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  1. Microsoft убили официальный букмарклет. То ли случайно, то ли намеренно. Вот этот вроде работает: javascript:q=(document.location.href);void(open('https://www.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?from=&to=auto&a='+escape(q),'_self','resizable,location,menubar,toolbar,scrollbars,status'));
  2. The size of MX5 toolbar icons

    Very bad idea. Build-in extensions and tools look cool, third-party extensions look like soap. I don't see any reason to do this. Because now I have to change icon_16 in so many extensions... Nope.
  3. A few days ago I installed MX5 to check how my extensions wokr there (some users wrote that they have problems). And I want to ask: What icon size is used in MX5 toolbar? Old versions of Maxthon used: icon_16.png for toolbar icon_32.png for sidebar and extensions page icon_48.png for Extensions Center I used 16x16 image for toolbar, but in MX5 it looks... a... as s it's blurry, stretched... I think the real size is about 24x24. And what about old versions? If I use bigger size, how will it look in MX4 for example? What do you think? Did you see something about this in new SDK? Is here new SDK? Or did you liik inside build-in extensions?
  4. 为什么停止nitro开发?

    +1 I like Nitro more than MX4, because MX4 was almost like MX3 with better sync. I don't know why they called it MX4. But Nitro was cool and Nitro really had a chance to compete with other browsers, because Nitro was simple, light and fast. And I know people who was ready to write guide how to add сustom lists for ABP in the last betas. Maxthon could just fix bugs with fonts. And I really don't understand why they did not do this. By the way, I disagree that Nitro needs extensions, synchronization, etc. Nitro is simple and light browser and Nitro have to be simple. Just fix fonts, add normal ABP lists and something for user scripts and Nitro will be the best browser for geeks!
  5. Maxthon 4 and 5

    What extension do you use? I think this is unofficial and author used just "type": "panel" for standart bookmarks page. Probably MX changed address of this page and the extension does not work. Write about this in Extensions Center and author will fix it. P.S. Don't forget about IP on screenshots!
  6. Ну найдешь причину, решишь проблему. Но не факт. Попробуй porbatle, и в начале без синхронизации. Если все норм, тогда надо заморачиваться. А если и там будет вылетать, то косяк самому не исправить.
  7. Я бы попробовал portable... У MX есть три статьи о возможных ошибка: одна про стандартный пляски с бубном, вторая про то, почему браузер не запускается, и третья о причинах вылетов, Почитай. Может помочь. Но там слишком простые и очевидные примеры.
  8. You Tube on smart tv

    Ha-ha! It's looks like Russian
  9. You Tube on smart tv

    Давай по-русски. Что-то я ничего не понимаю. В чем суть?
  10. Customizable Skins for MX5! - - 4000

    Sharing and re-uploading are are different things. If you upload file on other website this is not sharing.
  11. Тогда надо отписаться в англоязычном разделе. Проблемы с видео они обычно фиксят.
  12. А если принудительно переключиться на флэш?
  13. I think all your extensions will be added in MX on new device. But it does not work for on/off.
  14. В настройках покопайся. Давно это было. В MX4 были советы. Это строка состояния. Ищи настройки, связанные с ней.