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  1. That's Fine, I have shifted to google chrome....I am fine with it
  2. The Maxthon Download Manager is Disappearing once the Download is clicked from any link. I had to down load from Internet Download Manager. Maxthon Download Manager I need please, this version is the worst giving problems since so many days, We have to Login each time when the Browser is Opened, Yawn! cant go back to previous version....so what to do? Downloaded again the v5.2.7.1000 as you said you fixed the problem? No change. More over each time we download a new version getting confused so much to install n launch the new version. I mean the Maxthon Icon is disappearing and have to relink from the file so much hardship
  3. For me I used MX DOWNLOAD MANAGER SINCE MANY YEARS since I switched back to Maxthon, this is really a surprise for me, but you are so arrogant and you are unfit for a support person, even if it is alleged, you can give solutions....and it is your Job, you better do your job or move.... - MX downloader NEVER, EVER stayed in focus while downloads were running. EVER. THE MAXTHON DOWNLOAD MANAGER Has excellent connection with MX Browser when set as default downloader and is always working in all updates except this one, where the error ? either myside or your side, you should have some knowledge right?
  4. My dear you are entirely wrong, It was working normally before the above mentioned version was downloaded, I dont know why you are not answering? can I request you to stick to the Problem, the CONTENT and understand the technical reason and try to rectify with suitable remedies as a Technical Support....I have presented you with Concrete Problem, You have understood it. How much I try to get MAXTHON DOWNLOAD MANAGER Work again in vain. I am clear that you Support Guys have understood the problem. I request you to kindly suggest Remedies, I presented with Screen shot attachment also, The issue is straightforward to understand, Just Let Me get back the "MAXTHON DOWNLOAD MANAGER" How? Already Hundreds have viewed this thread.....please give it priority. regards
  5. No, Maxthon DownLoad Manager isnt working(disconnected functionally) in either v5.2.7.1100 Beta version either....
  6. Yeah But this version didn't say anything about updating on these issues? Updating so many version from ground zero is such a pain....why dont you make updating versions user friendly and easy with one click? you can just give a update click option in settings itself. Thanking You
  7. I already explained the Maxthon Downloader is not for when clicked to download anything which was previously it was doing....
  8. Yes I can make it reappear from the top right, but unfortunately when ever there is going to download click, the Download Manager is disappearing, this nevver happened before, only after I downloaded the v5.2.7.1000 official. Also I did install it from clean.... The default browser is set as Maxthon Download Manager as Usual. As this is clearly a unique bug now, Please give some solution urgently. We are used to Maxthon since many years as our default Browser! Thank You
  9. I did a complete installation but still the maxthon download manager as a add on extension which used to work fine is not working at all now?
  10. HERE IN THIS SCREE SHOTS OF MAXTHON BROWSER, There is Maxthon Down Load Manager Under Right hand corner as a Box where the files were downloaded earlier, and in the last screen shot you will see it (THE MAXTHON DOWNLOAD MANAGER BOX) is disappearing? THANKING YOU See_the_Maxthon_Download_Manager_has_disappeared.docx PDFSee the Maxthon Download Manager has disappeared.rar
  11. you did not tell what is clean install, and did it work now Please? Thanking You
  12. No it is not changed, they need to come out with new version number
  13. logging out each time from all applications, please abondon this version immediately, this is totally flop, maxthon downloader not working
  14. no the maxthon download problem is not fixed in, please fix it and republish it,
  15. my problem is since I downloaded latest getting immediate hangup problems and also cannot download through maxthon down load manager, the download window is dropping and disappearing.....
  16. Maxthon v5.2.7.400 crash subprocess

    Maxxthon Downloader giving multiple output screens which means some leakage happening for maxthon downloaer, please fix it....v5.2.7.400
  17. v5.1.2.200 extensions gone?

    Thank You Friends for the replies, I tried Maxthon Tools as told by PHYR but it is coming as Blank screen
  18. v5.1.2.200 extensions gone?

    How to get back the extensions on the left side of the browser in v5.1.2.200 beta version? After downloading this version I lost all my side extensions and adblock also?
  19.  for  Maxthon too many Crashes happening for multiple tab openings. Always crashing, please developer dont ask any questions, please fix the frequesnt crash Problems, your problem, not ours, so dont harass us with your qtns, you know it very clearly, The Browser is crashing like Hell as compared to too older versions, these new versions suck....

  20. Very much to be noted and please RECTIFY THIS CRASHING BUG IMMEDIATELY FOR WINDOWS 10 OS, THE MAXTHON v4.9.3.200 IS CRASHING when multiple sites are open. This is happening many times since I updated v4.9.3.200 , it is clearly a serious Bug Urgently to be solved....
  21. But It did not Happen before Sir My Friend? It is happening severely and unpredictably now in this version...that means this version is not stable at all, I request you to kindly give some thought in the Next Version and Also there is another issue The GMAIL Doesnt load until we Refresh again after Some time, this is a carry over Bug FROM Previous versions also. You said to update to Latest Version But I did not see any? Can You please kindly give me/us the link for the Same.... Thanking You
  22. how can it be extensions the reasons for crashes, I did not add any extensions after updating? before this version v4.9.3.200 the maxthon browser was handling very well multiple sites. No we dont like to disable the extensions now because we like them and we want them, you better please change your coding and test it very well in the next version release. Thanking you It is not sites, it is the number of sites which is causing the crash. Before this update was made the maxthon used to handle plenty of sites open in tabs and never had crashes. Now it is become annoying as it seems the maxthon design this time is handling very few tabs and activity...no specific sites to mention... how can it be extensions the reasons for crashes, I did not add any extensions after updating? before this version v4.9.3.200 the maxthon browser was handling very well multiple sites. No we dont like to disable the extensions now because we like them and we want them, you better please change your coding and test it very well in the next version release. Thanking you
  23. Spellchecker in Facebook comments

    Beso_910 replied at 2014-11-26 19:07 Hi there Sorry for the inconvenience. We report this issue as bug and our development team will wor ... Yes Please Correct this Spell Checker issue in the Facebook, it is definitely a Bug, Also your Youtube plays double Audio when the Curser is taken to the list of videos on the Right Side, this is very Annoying and it happens in only Maxthon Browser...