthon Multisearch to display improperly. It displays the proper results but it is only in the right hand side of the results window and can not be moved via the lower scroll bar or stretched by dragging. Using a single search such as Google or Bing results in a properly displayed search result, filling the whole window. Hope this screenshot helps explain the issue. Not sure why this happens only when I apply your skin. I discovered that the skin affects this because I was testing a newer 5.1 internal release and Multisearch worked fine right after installing. But after I decided it was okay to apply your skin, that's when I discovered this issue was still there. I can post some other screenshots if that helps with your being able to diagnose this issue. Thanks as always for your skin work.
  25. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Thanks for the updates AND for the detailed answer to my query showing all of the file changes in the new versions files. Above and beyond.