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  1. Maxnote not syncing

    Yup. Am on the latest version. The screenshot above was captured on v5.1.6.3000. Where can i check what is the error causing the Failed Syncing or can I just reset everything? I have my favourites backup already. But my iphone Mathxon Mining browser v5.2.4.400 can sync without issues.
  2. Maxnote not syncing

    Even after deleting ALL my favourites. It still doesn't sync. What's causing the bug???
  3. Not sure when it started, but my Maxnote has not been syncing. "Sync Failed" when i perform Manual sync on Desktop v5.1.6.2000 Manual syncing can be done on iOS v5.2.3.395 but it just won't show the new favourites that I've added on Desktop version (because the desktop version is not syncing). Any advise? Thanks!