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  1. Very soon customizable skins for mx5!

    Wilser, thanks for replying. Right now, I am using a modified UIMain.dat that Tony, our other skins guy, made and posted to achieve the tab bar being below the address bar. I found that with this file mod, if I do turn on the Favorites bar, the tab bar appears between the Favorites bar and the address bar. It seems to work just fine for me right now. However, that is all it accomplishes (as that is all it was intended to accomplish) and it would be nice to be able to add it as an option (this mod is just for this with no option to turn it on or off as Tony intended) to any or all of your skins, especially if you include some other modifications in your skins. Your choice and option to do with your skins as you desire; just putting my 2 cents into the discussion and I am sure that I will more than appreciate whatever you come up with as this is not my strong point. Thanks again.
  2. Very soon customizable skins for mx5!

    Welcome back. I "Liked" them so that the count will go up, but I won't be using any of them as the only skin change I would like is the tab bar able to be the bottom bar in the top group, below the address bar and the favorites bar (which I don't use anyway) and the last tool bar above the content window. I'm sure that when you get enough "likes" and go ahead with this project, that you will be able to incorporate something along those lines down the road. Good work nonetheless. Thanks.
  3. Clearing Browser cache

    Thanks, just needed a little reminder for this aging memory. I think I know how to go to the menu, however and I have never used that feature before. I thought there was a file that needed to be cleared but I guess this way makes it simpler. Thanks again.
  4. Clearing Browser cache

    I should know this and I did search but only found the suggestion to "clear your browser cache and cookies" without any directions as to just how to accomplish that. Sorry, I simply do not remember just how to do this in MX5. Could someone be so kind as to help refresh my memory? I am having difficulty with an HDCP issue and one of the suggested things to do to help solve the issue is to clear my cache. All help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. tabs on bottom

    Thanks, Tony. I so far have just used your UIMain.dat and have the tabs below the address bar, and above the main window, which is what I asked for a long time ago, so I'm happy. What more would updating the UIHuge.dat file do?
  6. Updated User Agent

    Thank you.
  7. MX5-Quick Access V1.6 is online

    Well, as is the case most of the time, the haters will always be the most prevalent writing out their complaints. When people are satisfied or happy with a feature, they usually just use it and don't have anything to say. So, let me the first that you see that loves the new QA. And I don't see why the "haters" are not liking it except that it is different and it takes a little time to get it set up the way you can use it. I find it better to use than the "old" with tabbed pages for each group. And I have also seen very little in the way of questions asking for help in using the new QA before just complaining or calling it "unusable". So, yes there are some that do like it but feel no need to praise it. Please don't use this very small participation forum to gauge the amount of support or lack of support a feature may have among Maxthon users. I have been a contributing member of this forum for over 10 years and the naysayers have always been much more prevalent than those that praise.
  8. Thank you so much for this auto updater. HBO Go now works in ultra mode. I had been trying to update or enable or whatever the flash in MX5 for a while with no success. I had to watch HBO Go in Retro mode until today! Ran the MX Flash Updater 0.65b and it solved that problem right away. Thanks again. ( Just for info, I had to download the file, close MX5 and run the file as admin to get it to work, but it tells you that as you go and then it worked as designed). Now, should this updater file be saved and used with each new update or will it only work for current version? It looks like it should work for any version.
  9. I don't think BugMissoo6 understood your question. Multiple instances of Maxthon in task manager is perfectly normal as it is designed to keep the whole browser from crashing when just one item or page crashes. Version number doesn't matter as this has been this way since MX3, I believe. This is not a problem at all.
  10. Updated User Agent

    Chrome just updated itself on my machine to 50.0.2661.75 m if that will make a difference in one's UA.
  11. Spellchecker in Facebook comments

    English language here, same maxthon version. Same problem and it's been around for some time now. I use the spell check to see what to change then change it manually as I lose everything if I click to change. This is getting to be a drag because I am such a sloppy typer and have to make corrections all of the time.
  12. Problem with IE in Retro Mode

    Thanks, 7Twenty, that box was not checked though I thought it was, so thanks for reminding me to check it. And BugMiss006, I have modified my UA, so thanks to you as well. Now I'll have to see how it all works.
  13. I have IE11 installed on my computer. However, many sites I have tried retro mode with display a message that says I am using an older version of IE no longer supported by that site and that I should update to a newer version of IE, and suggest IE9 or newer. One even thought I was using IE6. But as I said, I have IE11 installed and no trace of any older IE versions. Could this be a user agent issue? I have what I believe is the latest UA copied from this forum and I don't see any reference to IE in that UA string. Any advice as to how to get Maxthon to use IE11 and to show sites that I am using IE11 when I go into retro mode? Thanks. Oh, and it is 5:54 P.M. where I am posting this, and Maxthon is still telling me it is 12:54A.M. Would really like to get this time zone problem solved soon.
  14. Print to PDF

    I just printed this page to PDF using the Foxit Reader PDF printer as my printer option. Worked just fine and from Webkit mode.
  15. I don't think that's what he is referring to as he said "Pop Up Notifications that appear in the lower right", not on the status bar, which are on the left. I don't see any popups in that location on the lower right, so I don't know what he is dealing with as he wasn't specific as to what the popups are about.