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  1. Just fine here. I think that maybe they are having server issues both times; haven't seen any changes yet.
  2. I just did a quick test and went to CBS.com, which displayed properly I assume and then clicked on Candy Crush and it began playing, originally with ABP disabled for that site, but when I turned ABP on, it still was playing as I assume it is supposed to, as I have never watched that program or used CBS.com before. Only thing that occurs to me initially is if have you updated flash in this new version? There is a utility that someone (I think 7 twenty) posted called MX Flash Updater_1.05.exe that I downloaded a little while ago that I can't seem to find on the forum right now. ( I did find this thread that talks a lot about an earlier version of the utility but the link to it is no longer found. Scroll down through the thread to see where this utility is discussed, but I wish I could find the updated version. Hopefully someone who knows where it is at will come along here. ) I use this to update the flash in every version that I install, internal, betas and finals and it works great. It also downloads the latest Flash if your system doesn't already have it and then updates the Maxthon version. I wish I could help you more with that, even if that doesn't help with your issue. But I had no issue at all with CBS.com videos, sorry. And that is without having an account or signing in.
  3. This is a brand new BETA and will most likely have some bugs or other features that don't work and is for testing at this time. Since I have never even looked at UUMail in any version since it was introduced, I am of no help to you in trying to solve the issue but thanks for reporting your findings and maybe another more familiar with the UUMail feature will be better able to address it.
  4. In order for the 3 dots to display, you have to have some icons hidden. Right click on the desired icon and choose "Hide". Of course you have to have the icons enabled first and you do that at Menu>Settings>Functions & Addons>Addons.
  5. mx5.1.0.2200-beta

    Not sure what the op, Chantao, is talking about. He headlines his post with mention of a new internal Windows version but actually talks about Android versions in his post ( and, which are not Windows versions) And just how did Windows version get onto the "extreme rip" page as it's supposed to be an internal, do-not-share release? Not sure what has been accomplished with this thread.
  6. Settings usability suggestion

    The Gestures & Shortcuts page is for mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts, not what you are looking for. I realize that there are some inconsistencies in terminology in the settings (such as URL aliases referred to as "shortcuts" in one place and aliases in another) which leads to some confusion. But the "shortcut bar " is actually the Favorites bar and URL "shortcuts" are actually aliases, so that is why I would guess that they don't appear on the Gestures & Shortcut settings page. Just my observation.
  7. I guess I wasn't that clear on this issue, which has been happening for me with the Foxit reader for way further back that 1900 and is not related to the new Maxthon media viewer feature/bug, which I have had to deal with after a few installs. However, I didn't make enough note of this issue when I first noticed it so that I have no memory of with which release it started for me, but it still occurs with several of my billing sites when I attempt to download a billing statement. The option to integrate Foxit with Maxthon either in Foxit or Maxthon used to exist but I can't find any such option any longer in either program. I seem to recall that there was an option in Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader or whatever it is being called today, to integrate it with your browser, but I no longer have that installed so I can't check to see where that might have been.
  8. I am on Win10 and use Foxit Reader and have set it as the default for many years. And in the Default Programs window as well. And when I click on a pdf file in say File Explorer or in an email, Foxit opens and displays it. But when I click on a PDF file in a browser window, say at a financial site for a statement download, it opens in the browser using the Maxthon reader. (And this has been the norm for quite a while now for me.) So, at least for me, setting my reader to be the default makes no difference in how pdf's are displayed in the Maxthon Browser and I haven't yet been able to find a setting to make it happen as I desire in either Foxit Reader or in Maxthon. Just adding my experience to this conversation. Personally, from what I read in the OP's query, he has the same problem that I experience as he has Acrobat Reader already set as his default reader for Pdf's but it doesn't work in Maxthon (though I'm not sure if he is using Adobe Acrobat or just the Acrobat Reader, which used to be called Adobe Acrobat Reader and many people still make that mistake).
  9. We all have tried and used that version but that version is a bit old and most of us have been using MX5 for some time now; first the 5.0.x series and now the 5.1.x series. Nothing wrong with using that version, but it may be hard getting help from users as it's been awhile since any have used that one and therefore not familiar with it any more to be of much help for you. Sorry that doesn't help you much but at least you know now why no one is chiming in so far.
  10. I tried minimizing to the tray and to the taskbar and both instances opens a new tab, not a new window. However, I am using a newer internal version for this test so maybe it's something that has been fixed. Try just minimizing to the taskbar instead of to the tray and see if you get the same result, at least until a new version is released. And when you do desire 2 instances of Maxthon, right click the task bar icon and select "New Window".
  11. MX5.1.0.1700 beta - crashing

    What does that mean? I have seen several use that term but it doesn't tell us just what you did. To me, to revert back would mean re-installing an older version. Is that what you did or did you still have a working installation of that you simply went and used again? Just curious how folks are installing these latest 5.1.x betas that have a different core than the 5.0.x versions.
  12. passkeeper not autofilling

    First thing I checked and it was set to Auto. Tried manual, no change, then back to auto- no effect. Changing the language hadn't occurred to me, but that had no effect either. Help page is still in Chinese. Thanks for trying to help. Will try a few other things.
  13. Well, I thought I had seen another comment thread for 1700 but I can't seem to find it so I'll comment here. I am finding that Passkeeper/Magic Fill is fully populated with my previous data but in this version I am not having anything in forms auto-filled. Right clicking and selecting fill forms works but it's not as it's supposed to work. And I also experience that it is not offering to save new log-ins and passwords. And when I attempt to manually add an item (from the drop down that comes from the ? at the right top of the screen) the entire page is in Chinese and unusable for this language deficient old man. Also I found that I can not edit the URL of a Passkeeper entry in the Edit dialog box, since I'm not asked to save the info right now. Sorry, I don't recall this issue in 1600, but I no longer have that release installed to check and see. This is the latest install version download and a clean install on a Windows 10 Home 64bit desktop system.
  14. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Thanks for your quick response. Don't know what you did, but re-downloading the file and applying the extracted files solves this issue! Thank you very much.
  15. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    I'm starting a new post so as not to be lost if I edit a previous post. Wilser, I have found that applying your "Alpha Tab Bar below The Bookmarks Bar" skin to Mx causes my Maxthon Multisearch to display improperly. It displays the proper results but it is only in the right hand side of the results window and can not be moved via the lower scroll bar or stretched by dragging. Using a single search such as Google or Bing results in a properly displayed search result, filling the whole window. Hope this screenshot helps explain the issue. Not sure why this happens only when I apply your skin. I discovered that the skin affects this because I was testing a newer 5.1 internal release and Multisearch worked fine right after installing. But after I decided it was okay to apply your skin, that's when I discovered this issue was still there. I can post some other screenshots if that helps with your being able to diagnose this issue. Thanks as always for your skin work.
  16. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Thanks for the updates AND for the detailed answer to my query showing all of the file changes in the new versions files. Above and beyond.
  17. Updated User Agent

    After pasting in the new updated UA, uncheck the box to Use Customized User Agent and then check it again; the settings are saved message will appear at the top of the page
  18. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Chiming in with something that occurred to me and I see that there has been some recent activity on this thread. I was curious if you, Wilser, or anybody else knows if the folder and files used in these skins (start;UIHuge.dat;UIMain.dat) have significantly changed in their original form in these 5.1 versions such that using one of your skins (I like to use the Alpha-Tab Bar below the Bookmarks Bar one) by replacing these files with your modified files and folder might remove a new feature or something that I won't see if I use your skins? I haven't dug into these files and folder to know just what they do control so I'm just curious if these files and folder are updated in these new core versions, 5.1.0.x, which I have been testing for a few weeks now and that have now been released in beta to the forum, and subsequently will need to be updated for your skins. The skin I like to use appears to work fine for me in this latest beta,, but I don't know if something new is being left out by using the old modified files and folder. As always, your skin work goes above and beyond and are greatly appreciated. Hopefully you are able to shed some light on this issue.
  19. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Just updated to skin version 1.0.1 with tabs below address bar. Works fine with new beta 1400. Though I have to admit, I haven't yet seen what you may have updated from 1.0.0 and 1.0.1. I did notice something I had not noticed before and that was that the External Tools icon is not appearing in the toolbar even though I have it checked and links added to it. So, I went back to the original UI.dat etc and checked to make sure that it wasn't your skin that caused that and it is missing even in the original, so I guess I should post that somewhere where it will be noticed. Your skin is not the culprit and I haven't found anything that it doesn't render correctly, so again, good job and Thanks.
  20. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Thank you so much Wilser for also making a version with the tab bar below the Favorites and Address bar that I and Snow Leopard had requested. Works just fine with the new 1400 beta. Just to be clear and certain, these new skins are just cosmetic skins and I'm not missing some other changes to the menu or other modifications elsewhere that some earlier version skins that some others, maybe even you, had made earlier. I am not in need of any other changes/modifications but was just wondering as I do remember some other skins in earlier versions did modify other settings and menus. Good work and thanks again for addressing users requests.
  21. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Wilser, thanks for replying. Right now, I am using a modified UIMain.dat that Tony, our other skins guy, made and posted to achieve the tab bar being below the address bar. I found that with this file mod, if I do turn on the Favorites bar, the tab bar appears between the Favorites bar and the address bar. It seems to work just fine for me right now. However, that is all it accomplishes (as that is all it was intended to accomplish) and it would be nice to be able to add it as an option (this mod is just for this with no option to turn it on or off as Tony intended) to any or all of your skins, especially if you include some other modifications in your skins. Your choice and option to do with your skins as you desire; just putting my 2 cents into the discussion and I am sure that I will more than appreciate whatever you come up with as this is not my strong point. Thanks again.
  22. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Welcome back. I "Liked" them so that the count will go up, but I won't be using any of them as the only skin change I would like is the tab bar able to be the bottom bar in the top group, below the address bar and the favorites bar (which I don't use anyway) and the last tool bar above the content window. I'm sure that when you get enough "likes" and go ahead with this project, that you will be able to incorporate something along those lines down the road. Good work nonetheless. Thanks.
  23. Updated User Agent

    Thank you.
  24. Thank you so much for this auto updater. HBO Go now works in ultra mode. I had been trying to update or enable or whatever the flash in MX5 for a while with no success. I had to watch HBO Go in Retro mode until today! Ran the MX Flash Updater 0.65b and it solved that problem right away. Thanks again. ( Just for info, I had to download the file, close MX5 and run the file as admin to get it to work, but it tells you that as you go and then it worked as designed). Now, should this updater file be saved and used with each new update or will it only work for current version? It looks like it should work for any version.