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  1. Just a point of interest, the page in question is called the Quick Access page or QA for short.
  2. Speed dial icons

    It appears that they are working on the Quick Access page. If you guys are not already aware, the new QA page is stored on their server and is not stored locally and the version number of Maxthon does not affect how the QA page is displayed; the QA page works for many older versions as well as the new MX5 versions. I notice that right now, the titles of combined/group tiles is now visible without having to hover over the group tiles, something several people requested. Plus the animated backgrounds have been added. My take is that there will most likely be further changes as I saw somewhere here on the forum that changes are coming, and not to panic just yet. I'm sure your comments will help them make decisions as they get more into their upgrade and as is pretty usual for software, when some changes are made or added, something else gets broken (like the Hot icon choice) and has to be reprogrammed. I suggest we all just sit tight for a few days and see what they come up with.
  3. MX5 is not an update of MX4; it is a new browser. I don't think that you can make it act "just like in MX4". There is no option to do what you are asking. But it doesn't "Go all the time to QA"; only if the QA page is the last tab you were on. The screenshot I posted is of my customized QA page in conjunction with one of Wilser's skins that moves the tab bar below the address bar and moves the search bar/address bar up to the top bar. You can find the skin files and explanation in his thread @ http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/21813-customizable-skins-for-mx5-5032000-4000/
  4. That's because it IS a tab. If you open a page using a QA tile, and then close that tab, it will go back to the "last visited tab" which is the QA tab, provided that that is the choice you have made in Settings. Don't close that tab and go to another open tab, and QA won't be the "last visited tab". Sorry, but since the QA page is now online, this is how works it now.And I guess you haven't looked into customizing the new QA page as it is very customizable and can be made to look a whole more useful and eye pleasing than what you have shown us. You can put your most used in the row of 7 at the top of the page and others are groupable by what ever topic you choose to group by simple dragging and dropping. Each tile is editable to display pretty much whatever you want it to display, plus you can use just about any background you choose.Here is an example of one of my customizations:
  5. Great that you got MX4 back again, but MX5 is still the current and future Maxthon version and I think that you should give it a better chance. But next time, don't uninstall MX4 or install MX5 over MX4. Just install MX5 into a new folder (named Maxthon 5 for example) and then you can use either one, though not at the same time. That way you can learn the various new items in MX5, learn to customize it to look like you want it to, but still use MX4 for your browsing until you feel comfortable with MX5. MX4 is no longer being updated so MX5 is the way to go for the future.
  6. MX- Obsolete?

    What's "Turbo" page mod? Maxthon 5 has retro mode (which uses the instalIed IE rendering engine) and Ultra mode, which is the default and uses a version of the Blink rendering engine that I believe the Maxthon devs modify for Maxthon. Neither is a "page mod". Some sites or pages require the old engine and that is why the Retro mode is available. Most of the time that one gets a "browser is outdated" or "update your browser" message it is due to the User Agent being outdated, not Maxthon itself.
  7. Maxthon Dock in MX5? And page search!

    It is better than the old one. How did you install MX5? You shouldn't have had to reinstall MX4 unless you mistakenly installed MX5 over MX4 in the same folder. MX5 should be installed in it's own new folder, and then it creates it's own data file in the app data>roaming folder. All of your settings and skynotes should all be accessible with a sync after installation. You can still continue to use MX4 but it is not being updated any more and all emphasis is being directed toward MX5. Now that you have MX4 reinstalled and all of your data and skynotes and whatever else back, try installing MX5 in a new folder named Maxthon 5, run a sync after you finish installing it and let MX5 create it's own new app data>roaming folder named Maxthon5 (the data file used by MX4 is named Maxthon3). If you find that some of your items are still not coming over, then make sure that you are syncing everything in MX4.
  8. Changing to MX5

    Concerning the "side-by-side" question, be sure to install Maxthon5 in a separate new folder (Maxthon5 is a good name). Since the executable file is still named Maxthon.exe, you will only be able to run one at a time; either MX4 or MX5 but not at the same time. But MX4 will remain fully operational as long as you don't do anything that will change that. MX4 uses a folder in the AppData\Roaming location named Maxthon3 and MX5 uses one named Maxthon5, which will be created when you install MX5. Don't do anything to the Maxthon3 folder and you should be just fine after reading the info at the location that 7twenty posted a link to. I have both installed as I recounted but haven't gone back and used MX4 in quite some time as MX5 does all that I require very nicely.
  9. Can not reproduce at all. Win10 home, Maxthon Open then minimize File Explorer window, open then minimize Maxthon 5 (Maxthon when open is maximized). No problem re-maximizing Maxthon with File Explorer minimized to task bar, either clicking on icon or clicking on small window that opens when I hover over Maxthon taskbar icon. Also tried with Maxthon not maximized when open, minimized to task bar, reopened when task bar icon clicked. Just can't seem to reproduce unless I am misunderstanding your procedure. I have 3 monitors but even tried it with both opening on the same monitor. Sorry, I'm not much help though I have never experienced this in any version of Maxthon.
  10. Just a comment about the forum status business. I have been here since 2004, was invited to become what was called a "core member" when MX2 was first released and have been "demoted" every time the forum software has been upgraded or changed. I believe I am still shown as an "apprentice mage", whatever that is supposed to mean. I guess I should have the status of at least a "senior mage" but it really makes no difference to me as I'm not near as active as I once was and I can still be a part of the "Early Access Area" that enables me to see newer betas for testing before they are released to the general public and to add my observations. I don't pay much attention to the "status level" any more as most of the people I was working with in the past have moved on with the only constant being Jeff himself. Some others have now been here for awhile and have taken on the roles of moderators and are doing a pretty good job though one can see some loyalty waning in some of the members. I guess, as I have found in my own life, most things run their course and one has to move on.
  11. Missing External Tools toolbar icon

    Just for grins, here is a shot of my desktop/QA using Wilsers "tabs below address bar" skin and with some other color modifications with Mx QA background is an old custom wallpaper image from earlier Maxthon versions. External tools icon is displayed and the 3 dots are there as I now have an extension "hidden". All is good. Hope you all like the screen shot. And thank you to all that tried to help me out.
  12. Missing External Tools toolbar icon

    All is well now.The reason that I had no three dots was that I had no extensions "hidden"; they were either enabled and shown, or disabled. So with none "hidden", there is no 3 dots and dropdown. And the External Tools icon now shows all of the time but it does show up late when the browser is restarted, most likely because I have added several apps to it and they need to load. And all is well with the new beta with and without Wilser's skin mod. Thanks for the help fellows.
  13. Missing External Tools toolbar icon

    Not sure what you are trying to say, Phyr, but I finally got the External Tools icon to appear. I loaded the toolbar with every item that could be enabled and the External Tools finally showed up. Then I went and disabled all but the 5 I wanted and it seems to be sticking, even after a few restarts. I actually reinstalled the 1400 beta into a new folder (I had been installing all of the 3.0.5.x betas and tests over each other in a folder started with the first 5.0.3 beta) and got the same result with no External Tools icon. I loaded that install's tool bar with all of the possible icons and got the Ext. Tools icon to show. Then went back to the original installation and made it work on that installation. No idea why this worked or why it wasn't working in the first place. However, I still don't see the 3 dots regardless of how many items I have enabled in the tool bar or what setting I have set for the address bar (using Wilser's skin with tabs below address bar). Minor annoyances but the browser still browses just fine.
  14. notify me of replies

    Not your fault; Phyr misinterpreted the same thing and led you in the wrong direction but now you are all on the right track. No harm done.
  15. Missing External Tools toolbar icon

    Yes, that what's I've been doing a dozen times or more. Where did you think I was enabling/disabling the addons?