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  1. Hello ! (Add-on Dev)

    But what about MX5 tollbar icons? There are no SDK update, but today you use icon_32 if I don't write something else.
  2. Hello ! (Add-on Dev)

    BTW: If someone here knows how MX works and what you can do in the browser, this is @MaxthonJeff And now he see your question...
  3. Click to block ads

    It was in MX4's AdHunter, but not in MX4's ABP. You can write the rule manually or copy form NoAds. But NoAds may broke your browser. I'm not sure that this bug was fixed in MX5.
  4. Hello ! (Add-on Dev)

    Finally, someone who understands what he's doing! Bad news: there are not so many people, who understand how this browser works...
  5. По поводу красных точек, QR-кодов и т.д. - vc.ru/p/china-ux About red points, QR, etc. - dangrover.com/blog/2014/12/01/chinese-mobile-app-ui-trends.html
  6. Yep. Check extensions in Settings, because not all ones work after installation. But not all add-on have buttons on sidebar or toolbar. Maybe this is just script packed in mxaddon.
  7. Yep... On 1st screenshot - HTML5, on 2d - Flash. I think MX have to use HTML5 player only. So... Do you use extensions or Retro?
  8. А если отключить ABP или переключиться в ретро?
  9. Сильное заявление. Но лучше всё-таки проверить...
  10. В Меню -> Вид нет? У меня эта строка появляется, только если в адресную кликнуть (перемещается сверху). А в остальное время ее вроде бы нет.
  11. When to update nitro.

    Brave is about ads and changing heavy ad to light and simple. Nitro is about simple and light browser without unnecessary functions: only address bar, favorites and ad blocking, no extensions, no skins.
  12. When to update nitro.

    But if they fix font issue and if they add something for userscripts Nitro will be the best browser for geeks. ABP has problems, but we can write guide how to add own rules and I know guys who can write these rules. This is not so hard and MX should understand it. Because Nitro was cool and can be better.
  13. Today I would like to talk about serious issue... So this post is addressed to the Maxthon Team and real true gangsta MLG add-on developers, who really understand how this magic work. In the times of MX3 we had AdHunter. It was a simple, but effective advertising filter. It had two big problems only: it does not have regional lists you could not block ads manually (untill latest versions) So some user (I know nick only and nothing more) make NoAds. It was a port from popular add-on for old Opera. There was regional lists and manual blocking, but... Because of some bug in Chromium code it did not work if you tried to use full lists. So... There were times when NoAds worked not so well and could even "break" browser: if you tried to use full lists you see empty white pages only and only deleting of folder with extension data solved the probmel. MX users don't like to read and so many people asked about this, that developer removed NoAds from Extensions Center. After a few months or years someone upload NoAds in Extensions Center again. I'm not sure that it was real developer, but today NoAds is available again. We saw that MX Team make some changes in MX5 to achieve better compatibility with some popular extensions. And I think that NoAds can really be usefull extension for many users, but I'm not sure that it works OK in MX5. I'm not sure that this is MX problem, maybe only Google can do something with this. But someone should look on this extension. Because there is manual blocking, but it's not exist in ABP. Alternative is always good!
  14. Нет. И вроде как не планируется. Зато планируется добавить расширения из Chrome WebStore. И настройки прокси довольно простые.
  15. The size of MX5 toolbar icons

    And we will have to change icons sizes in every extension what was be uploaded in Extensions Center from 2010. Great! Why do you break something that worked fine everytime when you release new browser? You broke toolbar icons (and all extensions with toolbar menu), skins and transparent sidebar icons (it works with some skins) when released MX4 in 2012. Some of these was not have not been returned until now! It mean that MX3 was better! And now you break toolbar icons, sidebar favorites, transparent sidebar icons (again), etc. Cool! You browser becames better and better... But MX3 had more! Read this. Take every MX stuff who don't know anything about mxaddons, choose mobile version of any popular Chinese website and make simple addon for sidebar panel.