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  1. Were you expecting 403? On the 5.1.3 it works this way. If I fully sync on 5.1.3 and then update I get the fully synced message. If the result is the HTTP status then 200 would be OK and 403 forbidden, which appears and should mean that the server does not allow a faster sync or smthing.
  2. changed to and bookmarks started downloading. Here is a print. also browser up to date (NOT ), but this was also available for each version. Stopped working a while back.
  3. Here is the capture
  4. it's actually I've found some new bookmarks in a folder, but the speed is really slow...must be the server speed, as my connection is not the problem. |I have all the bandwidth I need. From what I can tell tunel to start when I press sync. I guess the body should be larger than 0 if any transfer were to happen. In the last capture sync failed where I selected.
  5. The only thing it does is: synchronizing, but it's blocked
  6. Thx for the answer. Already tried. Syncing forever, or at some point it fails. My local settings are not an issue as it gets some data from Maxthon server, but cannot take all of it. Tried on other laptops, same thing. Only partial sync.
  7. I cannot understand how syncing works as there is no way to tell if it's fully synced. I have a fresh win10 64bit install and installed Maxthon v5.2.5.1000. First initial sync only loads a few bookmarks and passwords. After I close it and open it it does adds more bookmarks but this is the limit. Nothing else gets loaded no matter what I do. Any advices? I tried on multiple windows versions and pc's. Mobile is still filled with all the bookmarks.