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  1. Same for me. Plus vk.com can't be opened, html5test.com stucks. OS - Win10 16215. Downgraded to previous version.
  2. Default search engine

    I found out that you have encoding GB2312. It is Chinese encode. May be in your system or somewhere else there is a such default. And in another russian forum one man asked about the same problem, but I can't figure out could he solved it or not : http://forum.ru-board.com:9000/topic.cgi?forum=5&topic=48709&start=880
  3. Default search engine

    I mean font settings in browser, not in your system.
  4. Default search engine

    Hi, I can't reproduce your issue. Kinopoisk works ok in MX5 and it worked fine in maxthon 4.4 and 4.9. I suppose you have some encryption or font issues. May be some changes in web page font settings could help.
  5. Speed dial icons

    Hey guys, is there something new about speed dial icons bug? I have two laptops with mx5. In one of them mx5 5.0.3000, in another In the first laptop(*.3000), icons in the QA mostly white or "invisible", in the second(*500), there is only a few "lost" or "transfered" (from "hot" to "screenshot") icons and also in all of them there is no opportunity to make "hot" icons. I'm tired to reinstall "stable" versions of MX5 because of such bugs. If there is any suggestions to solve such situation without clean install? PS. I think such bug could be named critical and after a week (topic is dated may 23) it is not fixed yet. I have such feeling, that developpers now works mostly for new platforms - ios/mac, and they have not got enogh time/opportunities to keep in good shape all other projects. That is why we still haven't got stable QA, normal theme integration and so on. By the way it all WAS in maxthon 4. May be it is better to make less, but better? May be it is NOT a good idea to represent a half-baked "new" things (like this modern dissappearing QA) to the stable versions, but firstly test them on betas? *thinking out loud*
  6. Mx5 almost is a year old browser but QA is still horrible. May be developpers forget, that there was Maxthon 4? Sometimes I use publick wi-fi networks. QA is an internet page, not local as in Maxthon 4, so it doesn't open and give me errors. That errors dissappears only after restarting the browser. Sometimes pictures of the sites in QA dissapeares, then next day or something like this appears again. I have faced already twice with another bug: there is a white list instead of QA. In this case only full uninstall of the browser helps (including personal data). When I was on Maxthon 4 I didn't think about QA because there was no need to do that! It worked as should without such errors plus there were a cool grouping function, several express-panels and so on. Now QA is a brand new thing, that looks like a scroll from Harry Potter. I don't against innovations, but they should be better or at least not worse then predecessor. Honestly, I'm still with maxthon (not with Vivaldi or Edge) only because of 2 things: touchscreen options (back-forward) and multisearch. I hope that QA will be great again and doesn't outweight all good things in Mx5.