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  1. works well here also with the two engines
  2. Maxnote's new version issue

    I think that is theme is very important. If the people who read these forums, we have suffered some mishap, I do not want to think about those who do not read these forums Un Saludo
  3. Point 1 - Solved, with a new profile. In the old perfil (a version beta previous to the .800, the "favorites" extension did not appear, which did not work because it was not active :-) Point 2- This point, no longer makes sense, because then I had confused the different extensions, favorites <-> maxnote Un Saludo.
  4. Hi, Something similar has happened to me with the portable version of the last two Betas versions, the .800 and the .1100, installed on an existing profile of old versions. 1- The favorites icon in the top bar does not work. 2- Since the access the favorites from the sidebar, it shows me the folders, but empty, with 0 markers. 3- In the first installation of the .800, I could not define the root folder to show in the top bar of favorites (the bar which can be hidden) The only solution I have found is to export everything exportable, and create a new profile, so in some cases, it has worked for me, at least with the latest .1100 beta version.
  5. how to deactivate SPDY

    Hi. Although it is not a solution to what you ask, look to see if the engine to IE Explorer you can enter
  6. You can change to the portable version, it does not have an updater
  7. []Can not click on homepage

    No problems with v5.1.3.2000 and adhunter active
  8. Maxthon error problem

    Version list: Today the new version v., try it
  9. Maxthon error problem

    Buenas, No problem here, with v5.1.3.1000 (official) check the extensions you have installed and disable those that are not specific to maxthon Un Saludo
  10. How to add a bookmark?

    ok , II'm using the latest official version, v. the v. version is not public, right?
  11. How to add a bookmark?

    Buenas @PHYR In my case, click on the bee button, it is the same as ctrl + d, and I do not get that screen like yours, but this image: Un Saludo.
  12. V "my" first error

    Buenas @Chantao , Check your settings. with the @Chemodan link, here it works
  13. How to add a bookmark?

    Buenas, the easy :-) press ctrl+d o right button on the tab Un Saludo
  14. Snapshot thingy

    You should not have used the window snapscreen much Not only does it capture anything in the browser, but in "any" application that you have open in your operating system. Un Saludo
  15. Maxthon 5 & widevine | WebRTC

    De donde has descargado la V ? Un Saludo
  16. extensiones

    Ningun problema por aqui, entro bien. Un Saludo.