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  1. Yes I did but still the FULL SCREEN of YOUTUBE when clicked back is behaving erratically, but in Chrome the Sizes are function ok. I think the Connection of the Youtube with Maxthon is not totally matched.
  2. Thank You I will try as per your advice, will get back to you soon.... regards
  3. V crashing too often when multiple tabs are open
  4. Thank You very much for your Reply, As I said there are no extensions report in this regards as I have no youtube related extensions. But surprisingly from the default to full screen journey the erratic size behavior is occurring....The error is occurring once full screen is clicked. Regards
  5. But it was not like that all these Years, How come suddenly happening now? I did not download any new extensions, Youtube was working fine with before versions
  6. Sorry The Problem already stated and given screen shot also. Since many years I have Maxthon account and right now that is not the issue. I am talking about the YOUTUBE screen SIZE Changes problem and after FULL SIZE again we are unable to get back to the default size and play list. One More thing I already reported but it seems there is no action in it. While Playing YouTube videos on the ADDRESS BAR the THE Specific Link address is not changing even if Change the video, the old address persists, even if we refresh....
  7. I DONT UNDERSTAND? HOW TO PROVIDE A VIDEO? WHAT is guest mode? please expand your help files
  8. Thank You very much for the help. I did remove some YouTube related extensions etc, But it did not change the situation, It is still behaving the same way. Regards
  9. I dont know if the links attached are working or not....
  10. With V Version the YOUTUBE is not opening while changing the Sizes From Small Size to FULL SCREEN and difficult to go back to original screen? (Theater Mode to Full Screen Mode error?)
  11. Also the Youtube links when we share directly by clicking to Twitter Account Earlier we used to do now is not able to and gives the message as below: The website declined to show this webpage HTTP 403 Most likely causes: This website requires you to log in. What you can try: Go back to the previous page.Go back to the previous page. More information <ID id="moreInformation">More information</ID> This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that this program was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage. Instead of staying in a state of Denial and asking me so many qtns it is for your latest 5.2.4200. and please do so many improvements to the latest web version. The Crashing is a problem need to be served now.
  12. YOUTUBE LINKS NOT UPDATING ON the address-bar, previous video link is still there v5.2.4.1200
  13. waste suggestion, you better update better coding and testing ALSO THE YOUTUBE Notifications is again not showing, Maxthon is a Mediocre WebBrowser which refuses to listen to the feedback....
  14. Also in this version the YOUTUBE LINKS are not some times Updated even though next video is playing it is still displaying on the address bar the previous link name, we have to manually Refresh it to get the New link Display, This kind of not updating the Check Out displays etc for other sites also happening, it seems there is some gap between the Updating and the Browsing?
  15. IT IS v5.2.4.800 version, Thank You Also in this version not only too many Tabs is crashing the Browser, Even if you keep running the Browser too long period also the chances of Crash is more...