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  1. I open google and bring up Traditional Chinese input method to type in Chinese to search. Each time I type in phonetic symbols, there's always a floating popup window to show the phonetic symbols I've typed. It is disappeared in this new version. Going back to old version, it's normal, though. I use Windows standard Chinese input method and another chewing input method. Both have this problem.
  2. MX5 night mode looks unpleasant to eyes

    Thanks! This really helps.
  3. This is the feeling of my whole families. They all think the night mode in MX3 or MX4 is more pleasant than MX5 much. I feel hurt to my eye when I switch to night mode in MX5. If many people feel the same, hope the night mode can be improved. Note: I sit at couch and use my digital TV (55") as my computer screen. The distance from TV to me is about 3M.
  4. Why MX5 blocks taskbar most of the time?

    Thanks for you attention. I'll try your advice. NOTE: I use Maxthon since its MyIE2 era (note: I also kept almost all the verisons I've used). As a very beginning old user, I constantly have many bug reports. Hope this won't bother you guys.
  5. mess-code title when save to favorite

    I check the encoding, it's UTF-8. Could it because I'm Traditional-Chinese Win7? I attach a recorded video. ======= EDIT: I think I may find the problem: I've import this link from exported MX4 favorite html file before. As I said in my post, it creates mess code favorite item. And when I retype the link and try to save it to any other favorite folder. MX5 will see it exists (even if it's in another folder other than the folder I currently want to save to) and bring up that old favorite item's title (which is mess code, of course). I delete the old item and open that link and save to favorite again, this time the title is back to normal. So I THINK THE PROBLEM IS "WHEN MX5 IMPORT FAVORITE FILES, IT WILL CREATE THE MESS-CODE TITLES". ONCE THE MESS-CODE EXISTS IN FAVORITE FOLDER, THE SAME LINK WON'T HAVE NORMAL TITLE IN ITS WHOLE LIFE. mess-code_favorite_title.mp4
  6. Explained as title and please see the attached video. Is there any workaround? Note: In the video, I can only bring up taskbar to front by using Windows key. Note: I'm using Win7 64bit + MX portable. Note: In my experience using MX3 and MX4, the chance is also high in MX4 but quite less in MX3. Maybe your developers can study codes of MX3. MX5_blocks_taskbar.mp4
  7. I open this link: and see the title on page tab well ([剧场版][欢迎来到宇宙SHOW][720P-1080P][中日双语字幕]_完结动画_番剧_bilibili_哔哩哔哩). Then I try to save it to favorite and find the title becomes mess codes ([??版][?迎?到宇宙SHOW][720P/1080P][中日??字幕]_完???_番?_bilibili_?哩?哩). The title is also ok when save it as a desktop link. 2nd experiment: I open Maxthon 4. Export favorites to a html file. Then I open MX5 and import the html file. It will also cause same mess-code title problem. Note: That link belongs to some China website and the title is simplified chinese mixed with english. This problem only happens in MX5. MX3 and MX4 are both ok. Note: I'm using Win7 64bit + MX portable.
  8. I got it wrong. The taskbar is auto-hide. I later move it to left side before I took the video capture. My original intention is trying to resize MX5 so if I move mouse cursor to left margin of screen to bring up taskbar, MX5 won't block this action. Anyway, the problem still exists but I decide to find an easy workaround by disabling auto-hide and maximize MX5. Thanks for your help and sorry this took you a lot of time.
  9. First, answer your guys questions:My taskbar is at bottom. And I didn't enable auto-hide. Allow me to detail my concern: If you read my question, maximized mode will block taskbar some time, so I restore the Windows and try to shorten its height so it won't overlap with taskbar at bttom (also even I move top of MX5 to align with top screen, the status bar of MX5 is beyond the bottom of screen, meaning the height is too large). Due to the resize problem, I can't shorten the height. Second, excuse me for my mistaken of version. It's I'll try to upgrade to .3000 to see if this problem gone. EDIT: No chance in I attach a recorded video file of this problem. I have two accounts on this PC, each has its own MX5 portable (both are now The 2nd account doesn't have this problem. I also copy 2nd account's MX5 to overwrite 1st account's MX5. But the problem still exists in 1st account. Any idea why? cant resize video.mp4
  10. Find two bugs: 1. I'm using Maxthon on Win7 64. find when I maximize MX5, the task bar is blocked by MX5 sometimes due to don't know what reason. 2. Due to point 1, I restore MX5 and try to move and resize it so it won't overlap with taskbar but I find MX5 won't let me do it. MX5 seems to disable these actions on purpose. Why do this bizarre restriction?
  11. I add a Quickacess block with url, say, The screenshot is blank due to the website is temporarily dead at the time I add Quickacess. Later, when is back online again, I re-add it to QuickAcess block but screenshot is keeping blank. I clean cache of MX5 and redo it agian, still in vain. Then again, using same workaround of my another post, I enter in address bar, see the page contents, then right click on page tab and choose "push > my QuickAcess", the screenshot is ok.
  12. Using MX, I right click on QuickAcess folder name ("New Folder") but no such menu option. How can I rename it? ===== EDIT: Forum effect. I have to open it and click on the big folder name on top.
  13. Why MX4 can't play this video?

    That solution doesn't work for this problem. I've tried. That's why I take 2nd link in that question here and ask a new question.
  14. It seem to have nothing to do with which site cause at that time no matter what sites I opened, that push to quick acess just doesn't work. I exit MX5 and run again and thing's getting normal, though. (Note: The sites I can't "push" when problem occurred are: and )