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  1. Annoying Top

    It's not a matter of time, I'm sorry but for me, that kind of argument that costs less than 10 sec, "back" to change the config is not valid. As a user that I know what to play, it might be valid for me, but ordinary people do not want to do it, they do not want to or should not be aware that in every actuation they have to constantly tweak the configuration. We can not defend with such arguments, that a product (even if it is free), is not doing things right, if not, it would be worth defending then anything, total, are 10 sec.
  2. Annoying Top

    which must be done every time a version is updated
  3. Totally agree. Personally every this is looking grotesque. If this same error had occurred in any other renowned browser, already would have fallen sticks in some digital media. If you look at the changelogs of the series v.4.9 and the beginning of the series v.5, there is a difference in the list of errors that have been corrected, brutal compared to what has been going on for a few months. Or resources have been diverted to things like cryptocurrencies and other things, or the thing looks worse and is being left to die
  4. UCBrowser has the same tool as maxthon, (looks like a clone in many ways) In part, this is what holds me in maxthon to this day
  5. They are different topics. It does not have to do with the SSL / TLS connections, but with the request of the window that gives access to our digital certificate (the one that has it, of course) Of all, you will see that it works in other browsers, including maxthon v5.1, and it does not work in maxthon 5.2
  6. You will not have a valid certificate. In my case, they work perfectly, Cent-browser, chromiun, Opera, and above all, maxthon 5.1 chromiun : Cent-browser, Opera maxthon 5.1 I have stopped trying because I think there are enough proofs
  7. to @No.1MaxthonFan and @Magdalene , Have you tried to log in with a digital certificate "from" those pages? . I know that the pages work, the error comes after trying to log in The problem is that the window to choose the digital certificate is not displayed. The configurations are exactly the same for v.5.1 as for v.5.2. In v.5.1, YES, jump the certificate choice screen. (The change of UA, has no effect). The links to login This is the window that has to come out and does not come out in v5.2,
  8. V5.2.1.5000, Errors on the web that request digital certificate follow. (capture above) And basically I got tired of trying the ones I usually use V. works correctly in all of them
  9. Unsolved Series v 5.2.x, error in the access to certified stores with the ultra core (series 5.1 yes they work) more
  10. V - What still bothers me

    uups, but there is a team of developers?
  11. In my case, I have noticed that branch 5.2, freezes more often when it is not cached in memory in the system, that is, when you boot windows. I do not turn off now, I sleep the pc, with what I have less "freezes", but existin, there is no doubt. Portable Versions, win10 x64, 8gb
  12. See what extensions you have active
  13. With mx5 , Mx 4.8, does not support the format of favorites of MX5. If you want to have the mx5 favorites, you should install mx5, export them, and import them in mx4 Make backup copies before
  14. I do not understand that. Is not a local copy saved in %appdata%\Maxthon5\Users\guest\QuickAccess\QaConfig.dat? Being disconnected from the network, (I just checked it) the QA works equally. Even if you add QA links o if i removed it, this is saved.
  15. crash

    It has made me value "more" other alternatives that I already use continuously :-) Although now maxthon is my main browser, I use the browser that best adapts to each specific case. I do not attach to a single browser (or app of anything)
  16. Sorry, I also have version v, portable (I think it's important), I also use total commander since times when memory does not reach me. I do not happen what you mention in reference to that after the search on totalcmd, or any other action that occurs to me. As for the second instance of maxthon when you click the maxthon icon in the foreground, I do not have the problem you are commenting on.
  17. Also here, since I left the installable versions, many of the problems mentioned here have disappeared. Win 10 x64.
  18. The site does not work

    I confirm, it does not work. v., Win10 x64
  19. We have changed to the version of core 61, and continue to let us know about the old version
  20. To my first, I do not see the filled fields, but if I double click, I already work the automatic filling
  21. Big LAG cutting screenshot

    I can not confirm it. It works for me without LAG, out of 10
  22. mx5.2.0.2000

    On the official website you have the new mx5.2.0.2000, both installable and portable
  23. mx5.2.0.2000

    That's the same thing I thought since the cryptocurrency issue was announced, there was a drop in the forums. It seems that this is happening in another site like UCBrowser, practically abandoned the desktop, (its core is chrome 55)
  24. PDF open on MX

    You take for granted that you should preview "before" the pdf file in the browser. What we are talking about is that the browser should have an option to not load in the browser, if not directly open with the chosen pdf client or if it does not appear a dialog box that allows you to save it, !! BUT WITHOUT PREVISUALIZATION !!! in maxthon. I refer you to try the 3 configurations of firefox that I have put you and see the difference.