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  1. I can not reproduce this. I can scroll the QA page right away.
  2. MX5 - tabs under the address bar

    Thanks for trying Tony, really. But now the menu icon is completely under the customize UI icon and is not able to be clicked. And as far as doing it myself, I have tried in the past and have no clue where to begin changing anything as I don't know what lines do what. For this modified dat file to work for me, the whole quick tools part needs to move to the left. Look it's not that big a deal for me and on top of that, I use a utility called Display Fusion that adds 2 icons on the top bar to be used to switch monitors of the open program (which I can enable and disable but mostly leave them enabled), so I don't want you to waste any more of your time trying to help me solve a problem I have come to learn to live with. This what I get without the Display Fusion icons enabled And this is what I have with the Display Fusion icons enabled. I have a three monitor setup and the Display Fusion stuff makes it easier than dragging to move windows from one monitor to the other and as noted and shown with the screen shots the icons can be easily enabled or disabled if they are in the way of accessing other icons on the Quick Tools bar, so not really of concern with this particular dat file modification. I recall you saying that you use your own modified skin so does that have anything to do with why I see a different toolbar than you do? Just curious and I still thank you for trying to help me with this. (I didn't take a screen shot of the first modified file's results but may do that as well so that you can see what your changes produced, but I have to finish this and close the browser to do that, so I may come back with an edit) Edit: This is what I see with your first modified dat file: So you see now what I was talking about. I post just for your knowledge and have no idea why it does this for me and not for you but it's been fun playing around with it all. And I should have mentioned that this is all using MX5.2.4.100. Thanks again for your interest.
  3. MX5 - tabs under the address bar

    Thanks Tony. What I observed: I can't access the menu icon as the minimize button and the Customize UI buttons overlap and take precedent and hiding just about everything in the tools toolbar doesn't help. I do appreciate the effort and have hoped for this for some time but have given up doing it myself a while ago. Snow Leopard had a modified set of dat files for a while that did the trick for me but they too stopped working for me, as you have pointed out due to code changes in the UI files. Thanks again.
  4. Maxthon 5 favourities

    Further, just what Favorites are you using and seeing this: from the favorites bar, the side bar, the favorites dropdown (the star on the left side toolbar) or Maxnote. Curious since you mention scrolling to the right side, where most favorites are displayed up and down; the only place I can think of where one scrolls left to right is on the Favorites bar, which you choose a folder to be displayed and then order that folder however you want it or am I missing something?
  5. The desktop icon is abnormal

    Just don't "repair it"; click the X in the upper right corner to close it. I change the name of the icon to indicate which version the icon represents ( as a tester I have several versions installed and icons for each one; if I didn't change their names , I would have a bunch of MX5 named icons and wouldn't know which one is which). As such I see the message after installing and changing the icon every time. If I would choose to repair it, it reverts back to MX5, which I don't want, so I just close the message box and that seems to work to make it go away and my icons stay as I have changed them. I agree that the wording of it being "abnormal" is misleading and probably the result of a translation and I also don't know why those that have chosen to not place an icon on the desktop during installation are seeing this message, though I am guessing that if the icon was originally there and then deleted, this message will appear. But I don't agree at all with NickC4555's opinion about the integrity of the product.
  6. Tabs do not fit the screen boundary

    Did you totally misunderstand what I wrote? There is no version, it's 3000. And I didn't ask why you wanted to roll back, I just commented that I never experience auto updating, so I can't help with trying to figure out how to stop it from happening. Not sure what you thought I meant, but I also don't have any problems with that version so I also don't have a clue what the problems are that you "can't stand". And I am now using and experience no problems with it.
  7. Tabs do not fit the screen boundary

    The latest official release is But I'm sorry that I don't know how to stop auto updating as I never have to deal with it but also not sure why that is.
  8. Just what version are you talking about? There is no version or 5.4..3000. The latest beta is and the last official version is And MX5 uses a different data file than MX3 (and MX4 uses the MX3 folder).
  9. Maxthon Cloud Browser

    The page that your link goes to only talks about iPod and iPad plus Android. But the file that I downloaded is mx5.2.3.3000.exe which is the same as the desktop version would be. Do you know if this version is only for mobile devices or will it also work on a Win 10 desktop and Win10 tablet? Just curious and can wait for an official release, either internal or public, if it's not for me.
  10. Stop MX5 open PDF files

    I also have the same settings for that one as well, Magdalene. The combination of the setting in General>Download Settings and in Advanced/ Default File Type/ File Type Association made it work for me.
  11. Stop MX5 open PDF files

    I use Foxit Reader as my default PDF reader, and have the settings just as displayed in Magdalene's post. When I click on a PDF for downloading I get a "download file" dialog and then I click on "Open", a download manager window opens but nothing is downloaded and the PDF opens in Foxit. It used to open in Maxthon until I changed that setting. But even then, I clicked a couple of times on the PDF window download arrow and it would open in Foxit. Are you all clicking on "Save" perhaps instead of "Open"?
  12. Mine as well. The solution is right there in front of them and it has been working for me for years. I run it as admin for every version installation and never have this problem. Axiom41, have you really tried the Flash updater that 7twenty posted a link to? If not, then you haven't tried everything.
  13. Adblocker?

    First time for me as well. The question now is if there is a difference between the install and portable versions since I haven't had to install it separately in my latest install version of
  14. I did a search for MX Flash Updater and that is one thread that came up, and the one you link to was not there. Thanks for coming to the rescue on the later version.
  15. I'm a tester and have been installing Maxthon releases since 2004. The Maxthon installer remembers where your last install went. I never have used the subfolders but instead install all of my versions (public and internal) into new folders with the name of the version series. I.E. Maxthon5.1.6.x, Maxthon5.2.2.x, Maxthon5.2.3.x since I see so many versions (I currently have four Maxthon versions installed), and I never install a new series over and older one. I also don't let Maxthon autoupdate itself so that I have control over where and how it is installed. ( I realize most folks just want to use it and not mess with this stuff most of the time) So, no I haven't done a total fresh install in a long time (I'm assuming that you mean that you also remove the %appdat%\roaming\Maxthon5 folder, which is the data file for all Maxthon 5 versions and installs, as well as the Program Files (x86) Maxthon5 folder when you say "fresh install") so I have seen that Maxthon wants to create the subfolder when I go to the Advanced dialog a long time ago and just eliminated it in the path line; now the installer displays where my last install went and I can either accept that path or modify it. And I have never seen anything about a request to install Flash Plugin. A while ago, there was Flash Updater utility posted by one of my fellow insiders called "MX Flash Updater_1.05" that I run after each new installation that updates the flash for Maxthon to the latest flash that Windows has installed. I'm not sure if that utility is still available on the forum but maybe it's author will read this and fill us all in on where it may be downloaded from. I will also attempt to find it myself. Edit: This thread is all I could find from 2 years ago but it is about the first edition of the utility and may be interesting for you. Maybe the author, 7twenty, can add some insight into how to obtain it: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/bug-tracker/general-support/which-flash-player-version-for-maxthon-r257/