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  1. You say almost all what I feel myself. Recently I swithed to firefox, it's realy fast and stable! Now I'm pereodically run maxthon to see if it is become better...but still not. One thing, that I'm realy missing is multisearch, I can't find something, that can work like in maxthon( If somebody knows, please tell me!
  2. So it is looks like Maxthon forced us to use this function...Pity thing indeed. Recently I visited subforum with skins, it is almost empty. There used to be a lot of themes for mx4*, but it seems to nobody wants to do them for MX5. That is why, I only hope that developers in the new releases will add function to hide this icon.
  3. Hi everyone. In Mx note buton has been appeared. It's useless for me, but I can't find option to hide it. Could somebody help me?