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  1. How to re-enable Adblock Plus?

    I found 1KB file, i doubt that this can fix anything. Using uninstall with fix it option, it did reset browser, but second run was the same as before. I have deleted Maxthon folder in roaming folder and start over after uninstalling and it worked.
  2. MX5 is no good to me

    I will stop asking then but i like my workflow with every browser out there. If i put Alt+0160 into title i just get Alt+0160?
  3. I have deleted Adblock Plus from addons, how i get it back? I can't find it in extension center?
  4. MX5 is no good to me

    It's not ideal but it works for now, after using AltGr+W for separator.
  5. MX5 is no good to me

    I see guys you don't have any imagination, i will add ( | ) AltGr+W. I'm not here to reinvent the wheel, that's your job. I did ask for: Add ability to save bookmark without title
  6. MX5 is no good to me

    I like your thinking. Can't add or edit bookmarks to use no name. Is that better?
  7. MX5 is no good to me

    What's your point, i don't use drop down bookmarks menu, i have removed that option anyway. Less work if i just use any other browser out there. You don't even have an ad blocker in your extension center?
  8. MX5 is no good to me

    The last one,
  9. MX5 is no good to me

    I get nothing if i try to import bookmarks without title. Can't save bookmark without title.
  10. Can't create or import bookmarks without title. Can't install uBlock Origin.