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  1. I do not either, do I have to have some level reached to post there? I also have it in my Spanish language. I see that in other languages this is translated as "hot extensions" QA sync button, I see it in privacy / autosync options. The other button I do not see it anywhere :-)
  2. If you refer to the QA, all the sites that you have configured in it are saved in the file: for guests (without account) %appdata%\Maxthon5\Users\guest\QuickAccess\QaConfig.dat for maxthon accounts %appdata%\Maxthon5\Users\[YOUR_USER]\QuickAccess\QaConfig.dat

    Hopefully all will disappear (the ones it brings by default),
  4. Also to me this tool is less manageable, I prefer the old way of translating, it could be put as an option, and that everyone chooses the most appropriate way. Also the fact that it is a pop-up window, causes the focus to be lost when the tab is changed and it is returned to it, you have to vilver to select and give the button :-(
  5. [PC] BETA font rendering issues

    It could be that the video drivers are also involved together with maxthon and that version of windows
  6. [PC] BETA font rendering issues

    No problem with Windows 10 x64 ver 1803 Build 17134 Maxthon portable y default user agent
  7. - unsupported browser

    Although it seems obvious :-), the web is and not, (which will always give the same result whatever the agent you use. In my case, with the portable version of last stable, serie y windows 10 64bits, and the string of user-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 10.0; U; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/ Chrome/69.0.3497.100 Safari/537.36 OPR/56.0.3051.36 QupZilla/2.2.6 This is the result:
  8. Status bar network speed not working

    No problems in portable version Check that you have chosen the corresponding adapter correctly.
  9. [PC] BETA font rendering issues

    With that version BETA portable. this is what I see... (SO = Windows 7 64bits)
  10. Reddit doesn't work on Maxthon 5

    Try to download the portable version and see what happens to you with a clean installation Otherwise, see if the firewall or other softare is causing the error (hosts, adblock etc ..)
  11. Reddit doesn't work on Maxthon 5

    No problem in reddit, with the latest stable version. portable
  12. Reddit doesn't work on Maxthon 5

    Can you put the url that gives you an error and maxthon version?
  13. Saving files with Maxthon 5

    I think those settings are only for the "Quick Save images", for the other downloads of normal form (including the images), for what I have been able to verify, always renames them if there is another of the same name
  14. I understand that I might want to have only a few markers, for example to take to another site, copy them in a USB, or anything else. Sometimes I am forced to them, since from the markers, you can not export specific markers or for example only a folder of those markers, with which you have to export all the markers.
  15. Quick Access page loading issues

    Hopefully it will be implemented for ALL users, as many who have an account and synchronize, as those who do not want / have an account, and even then, the request is made to said page of QA
  16. Importing IE 11 favorites?

    Perhaps due to backward compatibility with some internal command or knowing that. The truth is that I have deleted both the Favorite.dat files, and the backups of the folder that it also creates, and I have not noticed any difference in the treatment of the bookmarks, as it says @-ody-, it recreates it again. If you delete / rename the Favorite folder, also recreate it again

    Ask for a video capture of what is happening to you. The way to work with maxthon is either as a guest (without a maxthon account, that is, in a normal way), or as a maxthon account user, where you can synchronize from passwords to bookmarks.
  18. Importing IE 11 favorites?

    Well you'll see garbage that you find and multiple backup copies of a lot of time ago
  19. Importing IE 11 favorites?

    In versions 5.x, if I'm not mistaken, it's in the "Molebox" folder % appdata% \ Maxthon5 \ Users \ [guest or email] \ Molebox \ Molebox.dat I think it's a coded file. As he says @7twenty , (I had not read your paragraph :-) ) Precisely this afternoon I'm fiddling with it :-) And the thread of this, the file Molebox.dat, it seems that it is not purged, that is, if I delete all the markers, and then the bin of the markers, the file occupies the same (I close and open maxthon, just in case) , and having empty my bookmarks, I add one more, the file Molebox.dat, keeps growing, it seems that it is not purged :-(
  20. Hi and bye

    Yes, you can only export the bookmarks, the credentials (user / pass), no, at least for the moment
  21. History not loading.

    If you have deleted the History_Part_xx.dat files, you have deleted practically all the history that you had, you only have what the History.dat includes
  22. cannot view pdf files

    That version is a beta, and it's not even the last one, update that beta and / or, install a stable version
  23. Certainly the shortcuts work (with care), but at the end of what is at issue is that the user experience tends to improve and not to worsen . The more options, I understand that it will be better for all