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  1. Hi Maxthon Team, I am trying to Log In in Crowdin Translation webpage "" and I can't access to page. I have a account but when I try to 'Log In' in the web, page send me to 'Log Out' again and again. I access to the web page with Google+ account. If I try with Retro mode I can access, but with ULTRA mode I can't. I try with others browsers and them work fine too. I use mx5.2.4.3000 browser and I update browser to last version, mx5.2.5.1000 but nothing. I am using this browser in crowdin years ago, and I never had any problem. Thanks!
  2. Crowdin Log In issue

    I fixed it. It's a "Google multiple sign-in" problem. Now I have the account I want use as default account again and can Log In OK. Sorry and Thanks!
  3. UserAgent options are outdated

    You can edit UA settings manually: i.e Chrome/26.0.1410.43 to Chrome/36.0.1410.43