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  1. What about Extensions Center?

    If it's true, this is because of Mining Go and invitation codes. They could just disable comments for one extension.
  2. Hi. guys! I had to write about this many week ago, but... What's wrong with Extensions Center? Does it work? I tried to write reply, but I can not add new comment. Just white screen and nothing more. I hoped it's temporary, but it still does not work for me. Now I hope MX Team just preparing big update for Extensions Center and they have no reason to fix old bugs. Because we really need new Extensions Center: with notification and developer's pages. Now feedback is broken...
  3. AD Block extension missing

    Maxthon still has build-in AdBlock Plus, but now if you want to activate it, you have to install the extension.
  4. Adblocker?

    Can you write to me in DM? I did not use forum for many mounth and don't remember how it works. I can write what you have to do to broke browser by NoAds. If bug is fixed, MX will work fine.
  5. Adblocker?

    You always could do this, but it doesn't exist.Only old version of NoAds with critical bug. ABP for MX was ported by ABP team, not MX. This is official extension, just build-in browser. If you want to see uBlock, AdGurad, Adblock or something else, you should write to add-on developers. But uBlock is only one man. I don't think he will do this for one more browser... It's probably because of any build-in ad filter. Do you remember AdSkipper? The same story. Let's try to contact with NoAds developer. We need to know why it does not work. Maybe old bug is already fixed for MX5 or maybe MX Team can do something with this. But it does not matter untill we don't have connection with a guy who ported NoAds to MX. He's probably Russian. Нужно попробовать связаться с парнем, который портировал NoAds, и узнать, почему именно его расширение не работает. Возможно, баг уже исправили, когда обновляли браузер до MX5. Ну или, быть может, Maxthon смогут это исправить. В любом случае нам нужно с ним связаться. Он вроде бы русский, но у меня его найти не получилось...
  6. He said his email was lost and now he has to create a new account on Maxthon Passport. It's bad, because ha made add-ons and now he does not have access. I think MX Team can help and change email without verification via old email.Because they see when he was online and they can ask something to be sure that this is the same user. Or they can use phone number for this. But do we have any in MX Team who're ready to spend time for this?
  7. I'll just put it in here... This is the reason why now I'm not worried about Maxthon changes. They changed target audience. Old users don't like it, but it's OK. And maybe this is really right step for company (not for us, but globally this's not so important). Если нужен перевод на русский, найти его можно здесь. P.S. 1. BTW, comments on Extensions Center don't work. I can't reply and can't write rewiew. 2. If YouTube Center works on other browsers, the script may work on Maxthon too. Try to contact with developer or just use ViolentMonkey.
  8. breaks extensions.

    What about original script?
  9. Oh... I read your road map, and there is not what I was waiting for... There are common phrases: improvements, optimization, update, upgrade, etc. But what does it mean? Because even if I don't like what you do with you browser, I still know that you're working. I know that I'll see some improvements, some optimization, some update and some upgrade. But what will be these? I saw 3 important things only: Nitro, Blink and extensions. And even these are not so clear...
  10. Yep. But users need popular lists directly in ABP. There are regional lists only.
  11. I think this is something more than just "change ABP to uBlock"... ABP is not just extension, this is build-in tool and ABP Team (not MX) made it. But you can ask uBlock developer about this. Because uBlock may be just add-on, like NoAds. And users will have choice. I think any ABP improvements is more important question. Because this is still v.1.0.0 without manual blocking.
  12. Oh... It's good, but... times have changed... Now I need tool to protect my privacy: HTTPS Everywhere, Disconnect, Ghostery, Privacy Badger, etc. I can add Disconnect lists to ABP (btw, why there is not EasyPrivacy?), but what about HTTPS Everywhere or any analogue? Look on Brave (we both know that you know what Brave is). Brave has build-in tools for HTTPS-connection only. This about it. Tooday you really need it, you need it more that other browsers. And think about VPN and proxy. You have clear settings, but... I'm not sure that I can trust any proxy from the web. What about own service or third-party solution?
  13. What about http://extension.maxthon.com/server/go.php?guid=GUID links? Maxthon used this as permanent links to add-on pages: if add-on is available on Extensions Center, this page will be opened. This is "Details" in old versions of MX (MX3, MX4 and MX4.9), these links worked in any browsers. But today it does not work. Is this temporary troubles? Because I used thes links as feedback in my extensions and not it does not work for me. Should I remove Rate and Rewiew from my add-ons? As you need examples: Google Keep Pocket AccuWeather
  14. With new design you can open video in the middle of screen. With no black lines. I hoped this is just a script, but this extension is too difficult for me.
  15. But what about youtube.com/new?