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  1. Tabs do not fit the screen boundary

    There is already a thread on this: Very annoying that i have to rollback Maxthon version. It breaks our usual habit of being able to quickly mouse cursor over to the top and double click to close the tab.
  2. Tabs do not fit the screen boundary

    And yet again, why does Maxthon has to break something for every damn release. It's a hassle to "double click - close tab", and even extra hassle to "single click - switch tab" now. I am speechless already.
  3. mx://history/ broken in v5.2.2.3000

    No idea why mine is not moving and not recording anymore. Maxthon is my main browser and I used it everyday. Not touched or changed any settings lately. Dunno what i've broken either. Nevermind about it. I'll wait for the next version release and do an update. Thanks for confirming.
  4. Upgraded from v5.2.2.2000 to v5.2.2.3000 and mx://history/ stopped recording webpages I've visited. 'Recently visited sites' is fine but mx://history/ has totally stopped capturing the day I upgraded Maxthon to v5.2.2.3000.