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  1. OK. "Подробнее" (More) or "Детали" (Details) instead of "Дополнительно" maybe?
  2. OK, let's try again: "Программа улучшения качества" instead of "Участвовать в программе улучшения качества ПО" "Используется по умолчанию" instead of "Maxthon используется как браузер по умолчанию" @BugSir006 @MaxthonJeff
  3. What's up, guys! I want to tell you about the best extension for translation - Ddict. Why is Ddict better than other tools? Because of shortcuts: you can use auto-reading, doulbe-click or Shift. Bad news: it's available for Chrome and Opera only, but not for Firefox or Maxthon. But we still can help the developer to translate his extension to other languages, because he propably use Google for this. Probably never be available for Maxthon, but we can help users of other browsers. English: { "audio": { "message": "Auto Speak if any" }, "clear": { "message": "Clean" }, "dblclick": { "message": "Double Click on word to translate" }, "description": { "message": "Ddict helps you instantly translate text on websites or PDF files by a double-click or a keypress." }, "detect": { "message": "Detect language" }, "name": { "message": "Ddict Translate: Translator - Dictionary" }, "note": { "message": "Need to refresh all tabs to apply above settings." }, "shift": { "message": "Highlight text then press \"Shift\" button to translate" }, "translate": { "message": "Translate" }, "translating": { "message": "Translating..." } } Russian: { "audio": { "message": "Читать автоматически" }, "clear": { "message": "Очистить" }, "dblclick": { "message": "Щёлкните дважды, чтобы перевести" }, "description": { "message": "Ddict позволяет мгновенно переводить тексты, веб-сайты или PDF-файлы двойным кликом или нажатием клавиш." }, "detect": { "message": "Определить язык" }, "name": { "message": "Ddict Translate: переводчик + словарь" }, "note": { "message": "Обновите вкладки, чтобы применить настройки." }, "shift": { "message": "Выделите текст и нажмите \"Shift\" для перевода" }, "translate": { "message": "Перевести" }, "translating": { "message": "Переводим..." } } P. S. There are rumors that Yandex.Translate will be integrated into Ddict soon. And, as you probably know, Maxthon Team try to add extensions for Chrome to their Nitro. So, maybe Ddict will be usefull for MX users.
  4. OK, they will need help with this: "Программа улучшения качества" instead of "Участвовать в программе улучшения качества ПО" "Используется по умолчанию" instead of "Maxthon используется как браузер по умолчанию" When the valantry on Crowdin translate the terms they don't see UI.
    1. A.S.


      As I know today Maxthon stopped trying to add Chrome extension to MX, but they want to add this to remake of Nitro (it probably will be named LivesOne Browser).

      • Containers are developed by Mozilla and this is exclusive for Firefox.
      • AdBlock Plus and unfixed NoAds (I have to fix it manualy) are the only adblockers for MX as I know.
      • LastPass is available for MX.
      • Instead of Ghostery you can use ABP lists.
      • Try to use ViolentMonkey and scripts to download video if sniffier does not work.

      By the way, whu do you need several ad blockers? ABP and uBlock work with the same links, AdGuard uses own one, but you can add AdGuard lists to uBlock.

  5. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite

    Sum up: RoboForm was developed by SiberSystem RoboForm.mxaddon was upload to Extension Center by Roman Gravit Roman Gravit used email @siber.com, so he probably worked there (and his Facebook profile confirm this) It means that RoboForm for Maxthon is probably official add-on They both responded to messages: RoboForm - via Twitter, Roman - via Facebook. So they know about situation and probably they will connect with Maxthon Team. But maybe I could give them links to someone from Maxthon Team on Facebook or Twitter (Lizzie or Jeff)? P.S. By the way, the website works, but you shoud use siber.com/index instead of siber.com
  6. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite

    This website is dead already... But I think I found his profile. Maybe this is other man with the same name, but I'll try to talk with him. I wrote about this on Twitter, RoboForm replied. Can I give them link to someone from MX Team? Or you can try to do the same and write to RoboForm on Twitter or Facebook.
  7. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite

    I thought you could get his email from MX Passport. Nope? Not the fact that it was an official port. Usually things like this are made by fanboys from China or Russia/CIS.
  8. Stylish for Maxthon and spying

    Did Lonely Atom delete tracking scripts or just use old safe version? Or this method of tracking just does not work on Maxthon?
  9. What's up, guys? As you probably know, my new interests are privacy and security. And today I have a bad new for you... According to Robert Heaton's note, popular extension Stylish steals all your internet history: I have a lot of questions: Is Stylish for Maxthon official? Here're not so many official extensions and ports. I know olny three: LastPass, VKOpt and AdBlock Plus. Other extensions in most cases are unofficial ports from funboys. Is Stylish too? Add-on was uploaded by one of users from China - 寂寞的原子 (Lonely Atom). He made many cool exnetsions for Maxthon. Who is he? Can we talk to him? Is spying update relevant for Maxthon? Last update of mxaddon was in January 2018. Does this mean that users of Stylish for Maxthon take risks too? Because if Lonley Atom used old version of Stylish, it may be still safe. Not a fact, but we have a chance. Are Chrome and Firefox issues relevant for Maxthon? Maxthon is closed browser. That's why many third-party developers don't want to work with Maxthon. Maybe changes happened on Chrome could not be repeated on Maxthon. Now we need someone from MX Team to check it. P. S. I've seen mention of Stylish changes thrice, so it's probably true... I'm not sure that it's relevant for Maxthon too. So don't panic! Maybe it's false alarm... But I think you should know this...
  10. What about Extensions Center?

    If it's true, this is because of Mining Go and invitation codes. They could just disable comments for one extension.
  11. Hi. guys! I had to write about this many week ago, but... What's wrong with Extensions Center? Does it work? I tried to write reply, but I can not add new comment. Just white screen and nothing more. I hoped it's temporary, but it still does not work for me. Now I hope MX Team just preparing big update for Extensions Center and they have no reason to fix old bugs. Because we really need new Extensions Center: with notification and developer's pages. Now feedback is broken...
  12. AD Block extension missing

    Maxthon still has build-in AdBlock Plus, but now if you want to activate it, you have to install the extension.
  13. I'll just put it in here... This is the reason why now I'm not worried about Maxthon changes. They changed target audience. Old users don't like it, but it's OK. And maybe this is really right step for company (not for us, but globally this's not so important). Если нужен перевод на русский, найти его можно здесь. P.S. 1. BTW, comments on Extensions Center don't work. I can't reply and can't write rewiew. 2. If YouTube Center works on other browsers, the script may work on Maxthon too. Try to contact with developer or just use ViolentMonkey.
  14. breaks extensions.

    What about original script?