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  1. Load Unsafe script ? WTH...

    Even in the QA itself, it almost always comes out
  2. Hello, is anyone working here?

    Let's see, without creating any controversy, but being realistic. We have 2 branches, one stable, which hardly works well on many websites, either because of the very old blink core that it has (I think it is 61) and that despite everything, and although they have been asking for the addition of features from a few years ago, it is not done. The other branch, the most modern of maxthon, but already old with respect to the other navigator based on blink, (I think that nucleus 69), does not finish curdle, nor work as it should. Still, it also lacks features that can be taken here, and it seems that without any published work route, I do not think they will be implemented. For the rest, you should realize that there are fewer people in these forums (they may already be in other places contributing ideas where they can be heard) As I say, without acrimony
  3. disable javascript

    As far as I know, I think not, at least directly. You may be able to do it by means of a rule for the adblock, I do not know if someone has commented on it ever here
  4. Unsafe script

    Confirm, it happens to me with the latest versions of maxthon, stable as new betas (branch 5.3.8.x)

    Portable version, new installation. Have you tried logging in as a user? This is my result.

    Netflilx, no work , no work From here, stop trying more And please, remove the red padlock when "Activate URL protection" is disabled in preferences, which gives the impression that the SSL / TSL certificate is incorrect
  7. When it arrives, it will already have a very delayed blink core (more insecure and without the security corrections that are added)
  8. LOG OUT

    Hi, You take for granted that EVERYONE has a maxthon account with which to synchronize the data, and this is not the case. Knowing that part of the solutions happen to delete / rename the user folder of maxthon (where ALL is found with the configuration, favorites, password, QA, etc.), it would be good if you could provide a tool to export ALL that data (do not answer me if you are going to tell me that you can already export the bookmarks ) Those who handle something all this, we would not have problem, but the vast majority of users, do not know (and certainly not want) where all those valuable files are.
  9. Default Warning Popup

    If I speak before, it happens before I do not know why Maxthon sometimes gets his head off. Today, with portable version, and ALL unmarked, I have left the happy notice
  10. Default Warning Popup

    Also try to uncheck this box in "advanced"
  11. Correct, in that folder is ALL the configuration, as well as passwd, bookmarks, notes, etc ... rename it better
  12. Get rid of URL suggestions

    This happens in, if I write in the address bar, it shows me the results of my history and my favorites. And as you see it is a private tab.
  13. Get rid of URL suggestions

    Well, there is some error in that, since YES that shows results of the history and the markers
  14. That is not the latest version of maxthon Modify in settings / advanced the user-agent
  15. Get rid of URL suggestions

    ok, I was wondering why this did not happen to me. Viewing your post, I know it was due, I had renamed the file \Modules\MxSmartUrl\MxSmartUrl.dll_ , which I think have the same effect without having to touch the HOST (for those who do not want to entangle)
  16. Capture tool standalone

    It would be nice to have her. It may be useful to you what I mention in this post:
  17. It is supposed to be fixed also in the 5.3.x series, let's hope ...
  18. You have also retouched the issue of web certificates ssl, now YES at least appears the SSL certificate information on the web, although if you could have left another color when the certificate is correct, and not leave it in red (confusing)
  19. It seems fix
  20. It seems fix in
  21. In the new portable versions,, as in and .2300, the access for the signature with electronic certificates has been spoiled again. With the latest beta version, the, if you press simulate signature, the page disappears. In the other mentioned versions, and .2300 , you are thinking indefinitely. The versions, and 2.100, and the work well Nota: In particular, it seems that the problem is more in the signature with the certificate (since it seems that it calls an applet), than in the detection of the certificate in the warehouse. From this address, also, v5.3.8.600, the page is deleted. The versions of the series and .2300 seem to have a hard time making the applet jump
  22. Honestly, I'm not surprised at all. Maxthon is an expired project, you just have to see the implementations of the core and the delay they have in front of the competition. We have to think about real alternatives, with large communities and large support teams. Here the users ONLY have bugsir006 as a connection with the developers and nothing else (at these time I have not seen anyone else) In other communities that we already know, even the DEV itself answers in the forums and the blog. I think it's best to let him die in peace
  23. If we add several tabs to a folder and put a name, (or leave the date that sets by default), we can create multiple folders with the same name without maxthon warns of it. The normal thing is that if you add tabs to a folder that is given a name that already exists, those tabs should go to that existing folder, and not create another "different" with the same name. In fact, you can rename folders with names that already exist, without any warning, with which we would find several folders with different content and the same name. Note: If this is not a bug, it is a bad implementation
  24. Parallel Beta Versions?

    Maxthon is built with blink core (chromiun) The current branch 5.2.7.x has 61.x and the 5.3.8.x has 69.x
  25. Bug multiple folders in maxnote (favorites)

    I understand, as in any file system, to be able to create folders with the same name, it is obvious, but having a folder with the same name, INSIDE the same branch of the tree, is not only not logical, it is not functional. In the example of the image above, where everything hangs from the same branch, how do you know where the tests I am looking for are? Looking at all the test_1 folders one by one? File trees prevent this type of case, precisely because it would be chaos to have many folders with the same name within the same branch, not only for the user, but for the system itself.