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  1. Also in this version the YOUTUBE LINKS are not some times Updated even though next video is playing it is still displaying on the address bar the previous link name, we have to manually Refresh it to get the New link Display, This kind of not updating the Check Out displays etc for other sites also happening, it seems there is some gap between the Updating and the Browsing?
  2. IT IS v5.2.4.800 version, Thank You Also in this version not only too many Tabs is crashing the Browser, Even if you keep running the Browser too long period also the chances of Crash is more...
  3. In the latest Maxthon Beta Version the YouTube and some online video display quality is poor or dull, Please look into it....
  4. VPN Interfereing

    True, NO MENTION OF IT AT ALL, They need to look at the VPN issue strongly
  5. It is being noted that when w e are connected with VPN Connection the Cursor is behaving Sticky and Mouse erratic. This is a particular phenomenon observed before VPN CONNECTION AND AFTER VPN Connection and change in the behavior, Can you Please fix this in the next Version Please? Thanking You
  6. mouse cursor sticky in v5.2.3.2000

    I did not get answer/s for this, this problem is still there with Maxthon, the moment the Cursor is taken to the top tabs, cursor is cutting the tab/s?
  7. Thank you for the kind replies, Yes I did disable the ABP. And tried several times. I need to look for more clues.
  8. websites not opening

    ok thank you.
  9. Hello Mr Maxthon YOUTUBE Notifications not Showing? Why always something happens with your new developments? This is definitely a Bug
  10. websites not opening

    Please you dont have to get annoyed for small things, it is your duty. I dont know I cannot even paste the screen shot here? I dont know if it is also a bug or my browser is not accepting. I dont know How to save a screen shot in my files in which format? So I have saved in Word. Please give the option Paste the Screen shot here where I writing, then there wont be any problem. I gave you screen shot and not image. Any way Let us stop this thread please THANK YOU ALL. I think your AdBlocker also playing. regards
  11. websites not opening

    SEE EVEN FOR K2S FILES now a days Maxthon is giving the error message where as in Chome it works and is downloading, I am attacching Screen Shot https://k2s.cc/file/d95c28c395093/AH_MSHF12.rar
  12. The Youtube Notification when clicked opens out but does not show the Content?
  13. websites not opening

    yes it is not downloading, what is not downloading you ask? that which when we default as max downloader then it is ok, if I change it to IDM them the problem arises,,, , how many times I have to tell you. Please read and understand thoroughly, cant you understand this much the words?
  14. Yes Dear Thank You, I got it
  15. mouse cursor sticky in v5.2.3.2000

    It is just if I go to the opened tabs and try to open it by clicking on it, the whole tab is sticking to the cursor arrow and travelling with it, so annoying this tab has moved and trying to sit somewhere, I had click on mouse right click to get rid of the sticky ness of cursor, but by the time my link tab is dangling somewhere? I see this in Maxthon only in recent versions. If I go to Chrome etc, the tabs on the tab are fixed and fine and dont run away with my click on it. So this is the picture hope you got it. I dont know if others are getting it, but why only in Maxthon I am getting?