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  1. I can't import bookmarks?

    C'mon my bookmarks without titles still don't work in
  2. I can't import bookmarks?

    With Edge browser i can import my titles bookmarks just fine just MX5 is behind. Looks like i got myself a pet bug with MX5.
  3. I can't import bookmarks?

    Any news on the situation, still can't import on I like to use MX5 but you don't let me, i will wait for 5.0.5 beta than.
  4. I can't import bookmarks?

    With mouse over icon. If you got small screen and a lot of bookmarks than that saves the problem, but not in MX5 i guess, still stuck in IE era, other browsers can do both. So will you add this feature: Add ability to save bookmark without title
  5. I can't import bookmarks?

    I don't use any names for my bookmarks just icons, looks like that's the problem. I can't save to Maxnote without title that's the way that IE bookmarks work. Maybe feature request than: Add ability to save bookmark without title!
  6. I can't import bookmarks?

    I was on forum before, couple years back before you changed all this so thanks anyway. I use normal install. I don't save or sync anything to the cloud. I test browsers to see who is better regularly, Vivaldi, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and i import bookmarks from my backup bookmarks file. I did try to import directly from Firefox or Chrome but it's the same result.
  7. I can't import bookmarks?

    This problem is still there with, i can import in every browser just MX5 is not working.
  8. I use and if i import bookmarks from Chrome or from HTML backup file i just get an empty folder?