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  1. Start full screen mode

    I managed to do what I want somehow, thanks anyway
  2. Hey, Is it possible to start Maxthon in full screen mode or I always have to press F11 when I open it? Also, can I have the tabs/favorites in full screen?
  3. Left bar

    It worked, thanks Edit: It comes back when I close/reopen Maxthon. Any idea why?
  4. Left bar

    I don't have it. It's not the normal left bar, it spawned when I added an extension. I right-clicked on the screenshot.
  5. Left bar

    I don't have that, when i right click on the bar i just have "manage extensions"
  6. Left bar

    Hi, I added an extension and a bar popped on the left. I deleted the extension but the bar is still here and I can't find how to remove it. I don't have the gear on the left to hide it.