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  1. Basque Language for Android MX5

    Thanks BugMiss006, This is a good new. I don't join beta plan. Can you get me a MX5beta.apk in other way, out of googleplay? You can send me it via PM. Otherwise I will wait for next official release.
  2. Basque Language for Android MX5

    Thank you very much for your reply BugMiss006, I hope see MX5 in Basque soon...
  3. Hi Maxthon Team, I am Basque translator for Maxthon projects for several years. I need use MX5 for Android with Basque language, I have it full translated in Crowdin "", but when I install or update MX5 for Android, I can't set it with Basque Language GUI. Please, can you add basque language in MX5 language options?
  4. UserAgent options are outdated

    You can edit UA settings manually: i.e Chrome/26.0.1410.43 to Chrome/36.0.1410.43