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  1. @zork Thanks! I'll try that. I just find another work around: click the download folder text box to show pull down history item list. I just delete all of them and enter new folder, it will get work, though kinda trivial.
  2. @zork I already uncheck that checkbox but it doesn't help. Where does the download folder setting store? Can I manually edit it with notepad if in config file, or regedit if stored in registry? By the way, I always use portable version.
  3. I invoke download dailog then change folder to another one using browse button or manually type-in but next time I invoke download dialog the folder is going back to old one. No way to change the default folder value. This doesn't happen previous version I uses. How to fix this?
  4. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    For MX5.2.6.600 and maximized mode, Font on page tab is a bit higher and feels compact in wierd way, see the screen shot:
  5. Small fonts on some pages

    I download the lastest version and happen to go to this url: The font size becomes very tiny (I'm sure the zoom factor is 100%). After restored to previous version, it gets back normal. I think it's a bug!
  6. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    1.Can we add the "go link" button on address bar? Sometimes, I only use wireless mouse but no keyboard when I only see video and sit faraway. So please add that back, if possible. 2.Current night mode is quite harmful to eyes. Please bring back the old well-done night mode, if possible. 3.Old MX3's block-by-click ad blocking function is very friendly. Please make it back, if possible.
  7. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    I unzip all files into bin but don't know what to do next? I've treied unzip start folder and two UI*.dat files from to bin. I see button changed but there's no background image as shown in the first post?
  8. I'm using Maxthon PC 4.4.8. Each time I drag-drop a label to a mail title in Gmail. Maxthon will open a new page tab with same gmail url as the original one. If I drag-drop 5 times, it will 5 page tab with same gmail urll. In other browsers, e.g. Chrome, Firefox or IE, this doesn't happened. What's wrong and how to fix it?
  9. When I setup a speed-dial tile with a yahoo or youtube url, it just shows a logo of yahoo or youtube instead of actual screen shot of that url. If there multiple of these urls, I can tell which one is the url I want to link. Is there a way to change the logo to actual screenshot of specified url in a tile?
  10. Mousewheel doesnt works in google maps

    Confirmed here. Mouse wheel on zooming only works in Retro mode. In Ultra mode, you can use double clicking to do zooming. Left - zoom in, Right - zoom out. I'm using Maxthon Cloud portable v on Windows 7 64bit