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  1. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Thanks for your quick response. Don't know what you did, but re-downloading the file and applying the extracted files solves this issue! Thank you very much.
  2. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    I'm starting a new post so as not to be lost if I edit a previous post. Wilser, I have found that applying your "Alpha Tab Bar below The Bookmarks Bar" skin to Mx causes my Maxthon Multisearch to display improperly. It displays the proper results but it is only in the right hand side of the results window and can not be moved via the lower scroll bar or stretched by dragging. Using a single search such as Google or Bing results in a properly displayed search result, filling the whole window. Hope this screenshot helps explain the issue. Not sure why this happens only when I apply your skin. I discovered that the skin affects this because I was testing a newer 5.1 internal release and Multisearch worked fine right after installing. But after I decided it was okay to apply your skin, that's when I discovered this issue was still there. I can post some other screenshots if that helps with your being able to diagnose this issue. Thanks as always for your skin work.
  3. How do I downgrade MX5?

    Or don't bother to uninstall the current version and install the downloaded version you want into a new folder. The you have both.
  4. How did you install it and where? And what do you mean by "reverted back" plus what "previous regular version" is that? I have it installed and it hasn't "crashed once" while using it as my default browser while I test it.
  5. Who said anything about "unstable"? Beta is not equal to "unstable" but rather is a work in progress and some things might not work as intended (none so far for me). Where and how did you install the beta version? And what error occurred that is not only for you? And are you using a passport account or a guest account? I just installed the new beta ( in a folder named Maxthon5.1.x. ( My installation of Maxthon is still installed and it's in a folder named Maxthon504 and is still usable as before. If you click on Advanced in the install dialog window, you can choose to install it anywhere you like and name the folder anything that you choose. If you don't do that, it will install in the same place as the your last installation, just in case you weren't aware of this). I started the beta, logged in, and everything began auto synchronizing and after a short time, all of my Bookmarks or Favorites, my Passkeeper entries, my previous extensions and my settings were as they were in The only thing that I had re-do was to re-add the external tools that I had added previously as they do not come over in a sync. And the browser works just fine and has not proven to be unstable for me in any way. Since I don't know just what you are doing as far as installation or logging in, I can only offer what has worked for me over the 13 years I have been using this browser and participating in this forum. I don't have all of the answers but what you are reporting has never happened to me, so all I can say is that I tried. Sorry if this doesn't help you.
  6. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Thanks for the updates AND for the detailed answer to my query showing all of the file changes in the new versions files. Above and beyond.
  7. From what you have posted , it would appear that you installed into the same folder and over an installation of 5.0.X. Why would you do that, if that is what you did? MX is a beta and should not be installed over any other existing version as this is a new series of this browser, not an "update" of previous versions, and this release , as stated, is a beta which is for testing purposes. That may be the cause of your issue. When it is installed as a new program, if you have a passport account and log into it, the browser will automatically sync everything that has been synced to your account (Menu>Settings>Privacy and Content>Auto Sync and check what you want synced). Not sure if this is what you did or if you have a passport account but hope it helps you out.
  8. Updated User Agent

    After pasting in the new updated UA, uncheck the box to Use Customized User Agent and then check it again; the settings are saved message will appear at the top of the page
  9. I ran into the same thing as you ":browser doesn't support cookies" and just now discovered that everything works fine when the Customize user agent box is UNCHECKED. I had copied and pasted the latest UA for MX 5.1 Series Beta from Magdalene's "Updated User Agent" post that has updated user agents posted on the Maxthon Support & Discussion forum right after I had installed MX and had the same issue that you did logging into the forum. Uncheking the box to use a customized user agent solved the issue for now. Plus I had no issue using, which did not have an update UA in settings. The setting choice for allowing cookies was checked in all versions. More investigating is needed. Edit Update: I just did a complete clean install of MX, including the data file in the Roaming folder. After everything synced and I did my few customizations, I went to this forum and I was automatically logged in, as was usual before 5.1. Then I checked and the "Customize UserAgent string " box was unchecked. I checked it, saw the Settings saved notice at the top of the window, and went and tried to log in to this forum. Now I am told that my browser doesn't support cookies. Checked the cookie setting and it was checked. Went back to Advanced settings again and unchecked "Customize UserAgent string". Logging in to this forum worked again. I then went to the page where the custom user agent strings are posted and updated, (http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/21587-updated-user-agent/#comment-117760) and copied the New Minimalist Version for MX5.1 (all the way down at the bottom of the page) and pasted it in the box for Custom User Agent and checked the box. Everything seems to work and I can log in to this forum. Now someone with more knowledge about this should determine why the long form UA seems to be a problem.
  10. First did you actually "upgrade" to this beta version or did you do a new install in it's own new folder since it is a beta and should not be installed over a previous 5.0.x.x version if you really want to test out the beta, and then the older version is still on your computer and available for regular use while you test the beta. (Can't run both at the same time as the executable is the same name exe. I currently have an M2, an M4, and an M5.0 versions installed and all work one at a time). And second, the settings aren't different than the previous versions but may have been reset during the new install. I found that I had to go into all of the settings to make sure that ALL were what I had before or what I desired as syncing did most but a few were set to the default value.
  11. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Chiming in with something that occurred to me and I see that there has been some recent activity on this thread. I was curious if you, Wilser, or anybody else knows if the folder and files used in these skins (start;UIHuge.dat;UIMain.dat) have significantly changed in their original form in these 5.1 versions such that using one of your skins (I like to use the Alpha-Tab Bar below the Bookmarks Bar one) by replacing these files with your modified files and folder might remove a new feature or something that I won't see if I use your skins? I haven't dug into these files and folder to know just what they do control so I'm just curious if these files and folder are updated in these new core versions, 5.1.0.x, which I have been testing for a few weeks now and that have now been released in beta to the forum, and subsequently will need to be updated for your skins. The skin I like to use appears to work fine for me in this latest beta,, but I don't know if something new is being left out by using the old modified files and folder. As always, your skin work goes above and beyond and are greatly appreciated. Hopefully you are able to shed some light on this issue.
  12. They aren't really broken, they just aren't available at this time while the QA page is being re-worked. You can still have an image showing instead of theose generic icons by right clicking and choosing Edit. That should help but if not, then I don't have an answer.
  13. I have discovered that my custom background indeed does stick on my Windows 7 machine and on my Windows 10 tablet. However, it still reverts back to a standard background on my Windows 10 desktop, each machine using Maxthon v. Not sure what that indicates but thought I'd add it to the info.
  14. So, can we get back to the original problem posted here: customized QA page background is still not sticking upon restarting the browser, any version that uses the new QA. Some report that it reverts to the new animated GIF choice, but for me it just goes back to another non-animated older background choice. I realize that the QA page is under rebuilding (at least I hope it is still under construction) and that these issues are a result of that updating; I just hope that it isn't considered "done" at this time and that all of the features that it previously had in this new version will be implemented before it is completed.
  15. Well, that wouldn't solve the actual problem which is that when one changes the background to what they prefer, it doesn't stick upon the next opening of the browser and instead it reverts back to the animated GIF. What needs to be done is to figure out how to get it back to how it was working before they added the new background entries so that once you select the background you want, it stays that way for each successive restart. No need to remove the GIF's.