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  1. Cannot open a .html file from desktop.

    I think that what you are commenting is done with the "shortcut of a tab" to the desktop and the way it is built (something is commented above about it), but it does not have to do with the opening of a local file through from a shortcut to that file, I sincerely believe that they are different things
  2. Import option in the installation

    And so I do it, since binarily the portable and installable version are identical. What does not prevent to test also the installables (we know that in them they come more fircheros than in the portable version). Right, a notice with a checlist would be enough
  3. Is there any way that when installing / decompressing a version of maxthon v.5.x, DO NOT import anything at all? For those who try several versions at the same time or different betas, it is a hassle that every time a new clean version is started, maxthon does an import without asking about it. It would help a lot to get a truly clean installation if that option existed
  4. Import option in the installation

    And they are the ones I use, I do not understand the answer In fact, to use a portable version, in a machine with the configuration that I detailed above, creates the problem that I pose
  5. Tested with the latest beta Portable, clean installation (nothing is imported from other installations), default configuration. Just opened, do not show the bugs in the favorites from the link that we talked about above. I deleted the favorites, I cleaned the trash, I closed and reopened, and I deleted temporary with ctrl+shift+supr. I have imported a couple of links from the IExplorer, deleted again (trash included), close and open maxthon. And this video is the result. Maxthon Beta.webm
  6. New Tab Closing Requires Two Clicks

    Can you do the same test without third party extensions?
  7. Import option in the installation

    the 4.x series data, I do not want to erase them, because I keep using them (especially to test) The only way that import does not happen (not requested !!!!) is renaming the folder \% appdata% \ Maxthon3, which I think is a great discomfort for those who are constantly testing "betas" in our systems You just have to put a check box "do you want to import data from old ....." or something similar
  8. New Tab Closing Requires Two Clicks

    No problem here , I can close them with a single action with: -Double click -Click on mouse central button -click cross tab
  9. Import option in the installation

    After looking at it again, import (unsolicited) occurs if Maxthon detects the. \ AppData \ Roaming \ Maxthon3 \ folder, from versions of the 4.x series If a new portati version is executed, the profile of the 4.x series will be imported without asking for consent (just what you want to avoid many times with the portable version)
  10. I confirm here also in the latest stable version, the link "Maxnote" (which comments @caligula73) produces the error and leaves Maxthon unstable, it must be closed and reopened
  11. I confirm that sometimes it happens to me with the latest beta Also once the error occurs, maxthon becomes very unstable, to the point of crash Well, it gave me the same error in the stable version ( screenshot more below ) I have deactivated the options (in case I had something to see) Use DirectWrite (Relaunch Maxthon for this change to take effect.) Use hardware boost mode (Restart the browser for this change to take effect.) But, the result is the same
  12. Cannot open a .html file from desktop.

    I upload a capture to see if it is better understood, (the contextual menu that you do not get to see, is "open with") At the end there are a few maxthon windows open
  13. Cannot open a .html file from desktop.

    It's not an html file (or xml or whatever), it's a shortcut to that file that does not open (the file if you open it)
  14. Cannot open a .html file from desktop.

    Yes, but it's another thing we talked about, each browser tries its links to tabs I just tried with more types of files, and the result is the same. Any windows' shorcut , be it html, xml, jpg (png etc ..), that could open the browser, it does NOT. "open with" from the windows menu, DO NOT open the windows' shorcut to those files. Other browsers, SI
  15. Cannot open a .html file from desktop.

    I have checked again with other versions of Maxthon, and also, it happens to me with previous versions, installed and portable (series 5 and 4). An empty window opens each time a double click is made. (Tested in the latest beta, with a clean installation, it does not work for me) Tested changing the predeternado navigator to Opera, Vivaldi, Egde, If YES works. Back to Maxthon, it does not work anymore It also happens with "open with" and I choose the version of Maxthon, whenever it is a windows's shorcut or a symbolic link I've tried this last with other browsers in which it YES works: Vivaldi, Opera, Internet Explore, Chrome, and Egde
  16. Opening new tab

    I open them with the mouse's central button (wheel). Also if you uncheck the box in settings / general / new tab action / Open a new tab in the foreground
  17. Cannot open a .html file from desktop.

    I also confirm It does not work being shortcut and also no work if is an link symbolic. The hard link yes it works
  18. The developer may have removed the extension (he may be working on it). Even so, continue on the page of your project: (although this version does not work for me)
  19. Try a portable version, without any active third-party add-on, and check the performance
  20. With the YouTube Center Developer extension disabled, I see it perfectly in ultra mode
  21. Passkeeper security issue

    I understand that you are all referring to Passkeeper with user account?
  22. The new Beta,, continues to carry the core 55
  23. What version of the core will you implement?
  24. How to re-enable Adblock Plus?

    In that link, there are the path where the extensions are by default, as you will see what you are looking for is called adblockplus.mxaddon, copy it in the path indicated in that link If not, you can download the portable version, and extract the missing file and copy it equally