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  1. Before you delete the previous portable version folder, just copy the UserData sub-folder from the previous portable version into the new folder, restart Maxthon and you're ready to go. And since I come to the forum every day, downloading the newest version isn't an annoyance at all. In fact, that is how I have updated versions for the last 15 years and never relied on or used automatic updates as I find it gives me greater control as to how it gets installed, especially when it comes to install versions. I now use only portable versions so that control isn't as important as each new portable is in it's own folder and not installed over a previous version.
  2. PDF files corrupted

    What version are you using? I had this problem with a previous version that I downloaded but later found that a second release of the same version fixed the problem after a bit of back and forth here on the forum. Unfortunately, I don't remember which version that happened with though I believe it was a 5.2.6.x series beta release. I haven't had the problem since and am using portable right now and dealing with PDF's is as it is supposed to be. I don't actually download PDF's but rather from the download dialog box I choose "Open" and the PDF then opens in my reader, Foxit. That didn't work in the bad version that I had installed and when I downloaded the PDF file, I did get the file corrupted error. It's possible that you may just need to download the latest and try again.
  3. Have you tried right clicking in the fields that aren't auto filling and choosing "Fill form"? I find that Passkeeper doesn't always auto fill but that doing that usually works for me.
  4. Cannot confirm or reproduce, also using portable. Sorry.
  5. Tab mute button is present on this site for me, brand new install of beta portable. Maybe download and extract it again from the latest posting.
  6. Default Download Location

    Change it right in the path line in Download File dialog window. Whatever you change it to, should be the default until you change it again.
  7. You have to turn them on, as Pantantrollo indicates above. Start at Menu>Skins>Status Bar checked and then expand the drop down menu for the status bar. Check the ones you desire to see in your status bar. Then once the icons are in the status bar, there is a drop down arrow in the system info section where you can choose additional items to be displayed.
  8. It's not a "part" of any version; one has to download it from this link MX Flash Updater and then run it as administrator with Maxthon closed. I have used this updater for years and it works for both installed and portable versions.
  9. Your second sentence is a bit confusing. Are you talking about the Windows status bar or the Maxthon status bar, and which icon(s) isn't showing?
  10. Beta - floating video bar

    I have no screenshot to post but I have the same as Magdalene in I don't use it but turned it on to test.
  11. Now I think that if you go to Menu>Settings>General>Default Browser and uncheck both options and you should not see the "default Browser is at risk" warning any more as I believe the MxUp app is triggered by these settings and kicks in because Maxthon is not your default browser and Chrome is. I am not a total expert on this, but I think that is what was going on for you.
  12. Maxthon does give users the option to choose. In the install window, click on "Advanced" in the lower right corner and both of these options are available. In my earlier post above I asked if you use the Advanced option and from your response I just assumed that you did.
  13. I already in the post right above yours addressed the fact that I missed that. Sorry. You didn't say that Chrome was your default browser in you OP. And I never implied that you use Edge. So, here are a few other things that come to mind: When you install Maxthon, do you use the Advanced button and uncheck "set as default browser". Many people just click "Install Now", you probably do use Advanced, otherwise you would also get a desktop icon and a taskbar icon. In Maxthon in Menu>Settings>General>Default Browser do you have both options ("Check whether Maxthon is default browser at startup" and " Keep Maxthon as default browser") unchecked. Since you have been a participant here for some time, I would think that these things are already on your radar and are not the cause of your problem, but it never hurts to check. However, even when I have seen that alert, I have never thought of it as "creepy" and have simply dismissed it by clicking the close X. That's all I can think of right now. Hope you find your answer.
  14. I have to assume that you are seeing this while using Windows 10 since you didn't give that information. Win10 loves to make one's default browser Edge and has done so to me several times when I have installed a new instance of Maxthon. And I have seen this warning from Maxthon several times as well. I just click the X in the upper right corner and then check Win 10 default programs to see if my default browser has been changed or not. If it had been, I change it back. I would not like it very much if Win 10 had changed it to Edge and Maxthon did not notify me. Not sure what is a bigger annoyance.
  15. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Thanks for your quick response. Don't know what you did, but re-downloading the file and applying the extracted files solves this issue! Thank you very much.
  16. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    I'm starting a new post so as not to be lost if I edit a previous post. Wilser, I have found that applying your "Alpha Tab Bar below The Bookmarks Bar" skin to Mx causes my Maxthon Multisearch to display improperly. It displays the proper results but it is only in the right hand side of the results window and can not be moved via the lower scroll bar or stretched by dragging. Using a single search such as Google or Bing results in a properly displayed search result, filling the whole window. Hope this screenshot helps explain the issue. Not sure why this happens only when I apply your skin. I discovered that the skin affects this because I was testing a newer 5.1 internal release and Multisearch worked fine right after installing. But after I decided it was okay to apply your skin, that's when I discovered this issue was still there. I can post some other screenshots if that helps with your being able to diagnose this issue. Thanks as always for your skin work.
  17. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Thanks for the updates AND for the detailed answer to my query showing all of the file changes in the new versions files. Above and beyond.
  18. Updated User Agent

    After pasting in the new updated UA, uncheck the box to Use Customized User Agent and then check it again; the settings are saved message will appear at the top of the page
  19. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Chiming in with something that occurred to me and I see that there has been some recent activity on this thread. I was curious if you, Wilser, or anybody else knows if the folder and files used in these skins (start;UIHuge.dat;UIMain.dat) have significantly changed in their original form in these 5.1 versions such that using one of your skins (I like to use the Alpha-Tab Bar below the Bookmarks Bar one) by replacing these files with your modified files and folder might remove a new feature or something that I won't see if I use your skins? I haven't dug into these files and folder to know just what they do control so I'm just curious if these files and folder are updated in these new core versions, 5.1.0.x, which I have been testing for a few weeks now and that have now been released in beta to the forum, and subsequently will need to be updated for your skins. The skin I like to use appears to work fine for me in this latest beta,, but I don't know if something new is being left out by using the old modified files and folder. As always, your skin work goes above and beyond and are greatly appreciated. Hopefully you are able to shed some light on this issue.
  20. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Just updated to skin version 1.0.1 with tabs below address bar. Works fine with new beta 1400. Though I have to admit, I haven't yet seen what you may have updated from 1.0.0 and 1.0.1. I did notice something I had not noticed before and that was that the External Tools icon is not appearing in the toolbar even though I have it checked and links added to it. So, I went back to the original UI.dat etc and checked to make sure that it wasn't your skin that caused that and it is missing even in the original, so I guess I should post that somewhere where it will be noticed. Your skin is not the culprit and I haven't found anything that it doesn't render correctly, so again, good job and Thanks.
  21. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Thank you so much Wilser for also making a version with the tab bar below the Favorites and Address bar that I and Snow Leopard had requested. Works just fine with the new 1400 beta. Just to be clear and certain, these new skins are just cosmetic skins and I'm not missing some other changes to the menu or other modifications elsewhere that some earlier version skins that some others, maybe even you, had made earlier. I am not in need of any other changes/modifications but was just wondering as I do remember some other skins in earlier versions did modify other settings and menus. Good work and thanks again for addressing users requests.
  22. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Wilser, thanks for replying. Right now, I am using a modified UIMain.dat that Tony, our other skins guy, made and posted to achieve the tab bar being below the address bar. I found that with this file mod, if I do turn on the Favorites bar, the tab bar appears between the Favorites bar and the address bar. It seems to work just fine for me right now. However, that is all it accomplishes (as that is all it was intended to accomplish) and it would be nice to be able to add it as an option (this mod is just for this with no option to turn it on or off as Tony intended) to any or all of your skins, especially if you include some other modifications in your skins. Your choice and option to do with your skins as you desire; just putting my 2 cents into the discussion and I am sure that I will more than appreciate whatever you come up with as this is not my strong point. Thanks again.
  23. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Welcome back. I "Liked" them so that the count will go up, but I won't be using any of them as the only skin change I would like is the tab bar able to be the bottom bar in the top group, below the address bar and the favorites bar (which I don't use anyway) and the last tool bar above the content window. I'm sure that when you get enough "likes" and go ahead with this project, that you will be able to incorporate something along those lines down the road. Good work nonetheless. Thanks.
  24. Updated User Agent

    Thank you.