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  1. Website freezes Maxthon

    How and where did you install Maybe try and install it into a new folder if you hadn't already.
  2. I have been experiencing this same thing for the last few internal releases as well: search from address bar and it uses my customized Maxthon Multi Search; search from QA page search bar and though it indicates Maxthon Multi Search in the bar, it only gives results from a Google search. Not a problem for me as I mainly use the address bar for all searches anyway, but annoying to those who want to use the QA search bar. I wouldn't miss the QA search bar if it was eliminated or given an option to hide it.
  3. Suggestion - avatar on main UI

    As well as me.
  4. Which "search bar" are you referring to? The "Search box" option in the "Skins" menu turns the search bar to the right of address bar on and off. It doesn't do "nothing". But if you are referring to the search bar on the QA page (New page), it currently is part of the QA UI and is not removable at this time. It used to jump up to the address bar location (it used to be a search and address bar) when a tile was clicked and the page opened, but it no longer does that in this beta. The "feature" has not been disabled because it is a beta. And there are many who have already asked about this new design so maybe it will be further worked on.
  5. Maxthon will install into the last folder that it was installed into previously. Are you clicking on "Advanced" when you are installing? Doing so will display the path that was the last one you installed into and gives you the opportunity to select whatever install path you want. Since this version is a beta, you should want to install into a separate folder from the one your working last version is installed into; it's okay to have more than one version of Maxthon installed at the same time, though only one can be opened at any given time.
  6. Okay, I figured it out. Initially, the menu that drops down by clicking the Star icon on the Nav bar did not have the option available for selecting the folder to be displayed on the Fav bar; it showed just what the sidebar fav displays. However there are 4 icons at the top of that menu with no tooltip to tell one what they are, so I clicked on them to see what they do. There is one , second from the left, that is 3 horizontal lines with a small arrow, that when clicked gives a new and different view for this menu, and this one contains the option for choosing the Fav bar folder. It also contains an option to "switch to sidebar mode" which when clicked brings the menu back to it's original view. I guess I either didn't understand a previous discussion in another thread about these menus or just didn't pay close enough attention. So, although I realize that you, 7twenty, already know this, I am posting what I found in the hope of helping someone else that may be as confused as I was. Once I figured it out, I like it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  7. I don't see that icon on the Nav bar unless you are referring to the star that has always been on the nav bar and still can't seem to find where the option is to choose which folder is displayed on the Favorites bar, which was available from that icon. I don't use the sidebar (or the Favorites bar for that matter) so I hope it wasn't moved to there. Even though I don't utilize those bars, just trying to help out. Maybe I'm missing something.
  8. Uhhhh...

    You mentioned that it isn't "night mode" and I noticed that it looks like you are using Windows 10. This may be a dead end too, but there is a setting in Win10 for "Night Light" which you may not know about as it's not right up front and center stage. It's found under Settings>System>Display. It gives the user the option to turn it on or off and to change settings for when it is to kick in. May be irrelevant to your problem but maybe you didn't know about it so I hope it at least was informational if not for you, maybe someone else that reads this thread.
  9. Maxthon5 slow password fill

    Automatic login is very possible; in the dialog box that you are logging in with, there is a means in the upper right corner to set it to login automatically (I'm pretty sure anyway as I haven't had to login for several years and I, being a tester, install and use many more release versions than you do. As far as your "speed" issues, for me it is very fast and passkeeper has a small delay but no where near 10 seconds, more like 2 or 3, so I have no solution off hand. You did give very little information about your system and your installation method and where and how you install Maxthon 5, which may help us help you.
  10. You haven't been using Maxthon 5 for 10 years as it's only been around for less than 5 years; before that there was Maxthon 4 (cloud browser) and Maxthon 3 (first dual core browser). I have found when dealing with pdf's, I click the link that opens the pdf in Maxthon. I then click on the download arrow in upper right corner. This opens the pdf again in Maxthon. But when I click on the download arrow a second time, it open in Foxit Reader, my default pdf reader. Not the ideal solution, but I don't have to download the file first and then open it in Foxit. Works until they find another way.
  11. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Thanks for your quick response. Don't know what you did, but re-downloading the file and applying the extracted files solves this issue! Thank you very much.
  12. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    I'm starting a new post so as not to be lost if I edit a previous post. Wilser, I have found that applying your "Alpha Tab Bar below The Bookmarks Bar" skin to Mx causes my Maxthon Multisearch to display improperly. It displays the proper results but it is only in the right hand side of the results window and can not be moved via the lower scroll bar or stretched by dragging. Using a single search such as Google or Bing results in a properly displayed search result, filling the whole window. Hope this screenshot helps explain the issue. Not sure why this happens only when I apply your skin. I discovered that the skin affects this because I was testing a newer 5.1 internal release and Multisearch worked fine right after installing. But after I decided it was okay to apply your skin, that's when I discovered this issue was still there. I can post some other screenshots if that helps with your being able to diagnose this issue. Thanks as always for your skin work.
  13. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Thanks for the updates AND for the detailed answer to my query showing all of the file changes in the new versions files. Above and beyond.
  14. Updated User Agent

    After pasting in the new updated UA, uncheck the box to Use Customized User Agent and then check it again; the settings are saved message will appear at the top of the page
  15. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Chiming in with something that occurred to me and I see that there has been some recent activity on this thread. I was curious if you, Wilser, or anybody else knows if the folder and files used in these skins (start;UIHuge.dat;UIMain.dat) have significantly changed in their original form in these 5.1 versions such that using one of your skins (I like to use the Alpha-Tab Bar below the Bookmarks Bar one) by replacing these files with your modified files and folder might remove a new feature or something that I won't see if I use your skins? I haven't dug into these files and folder to know just what they do control so I'm just curious if these files and folder are updated in these new core versions, 5.1.0.x, which I have been testing for a few weeks now and that have now been released in beta to the forum, and subsequently will need to be updated for your skins. The skin I like to use appears to work fine for me in this latest beta,, but I don't know if something new is being left out by using the old modified files and folder. As always, your skin work goes above and beyond and are greatly appreciated. Hopefully you are able to shed some light on this issue.