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  1. I have got a strange issue with MX5 ( and my system sound (Win7 Ultimate SP1 x64). When I play any stream(s) on, I can hear the streamer(s) audio(s), but everything else on my system becomes mute, including any game or audio application I would launch. All application I try to use afterward simply stop producing any sound. I have tried playing around with my audio settings, in particular: Playback devices > Speakers > Advanced > Exclusive Mode, which I unchecked. I have tried about 5 other browsers and none of them exhibit this issue. I don't know if this is somehow specific to my computer or settings, and if it is, won't that affect other browsers? Or is there some option in MX5 I missed?
  2. MX5 hijacks system sound?

    I do not use Facebook, but I do not remember facing this issue while using YT. I am almost sure everything was looking normal in sound mixer as I was fiddling about in there looking for a solution and did not see anything weird. I have not encountered it again, so I cannot check to be 100% sure, but it did happen with another browser (I am not 100% sure but it may have been Comodo Dragon which is based on Chrome). I did not encounter it with Brave or Firefox though. Firefox did give me another issue with my SSD/HDD spiking and nearly locking my system after I left multiple streams running for hours. Not sure what that was. I did switch to Brave for the twitch event just to run multiple streams overnight and everything ran fine and I never had system sound issues. Anyway, if this happens again with MX I will double check everything you guys mentioned.
  3. hi, I am having several bugs with MX5 relating to Google products. I tried upgrading to the latest version to no avail. (1) Google passwords not getting saved MX5 has issues storing passwords for Google related sites (Gmail, Google Docs, etc) which all have a unified portal. Not sure if this bug affects other sites. - MX5 does not auto-notify to store name/password on initial manual entry, like it does for most other sites. - I have to manually save the name/password as a Fill Form. - Even as Fill Form, MX5 does not auto invoke either name or password. - I have to manually right-click and press Fill Form for the name part for it to show. This part works. - Trying to manually right-click and press Fill Form for the password does nothing: the box remains empty. - I'm forced to copy-paste the password every time. By this I mean the copy-pasted password will persist until I clear browsing data and empty cookies. - Emptying cookies will make the password disappear again, back to the previous issue, until I copy-paste it again. (2) Google Docs & Sheets stuck on Reconnecting... (again) It seems this old bug is back. After logging into Google Docs or Sheets, I am stuck indefinitely with a "Reconnecting..." message. Neither site is accessible at this point. (3) Youtube videos not showing any comments Load any Youtube vid, and you will notice that no comments are showing below it. Load the same vid into another browser and the comments are displayed.
  4. MX5 Google-breaking bugs!!

    @BugSir006 That is precisely the issue I am having!! I am saving info manually as fill form: when logging in, the name appears, but the pass does not. I have to paste it manually.
  5. MX5 Google-breaking bugs!!

    @7twenty Indeed the Youtube comments issue was caused by a Youtube ABP custom filter. The "Reconnecting" problem with Google products is not happening today. It does not seem to have been caused by the above filter since the filter is on but the "Reconnecting" error is not showing. The main issue is with the passwords. I also encountered the certificate issue that AndroidDev mentioned.
  6. I agree. Just saying there is an easy fix till an update drops.
  7. As Kilmatar suggested, just go to windows file extensions (Set Associations) and change .url (Internet shortcut) to Internet Browser.
  8. Hmmm .. I re-uploaded the image. I guess I messed up the first time Ty ... this maybe a "work-around", but the issue is really big lists of favorites, and the manager is the best and right tool to work with them :/
  9. Hi, This is an old issue that I have had with Maxthon for a long time. I have reported it on the old forums a couple of time without a fix so far. by the way, I tried creating this thread in the Bug Report subforum but I had no access. BUG: Basically, when I am in Favorites Manager, I have a hard time dragging favorites around, mainly because the "black repositioning line" is either very finicky or does not show at all. Normally, when I want to drag a fav to another spot, I left-click the link, move it up or down the list till I get to the new spot, move the mouse a bit till I get the "black repositioning line", then release the mouse and the link gets repositioned. This works but only sometimes. I often have difficulty getting the "black line" to show properly. It either does not show at all or it gets "tricky", i.e. it shows for a fraction of a second and I have to keep moving the mouse back and forth -in the little space of the new spot- until the "black line" appears. It seems that the "black line" becomes very precise, and I have to hit certain pixel for it to show. I have tried a couple of work-arounds, none of which are practical or reliable or even help much. The best work-around is to zoom-in very much, like 200%, which sometimes helps make the "black line" appear, but not always. I hope the explanation is clear. I am attaching a small image about the "black line" that I am referring to. Additional Info: OS: Win 7 64-bit Browser: Mx (default) IE: IE 11 (but I never use it) Passport: I do not use passport Extensions or skins: None (using default) The bug occurs only with Maxthon The bug occurs in Maxthon's Favorites Manager all the time. Thanks!
  10. Ah ok .. well I hope this issue gets sorted as it has been plaguing me for a very long time It has been the only flaw I see in an otherwise awesome browser that I have been using since the days of MyIE2 v1 lol Edit: Btw does the image attachment in the first post show for you?